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Mr. Sage & Mr. Onion - Two puppet leprechauns featured on the British children's Saturday morning series LIVE AND KICKING/BBC/1993-2001.

Mr.Sage and Mr. Onion

The leprechauns first appeared on February 4th, 1995. Soon after, the two zany little men received their names (Sage & Onion) through a viewer "name those puppets" competition.

Their main job on the show was to joke around with the show's guests which included such notables as Brittany Spears, The Spice Girls, Westlife, Cher, Nanette Newman, French and Saunders, BoyZone, Rolf Harris and Lionel Blair.

A number of hosts also shared the spotlight with Mr. Sage and Mr. Onion over the years including Andi Peters, Phillip Scofield, Emma Forbes, Zöe Ball, Jamie Theakston, Steve Wilson, Emma Ledden, Ortis Deley, Katy Hill, Sarah Cawood, Trey Farley and Heather Suttie

The puppets were manipulated through a combination of hand puppetry and animatronics by Darryl Worbey, John Eccleston and Don Austen.

Mr. Sage and Mr. Onion made a total of 150 appearances until, unfortunately, the show ended on September 15, 2001.

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