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King Fin Varra - The fantasy adventure THE MYSTIC KNIGHTS OF TIR NA NOG/FOX/1998 featured the underground enchanted kingdom of Tir Na Nog ruled by King Fin Varra (Peadar Lamb).

King Conchobar - TIR NA NOG
King Fin Varra

His subjects included a feisty red-winged fairy named Aideen (Kelly Campbell). When the peaceful kingdom of King Conchobar (Stephen Brennan) was attacked by the evil Queen Maeve (Charlotte Bradley) from the land of Tamra, King Vin Varra invoked all his powers to aid a group of Celtic teens in finding the legendary Mystic Armor capable of defending the emerald Isle from invaders. Successful in their quest, the teens donned the magical armor and became super heroes of ancient Ireland.

The Mystic Knights included Vincent Walsh as Angus, the Mystic Knight of Earth (with a terra sling); Justin Pierre as Moorish Prince Ivar, the Mystic Knight of Water (with a barbed trident); Lisa Dwan as Deirdre, the Princess of Kells and Mystic Knight of Air (with a whirlwind crossbow); Lochlann O'Mearain as Rohan, a druid's apprentice foretold in the legend as the Mystic Knight of Fire with the Sword of Kells; and Ben Palmer as Garrett, the eventual fifth Mystic Knight.

Each Mystic Knight wore a Dragon Breath Dagger and belt used to summon their dragons. The series MYSTIC KNIGHTS OF TIR NA NOG was the first American television series to be filmed entirely in Ireland.

TRIVIA NOTE: In Celtic mythology, Tir na n-Og (pronounced "teer na no'gue" meaning the "land of youth") is the idyllic paradise where the dead live. The kingdom (either an island or undersea kingdom) is ruled by King Tethra of the Fomorians, a race of giants or the sea god Manannan mac Lir of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Tir na n-Og is also known as Mag Mell ("plain of joy").

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