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Green Man - A dwarf-sized Eskimo troll in a buckskin suit seen on episodes of NORTHERN EXPOSURE/CBS/1990-95.


The Green Man (Phil Fondacaro) appeared to Eskimo youth Ed Chigliak (Darren E. Burrows) while he was experiencing self doubt. The Green Man was a manifestation of Ed's low self esteem, the embodiment of Ed's own self-loathing, Ed's own personal Demon. As the Green Man reminded Ed, "You Called Me."

The Green Man's mission was to totally incapacitate Ed with self doubt, to fill his life with fear until he didn't have enough energy to get out of a chair.

Fortunately, a local Shaman (Graham Greene) advised Ed to learn to love himself and referred to the Christian biblical text John: 1 "Love castes out fear."

The Green Man appeared on episodes "Heal Thyself" (1993) and Grand Prix (1994).

TRIVIA NOTE: In pre-Christian Celtic mythology, the Green Man (a.k.a. "Jack-in-the-Green") symbolized fertility, prophecy, and regeneration, (as in spring or summer). He is depicted as a bodiless head with foliage sprouting from his mouth and is traditionally a part of May Day festivals in Great Britain.

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