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THE A-TEAM/NBC/1983-87

*(Mr. T/costar) Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus, one of four AWOL Vietnam War veterans on the run from the U.S. Army for a crime they didn't commit. Della Reese appeared as B.A.'s mother who called her son, "Scooter."

*(Julius Carry/costar) Lord Bowler (a.k.a. James Lonefeather), a towering black unshaven bounty hunter in a bowler hat who often teamed up with white bounty hunter Brisco County, Jr. to track down the baddest of the bad in the Old West. When not on the dusty trail, Bowler lived in luxury and indulged his expensive tastes. Bowler and Brisco later become special agents for President Cleveland.

**(Oris Orhuero) Rongar, a black, knife-throwing mute sailor who accompanied Sinbad the Sailor on his ancient mid-eastern voyages. He had his tongue cut out for not betraying his brother.

**(Peter Jay Fernandez) Matt Ritter, a black investigator working with a young Clark Kent, (a.k.a. "Superboy") for the Department of Extra Normal Affairs located in Washington, D.C..

**(Suzanne Douglas) Yvette Carruthers, a black legal researcher working with an unconventional white Boston attorney.

**(Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs) Sgt. Dobbs, a black Los Angeles police detective who joked around with and teased outer space aliens known as the Newcomers on this science fiction drama.

**(Sherman Hemsley) George Jefferson, a black dry-cleaning store owner and next-door neighbor to a bigoted white man. Also featured were Isabel Sanford, as George's wife, Louise aka "Weezie"; and Mike Evans as their teenage son, Lionel. See also THE JEFFERSONS.

ALL THAT/NIK/1994-2005
*(Christy Knowings) Christy Knowings, one of a number of multi-ethnic group of young performers who engaged in topical and silly skits on a weekly basis half-hour program. Also featured were Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson who spun off their "Good Burger" skit into the motion picture Good Burger (1997) about dimwitted Ed and his pal, Dexter, who work at a fast food restaurant. Ed's classic customer greeting: "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order?!"

*(Lisa Nicole Carson/costar) Renée Radick, an attractive black deputy district attorney working for the city of Boston who shared an apartment with her white college chum and fellow lawyer Ally McBeal. While attending Harvard Law School, Renée and Ally invented a prank called "The Penguin." which targeted a "deserving" male victim. Luring him to a supposed secluded spot and suggesting that the man drop his drawers, one of the woman made the man waddle after her while the other accomplice took a snapshot of the humiliating moment as a souvenir.

**(Lorriane Toussaint) Yvonne Price, an African-American emergency room nurse who was a friend of former nurse turned minister.

*(Sherman Hemsley) Ernest Frye, a black President and Deacon of The First Community Church of Philadelphia who struggled with his congregation's new young preacher, Reverend Reuben Gregory (played by the series co-star Clifton Davis). Also featured were Anna Maria Horsford as Thelma Frye, the deacon's daughter who later married Reverend Gregory; Barbara Montgomery and Roz Ryan as sisters Casietta and Amelia Hetebrink both on the church's governing board; Jester Hairston as elderly board member Rolly Forbes; Rosetta LeNoire as Rolly's wife, Leola; Bumper Robinson as Clarence, a local teenager; and Franklyn Seales as choir director Lorenzo Hollingsworth. Trivia Note: In reality, Clifton Davis earned his Masters in Divinity in 1987 and became a pastor of a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in California.

AMOS 'N ANDY/CBS/1951-53
*(Alvin Childress & Spencer Williams) Amos Jones and Andrew "Andy" Brown, two black cabdrivers working for The Fresh Air Taxi Company of America, Inc. based in Harlem. The series all black cast also included Tim Moore as the conniving president of the local Mystic Knights of the Sea lodge, George "Kingfish" Stevens; Ernestine Wade as Sapphire Stevens, the Kingfish's nagging wife; Amanda Randolph as Mama, Sapphire's mother; Nick O'Demus (also known as Nicodemus, Horace Stewart Nick Stewart and Nicodemus Stewart) as Lightnin', the slow moving janitor; Johnny Lee as Algonquin J. Calhoun, a fast-talking, inept lawyer; and Jester Hairston playing both roles of Leroy, Sapphire's brother and the haughty Henry Van Horne; Blatz Beer, the sponsor of the program yielded to pressure from NAACP and other civil-rights groups when they protested the way the show pictured the American black man. In 1964, the Urban League Director stated "the show depicts the Negro as a foot-shuffling handkerchief head. The station owners who run it are going to catch Hell and the sponsor of the show will not sell the Negro market". Reruns were syndicated until 1966 when during the Civil Rights Movement CBS removed all copies from both domestic and overseas markets. In 1983 reruns of the program were seen in Atlanta, Georgia. The original radio series featured the voices of white actors Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll in the lead roles of Amos Jones and Andy Brown. “The Amos 'N' Andy Show” began with the narration: "Out of the library of American folklore, those treasured stories such as Huck Finn, Paul Bunyon and Rip Van Winkle-which have brought us laughter and joy for generations-come the warm and lovable tales of Amos n' Andy; presented by the Blatz Brewing Company, Wisconsin, on behalf of Blatz dealers everywhere."

*(Robin Givens/costar) Anita Wellman King, an ambitious black police detective working for the Violent Crimes Unit of the Chicago Police Department. Anita is Catholic and grew up on the South side of Chicago. She was teamed with a Polish-American female partner.

ANY DAY NOW/LIF/1998-2002
*(Lorraine Toussaint/costar) Rene, a successful single black attorney who leaves Washington D.C. to return to her hometown of Birmington, Alabama where she rekindles a friendship with M. E. Sims, a married white housewife who was once her close childhood companion.

*(Arsenio Hall) Michael Atwood, a black on-air announcer and co-anchor for an all-sports cable network based in Atlanta, Georgia. Also appearing was Michael's beautiful new wife Vivian (Vivica A. Fox), an attorney who allowed her lazybones younger brother Matthew (Alimi Ballard) to live with and mooch off of the couple.

*(Arsenio Hall) Arsenio Hall, a popular Emmy Award-winning late night talk show host and executive producer from Cleveland, Ohio. He ran a successful six-year run against the reigning King of late night television Johnny Carson and his successor Jay Leno. Hall began his career in Chicago as a stand-up comedian, eventually touring with more than 25 headliners. See also MARTIAL LAW.

*(Jimmy Walker) Sgt. Val Valentine, a U.S. Army hustler and con-artist stationed at a peacetime military base in Tar Creek, Texas. The series was a black version of Sgt. Ernie Bilko character seen on THE PHIL SILVERS SHOW in the 1950's.

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