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**(B.D. Wong) Dr. George Huang, a forensic psychiatrist working for the Police Department and District Attorney's in New York City. He is usually asked to observe or interview suspects or give advise on the motives or modus operendi of the criminal mind. His other television appearances include the HBO film And the Band Played On; the sitcom ALL AMERICAN GIRL/ABC/1994-95, as Stuart Kim, Margaret Kim's Goody Two-shoes older cardiologist brother; and as prison chaplain Father Ray Mukada on the HBO series OZ. Wong was born and raised in San Francisco.

**(Bruce Lee) Li Tsung, an oriental self-defense instructor who taught martial arts to Mike Longstreet, a blind insurance investigator.

**(Michele B. Chan) Sue Ling, foster daughter of Angus "Mac" MacGyver, a survival expert and scientific genius working for the Phoenix Foundation.

**(Warren Nsien) Joe Suie, an oriental pilot who belonged to the Flying Tigers, a group of volunteer American pilots stationed in China to battle the attacking Japanese Zeros aircraft. The back of Joe's jacket as all the Flying Tigers displayed the image of the Chinese flag. Each of the Flying Tigers received $500 each for every Aero they downed. The series was based on the real American pilots who were sent to China prior to the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor to fight invading Japanese aircraft Statistically, the Flying Tigers were outnumbered eight to one. From its inception in 1941 until disbandment on July 4, 1942, when it was absorbed into the US Army's 14th Air Force, the AVG Flying Tigers (The tiger, a symbol of the Chinese Government) was officially credited with the destruction of 296 Japanese aircraft. On February 22, 1999, the PBS ninety minute documentary "Fei-Hu: The Story of the Flying Tigers" examined the history of AVG flight group. The Chinese words "Fei-Hu" translates "Shark's Teeth." On the subject of the Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers group, Winston Churchill once remarked "God Almighty, I'm glad he's on our side!"

**(James Yagi/Johnny Lee) Charlie Wong, a Chinese-American businessman and owner of "Charlie Wong's Ice Cream Parlor," an after school hangout of Dobie Gillis and his teenage friends from Central High School. The shop sold "31 Celestial Flabors."

MARCO POLO/NBC/1982 (Miniseries)
**(Ying Ruocheng) Kubla Khan, the thirteenth-century leader of Cambulac (present-day Peking) who was visited by Venetian traveler Marco Polo in 1275. Other cast included Beulah Quo as Chabi; Junichi Ishida as Chinkin; James Hong as Phags-Pa.


*(Sammo Hung Kam-Bo) Captain Sammo Law, the best policeman in China, chases a master criminal from Shanghai to Los Angeles and ends up joining the LAPD. Sammo doesn't carry a gun but his formidable barrel-chest and his martial arts skills helps to get him out of troubles. According to the grapevine it took seven cops to replace Sammo when he left China (two of which had to retire from exhaustion). Sammo Hung was born in Hong Kong, the oldest of four children. With a 220-pound, 5-foot-7 frame, Hung looks "like Dennis Franz and moves like Bruce Lee." Also featured was Kelly Hu as Grace Chen (Pei Pei), a streetwise martial arts trained police detective. See also NASH BRIDGES

*(Darryl Fong/costar) Dr. Max Chang, an Asian-American first-year resident physician at a Seattle medical center.

**(Sammee Tong) Sammy Ling, a Chinese-American manager of the Marina Palms hotel located in Newport Harbors, California. Working with a "lifetime contract" (given by former owner now deceased) Ling managed to run up high debts, much to the chagrin of the new owner who inherited the luxurious beachfront property.

*(Dennis Dun/costar) Billy Po, radio producer/engineer of Chinese descent working at a late night radio talk show broadcast in San Francisco. Billy Po was an intelligent Asian with none of the stereotypical trappings (e.g. funny accent).

*(Philip Ahn/costar) Po Chang, a wealthy Chinese gentleman who raised Caucasian, Frank Garlund, now a successful international business tycoon. Kam Tong played Kam Chang, his foster brother who owned a pawn shop in San Francisco's Chinatown. The title of series later changed to THE GARLUND TOUCH.

MR. MAGOO/SYN/1960-62/NBC/1964-65/CBS/1977-79
**(Cartoon Character) Charlie, an oriental houseboy who worked for the near-sighted senior citizen, Mr. Magoo (or as Charlie would say "Mr. Maglue"). His character was a stereotype with the long braided pony-tail and large beaver-toothed smile.

*(Jeff Meek as Raven) Kung Lao, a humble exiled Chinese warrior monk who fought to save the Earth realm from the evil minions of the dark realm call Outworld. Other cast included as Shang Tsung, an evil banished underworld Lord serving the Emperor Shou Khan. Jeff Meek as Raven, god of thunder, protector of the Earth realm; Siro and a thief Taja. A few years before, the cartoon MORTAL KOMBAT: THE ANIMATED SERIES aired on the USA network from 1995-96 with Brian Tochi as the voice of Liu Kang.

*(Irene Ng) Shelby Woo, a 16-year old Asian-American heroine who lives with her grandfather, Mike Woo, a former cop (Pat Morita) and works as a desk clerk after school at the local police station, where she finds ways to get involved in investigations. During the 1998-99 season Shelby moves with her grandpa from Cocoa Beach, Florida to a Boston suburb on the series' fourth season opener. In 1989, Irene Ng (pronounced Ung) moved from Malaysia to Allentown, Pa. where her father managed a Chinese restaurant. Additional credits included a four month role on the ABC soap ALL MY CHILDREN and later the motion pictures "The Joy Luck Club" and "Heaven & Earth."

*(Marvin Miller) Dr Yat Fu, a Chinese-American merchant and amateur criminologist who owned a herb & curio shop in San Francisco's Chinatown. Marvin Miller was a Caucasian actor. Also featured was Gloria Sanders as Ah Toy, Yat's beautiful niece and shop assistant who occasionally helped him solve crimes.

**(Kelly Hu) Michelle Chan, a streetwise Chinese-American police detective (1996-98 season) who assisted white police detective Nash Bridges and his Mexican-American partner at the Special Investigators Unit in San Francisco. Before she began her career as an actress, Kelly Hu was the 1985 Miss Teen USA and later represented her native state of Hawaii in the Miss USA Pageant. Hu has a brown belt in karate, having been introduced to martial arts as a young girl by her brother, a captain in the U.S. Army. She was born in Honolulu of Chinese, Hawaiian and English ancestry.

*(James Pax/costar) Jimmy Kee, an Asian-American member of a five man team of Las Vegas narcotic officers known as the Nasty Boys. James Pax's (his real name was Jimmy Kee) was a native of Hong Kong, a graduate of the New York University Business School and a former movie star in Asia.

*(J. Carrol Naish) Charlie Chan, Chinese detective whose patient, deductive reasoning always cracked the case. Oriental actor James Hong starred as Chan's "Number one" son, Barry. J.Carrol Naish (an Irish actor) was one of a long line of non-Chinese actors to portray this oriental sleuth, including Warner Oland, Sydney Toler, and Roland Winters. The character of Charlie Chan was created by Earl Derr Biggers and inspired by the real Honolulu detective, Chang Apana.

*(Connie Chung/co-anchor) Connie Chung, the Chinese-American hostess of this weekly magazine-of-the-air program co-anchored by newsman Roger Mudd. Connie Chung later appeared on the NBC EVENING NEWS and on the magazine of the air program EYE TO EYE. In 1992 she was teamed with Dan Rather on the CBS EVENING NEWS until 1995 when she was removed as co-anchor.

**(Khigh Dhiegh) Four Finger Wu, Asian drug lord who interacted with warring business dynasties in Hong Kong. Tia Carrere also appeared as Wu’s mistress. The four-part miniseries is based on James Clavell’s novel. See also section on JAPANESE - “Shogun”

ONE WORLD/NBC/1998-2001
**(Michelle Krusiec) Sui, Asian-American girl adopted into a multi-racial family supervised by Caucasian Dave Blake and his wife, Karen. She is always looking for fun., whether it’s competing in soccer tournaments or just shopping at the mall with her friends. Michelle Krusiec was born in Fallon, Nevada, speaks Mandarin Chinese and frequently travels to Taiwan to visit family.

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