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**(Leslie Caron) Nicole Sauget, an evil French philanthropist, who came to the wine growing Tuscany Valley in Northern California (during the fall season of 1987) to stir up marital troubles with Chase Gioberti. She claimed to have been Chase's lover in Vietnam and to have loaned him $30 million. Now she wanted what was hers. This role marked the second time Leslie Caron appeared on American Television. The first time was in the 1974 miniseries QB VII.

*(Herve Villachaize/costar) Tattoo, a dwarf manservant (3'11") with a French accent who shouted "Da Plane! Da Plane!" when visitors arrived to the mysterious Fantasy Island. Herve Villechaize was born in Paris and died at age of fifty in 1993 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

*(Luciana Paluzzi/costar) Simone Genet, French-born assistant of Victor Sebastian, a U.S. secret agent working under the cover of a European theatrical agency based in Paris, New York and London. Simone poses as Victor's client, a nightclub singer.

*(Nigel Bennett) Lacroix, the French vampire mentor of Nick Knight, a 700-year-old vampire working as a police detective. Deborah Duchene appeared as Janette, Nick's former love interest.

*(Richard Conte/costar) Jeff Ryder, a French attorney who earlier in his career fought Nazis during World War II. He was later reunited with former wartime buddies (an American, an Italian and a Brit) to battle crime.

*(Alexander Vandernoot/costar) Tessa Noel, a beautiful rich French sculptress who co-owned an antiques store with her lover, a 400-year-old immortal Scotsman named Duncan MacLeod. Later in the series, Tessa was shot to death by a mugger and Duncan spent many months mourning her passing. After MacLeod returned to Paris, he befriended Maurice (Michel Modo), a mooching, unshaven Frenchman who had been living on Duncan's river barge while he was away.

**(Robert Clary) Corporal Louis LeBeau, a French resistance fighter held captive in a Nazi POW camp during World War II. LeBeau, a stereotypical Frenchman, was a romantic lover and cook. His ability to create culinary delights helped divert the attentions of the portly German soldier Sgt. Hans Schultz. In real-life Robert Clary, had been kept in the Ottmuth, Blech-hamer, Gross-Rosen, and Buchewwald concentration camps. His prison identification number (A-5714) was tattooed on the upper part of his left forearm. Robert Clary was born Robert Widerman in Paris on March 1, 1926. In the 1970s Clary played nightclub owner Pierre Rouland on CBS’ The Young and the Restless. In the 1980s he had a recurring role of Robert LeClair on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. Actress Arlene martel played the role of an other recurring French character Marie Louise Monét, a.k.a. “Tiger.” She was a female French Resistance Fighter who assisted American Colonel Roberts Hogan with his sabotage activities. Tiger appeared in episodes “Operation Tiger” (Hogan and his men rescue Tiger from imminent execution in Berlin); “Hold the Tiger” (Tiger is involved with a tank smuggling scheme); “A Tiger Hunt in Paris” Part 1&2 (Hogan and Le Beau rescue Tiger who is being held by the Gestapo); and “Heil Klink” (Hogan fools Klink into thinking a defecting German soldier is Hitler in disguise).

*(Jeanette Nolan) Annette Deveraux, an attractive French immigrant who operated The Hotel De Paree, an elegant European style hotel located in the 1870s town of Georgetown, Colorado. Also featured was Judi Meredith as Annette's beautiful niece Monique. The hotel was protected by the Sundance Kid, a legendary gunslinger turned law enforcer.

**(Mel Blanc) Professor Le Blanc, French music teacher who instructed comedian Jack Benny on the violin. He was always frustrated because he could never get paid for his lessons. Once Benny asked Professor Le Blanc "How can I improve the tone quality of my playing". The beleaguered instructor having listened to Jack's excruciatingly bad violin playing replied "Perhaps, Monsieur Be-nee, eef you were to hold zee violin upside down..." While listening to Jack Benny play his measures, Professor LeBlanc invented insulting rhymes to humor himself and keep his sanity. Some examples: "Make zee note a little thinner/I don't want to lose my dinner" or "What a pain your fiddle brings on/How I wish it had no strings on". In other skits, Mel Blanc played Professor Pierre Le Blanc, a psychiatrist.

**(Stuart Devenie) Governor Croque, French nobleman sent to Pulau Pulau island in the East Indies by his brother Napoleon Bonaparte to keep the region under French rule during the year 1801. Also starring was Stephen Papps who portrays Brogard, the smart and ruthless captain of Governor Croque's forces. Both Stuart Devenie and Stephen Papps are award winning actors from New Zealand.

*(Marino Mase/costar) Jean-Gaston Andre, officer in the Free French Air Force (a munitions expert) teamed with a British Navy lieutenant and an American Army Intelligence agent as Allied troubleshooters (Code Name: Jericho) working behind German lines as spies and saboteurs during World War II.

*(Roy Dupuis/costar) Michael, sensual, enigmatic and devious operative working for Section One, a covert anti-terrorist group. Michael, who speaks with a French accent, is the trainer and mentor to Nikita, a fellow operative. Roy Dupuis was born in the Abitibi region of Quebec, Canada.

*(Guylaine St. Onge/costar) Jo Marie Jaquard, a member of an elite international anti-terrorism team called Lightning Force. She was trained as a computer expert, combat pilot, cryptologist, and selective termination (an assassin).

**(Lisa Gaye) Collette Dubois, a beautiful French model seen in a recurring role who was pursued by suave, ladies' man photographer Bob Collins who remarked of her "No matter how many girls there are, I can only see you. You steal my heart, you sly little thief."

MERLIN/NBC/1998 (Miniseries)
**(Jeremy Sheffield) Sir Lancelot du Lac, the French noble in the classic tale of Camelot who swore allegiance to King Arthur Pendragon and then coveted Arthur’s wife, Queen Guinevere.

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