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N.Y.P.D. BLUE/ABC/1993-2005
**(Jimmy Smits) Bobby Simone, Hispanic police detective working at the 15th precinct in New York City [episodes 27-115]. His mixed heritage was revealed when he invited his Polish partner Andy Sipowicz to “kiss my French-Portuguese ass.” Bobby liked to go wander though antique shops and raise pigeons. He later died from a bad heart during the 1998-1999 season. Bobby left behind the love of his life, Det. Diane Russell. Jimmy Smits had previously played Mexican-American lawyer Victor Sifuentes (1986-1991) on the law drama L.A. LAW/NBC/1986-94.

*(Claude Dolphin, Louis Jourdan) Inspectors Bolbec and Beaumont, two police detectives working for the Surete' in Paris, France. The series, also known as WORLD CRIME HUNT/SYN/1955, was filmed in Paris.

PARIS 7000/ABC/1970
**(Jacques Aubuchon) Jules Maurois, French police contact working with State Department employees from the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

**(Patrick Bauchau) Dr. Sydney Green, a psychiatrist with a French accent working at the Centre, a secret think tank located in Blue Cove, Delaware. Sydney's role at the Centre was to monitor the progress of a genius child named Jarod that the Centre kept in captivity to exploit the boy's intelligence. When Jarod escaped the Centre as an adult, Sydney was assigned to recapture him. But since Sydney, in many ways, was a father figure to Jarod, and he didn't relished the idea of hunting Jarod down. Sydney was liberated from the Nazis in World War II. He has a brother named Jacob.

*(Charles Boyer, Robert Coote, Gladys Cooper/costars) Marcel, Timmy and Margaret St. Clair, modern descendents of an international family of scoundrels (the French branch of the clan) whose claim to fame has been in the field of fine art and jewelry thefts. Their credo was "Honor before Honesty."

*(Gilles Pelletier) Corporal Jacques Gagnier, Canadian Mountie who patrolled the Northwest territory with Constables Scott (John Perkins) and Mitchell (Don Francks).

**(Jacqueline Beer) Suzanne “Frenchy” Fabray, a beautiful French receptionist and switchboard operator who runs the Sunset Answering Service from office 103 at 77 Sunset Strip, the location of the Hollywood detective agency of Bailey & Spencer. Jacqueline Beer was actually the former Miss France of 1954.

*(William Russell) Sir Lancelot du Lac, a French-born knight serving at the side of King Arthur and Round Table in the 12th century days of England. He was the secret love (paramour) of Guinevere, the wife of British King Arthur.

*(Patrick Stewart) Captain Jean-Luc Picard, a balding but very fit starship officer of French descent who lead the crew of the 24th century starship, the USS Enterprise. His family members included Jeremy Kemp as Robert Picard, his brother and owner of wine vineyards located in his family home of Labarre, France (introduced on episode No. 178 "Family"); David Tristin Birkin as his nephew, Rene; Samantha Eggar, as his sister-in-law, Marie; Clive Church as Maurice Picard, Jean-Luc's viticulturist father; who did not approved of his son's choosing a career in Starfleet over the family vineyards (episode No. 141 "Tapestry" ); and Herta Ware as Yvette Gessard Picard, Jean-Luc's mother.(who appeared to Picard after her death in a bizarre time-space warp phenomenon on episode No. 6 "Where No One Has Gone Before). Picard's catchphrase is "Make it so!"

*(Colin Fox) Jean Paul Desmond, wealthy financer of French descent who lived on the cursed island of Maljardin in the Caribbean. Other island residents include Cosette Lee as servant Raxil; Kurt Schiegl as servant Quito.; and Tudi Wiggins as Erica Carr, Desmond‘s new wife who mysteriously dies from an unknown disease and then is placed in cryogenic storage before being resurrected via a mixture of voodoo and science. Colin Fox appeared in a dual role as Jacques Eloi DeMonde, the evil 300-hundred year old evil ancestor which Jean Paul conjured from the dead to aid in Eric’s revival.

**(Mary Louise Wilson) Toinette, a contemptuous French maid who worked for the Thorns, a family of New York City social climbers.

*(Jeffrey Stone) *D'Artagnan, one of three royal guards in the service of King Louis of France in the 1620s. His other two compatriots included Porthos (Peter Trent) and Aramis (Paul Campbell). The Musketeers took their name from the weapons they carried, a small hand held cannon fired from the shoulder (ancestor to the modern rifle). The series was based on the classic novel written by Alexandre Dumas (1802-70), which was inspired on the semi-fictitious "Memoires de M. d'Artagnan" (1709) by Courtile de Sandras. The original musketeers were Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. They were later joined by the penniless Gascon d'Artagnan.

*(Jacques Godin, Rene Caron) Pierre Radisson and Medard, two French frontier scouts roaming the American Great Lakes frontier of the 1700s.

**(Kristin Bauer) Geneva Renault, French operative for Total Security, a private security firm based in Los Angeles.

**(Philippe Forquet) General Marquis de Lafayette, 20-year-old French noblemen who came to the aid of a group of young Americans fighting the British in the late 1700's.

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