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Hawaiian and South Seas

*(Weaver Levy/costar) Oliver Kee, Chinese-American seaman who plyed the waters of the South Seas with Captain Adam Troy, a schooner skipper. Sondi Sodsai (Miss Thailand of 1960) and Lani Lai appeared as Sondi and Kelly, two attractive young Tahitian women featured during the 1960-62 season.

**(Mokihana) Evelyn, a Hawaiian bartender who worked at the Paradise Village, a secluded exclusive resort on the Kona Coast of Hawaii.

*(Cartoon Character) Charlie Chan (Voice of Keye Luke), an Oriental detective who solved criminal cases with the aid of his rather large clan of relatives. This animated Hanna-Barbera production was based on the famous detective stories of Earl Derr Bigger's inspired by the real Honolulu police detective, Chang Apana. Keye Luke actually played Charlie Chan's number two son in the 1940 film adaptations. See also THE NEW ADVENTURES OF CHARLIE CHAN.

**(Haleloke) Haleloke, a shy Hawaiian female musician who appeared regularly on this musical variety program. In April, 1955 she was fired and replaced by a Japanese girl, Miyoshi Umeki. Umeki later starred on THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER as a housekeeper to a widower's small son.

**(Jason Mamoa) Jason, lifeguard of Hawaiian decent who returns to the Islands to join the international lifeguard organization. Jason moved to the mainland with his Caucasian mother as a young child, and was told that his Hawaiian father died - in a mysterious ocean 'accident' - when he was five. Jason has only vague impressions of his father and his native Hawaii. In real life, actor Jason Mamoa was born in Honolulu but soon moved to Norwalk, Iowa where he was raised by his mother. He returned to Hawaii to attend college and to rediscover his Hawaiian roots. Also featured was Stacy Kamano as Kekoa Tanaka, another fellow lifeguard and part of the team of the international lifeguard group. Living in Hawaii, Kekoa is of mixed heritage which includes Japanese, Hawaiian and German. She loves 'Extreme Sports' and hates to lose at anything, to anyone. Stacy Kamano who plays the role of Kekoa was born and raised in Honolulu. Her multicultural background includes a mix of Japanese, German, Russian and Polish descent. She began her career at age 11 when she won the "Miss Tropical Pre-Teen Hawaii" and followed that success as a model and TV actress where she began acting in commercials and guest-starring on such TV shows as "Fantasy Island," "Marker" and "Beverly Hills 90210."

**(Elizabeth Smith) Lulu Kalahani, aka "Aunti Lu," the Hawaiian housekeeper for Barrett Fears, the white owner of the large cattle ranch on the island of Hawaii. Also featured were Bill Lucking as Oscar Kalahani, the foreman of Paradise Ranch; Moe Keale as Garfield Kalahani; Remi Abellira as Kimo Kalahani; and Josie Oliver as Anita Kalahani.

**(Ray Bumatai) Danny Kinimaka, the Hawaiian owner of a successful surf shop that competed with "Big Wave Dave's" an Oahu surf shop newly opened by three white guys from Chicago.

**(Victoria Young) Nurse Puni, Hawaiian health care worker at a free clinic on the island of Oahu run by the father-daughter team of Dr Sean and Anne Jamison.

**(Elizabeth Lindsey) Healani Douglas, Hawaiian-American dean of students at the Palmer School located on the big island of Hawaii. Other cast were Andy Bumatai as teacher Tony Argabrita; Elsa Awaya as Crystal; Alani Apio as English teacher Alan Akana; Robert Kekaula and Lani Opunui-Ancheta as Sonny and Manu, the housekeepers of Yale professor (Sam Byrd) who relocated his family to Hawaii.

**(Joey Forman) Harry-Hoo, a famous but silly Hawaiian detective (a parody of Charlie Chan) featured on episode No. 25 "The Amazing Harry Hoo" who joined forces to fight against the evil Claw (pronounced "Craw," a sinister Oriental with a magnetic prosthesis); and investigates the murder of a Control informant in episode No. 39 "Hoo Done It."

**South Sea island native tribes occasionally visited an island where the castaways of the S.S. Minnow resided. The natives wore grass skirts, carried spears, paddled in outrigger canoes and spoke dialog like. "Sakupa! Bakuha! Simba Mashuka. Bula hula! Pulu see bagumba." On episode No. 3 "Voodoo Something to Me" the Skipper admits his belief in native superstitions and thinks Gilligan has been changed into a monkey by voodoo witchcraft. On episode No.10 "Waiting for Watubi" the Skipper unearths an ancient tiki god he recognizes as Kona and believes he has been cursed for disturbing the relic. To break the alleged curse, Gilligan dresses up as the witch doctor Watubi and performs the ritual to break the spell. On episode No. 26 "Music Hath Charm" the castaways form an orchestra, but Gilligan's drums attract angry native tribes from other islands, who think his drumbeats mean war. On No. 37 "Gilligan's Mother-in Law" a native family from another island comes seeking a husband for their lovely but plump daughter; And on No 98 "Gilligan, the Goddess" three natives come to the island looking for a White Goddess. On episode No. 91 "High Man on the Totum Pole" The castaways discover a carving of a Kupaki king "Mashuka." The dialog from the first act follows:

Professor: Ah...It’s a totem pole all right! Carved by the Kupaki.
Gilligan:  Kupa who? 
Professor: Ki.
Skipper:  Gilligan, can't you understand English? Kupaki! 
Gilligan:  If that's English I went to the wrong school! 
Skipper:  Professor, what is a Kupaki? 
Professor: Well they're a native tribe who inhabit the islands in this area. 
Skipper:  Look at the head on the top of the totem pole...looks exactly like Gilligan!
Professor: Yeah! It's a little more ferocious perhaps, but it is an amazing likeness. 
Gilligan:  And I didn't even pose for it! 
Skipper:  That's really a good carving! Those Kupakis must be handy with a knife! 
Professor: Oh they're handy with a knife all right. Why they're the most ferocious tribe of headhunters in the south pacific! 
Gilligan:  Do you mean that the people that carved that head...they're headhunters? 
Professor: That's right! 
Gilligan:  Do you think they're advertising for me? 
Skipper:  Looks exactly like Gilligan!
Professor: Oh that's just a coincidence that's all. Gilligan may be a dead ringer for one of their kings
Gilligan:  Don't say the word dead...not while I'm alive. 
Professor: Relax Gilligan! Kupaki must have carved that totem pole many years ago.
Skipper:  Gilligan you'll really have it made if they ever come back! Cause you look enough like one of those Kupaki to be one yourself!

Native seen on the series included a native family consisting of a Chief (Russ Grieve), a Mother (Henny Backus), a Fat Native Girl (Mary Foran) and Native Warrior Haruki (Eddie Little Sky); [Eddie Little Sky also played a witchdoctor casting spells on the Castaways in Voodoo, and as a headhunter driven away by Gilligan, using the Professor's anti-double-vision medicine in Topsy-Turvy (Note: the LA Ram's then - quarterback Roman Gabriel played one of the natives )]; Kupaki Headhunters (Jim Lefebra, Al Ferrar, Pete Sotoge); The Matoban Tribe played by Michael Forest, Mike Reece, Bill Hart; Native Girl Kalani (Midori), Native Warrior Ugandi (Michael Forest); King Killiwanna (Stanley Adams); and other Natives played by Mickey Morton, Robert Swimmer and Allen Jaffe.

**(Kam Fong Chun) Detective Chin Ho Kelly, a Chinese immigrant who worked for the special state police investigation unit called Hawaii Five-O. Chin Ho Kelly was killed by mobsters on the final episode of the 10th season (1977-78). Kam Fong character's name is amalgam of two of Waikiki's most prominent hotel developers, Chinn Ho and Roy Kelley. Additional cast included Hawaiian comedian/entertainer Zulu (Zoulou-now his preferred spelling-real name is Gilbert Francis Lani Damian Pauhi) as Detective Kono Kalakaua ("Kono" is Hawaiian for "John"; his surname "Kalakaua" is a tribute to one of Hawaii's most popular kings, King David Kalakaua; Al Harrington (born Tauasu Ta'a in American Samoa) as Det. Ben Kokua ("Kokua means "Help" in Hawaiian); Harry Endo as Che Fong; Laura Sode as Luana; Herman Wedemeyer as Edward "Duke" Lukela ("Lukela" means "Lutheran" in Hawaiian); Douglas Mossman as Frank Kemana; William Smith as James "Kimo" Carew; Moe Keale as Moe "Truck" Kealoha; Edward Tom, Daniel Kamekona; Harry Endo as coroner Che Fong; Nancy Kwan as Rosemary Quong; and Chinese actor Khigh Dhiegh in a recurring role as the inscrutable Red Chinese agent, Wo Fat.

**(Poncie Ponce) Kazuo Kim, a ukulele-playing Hawaiian cab driver who wore a pupule ("crazy") straw hat and drove around the Big Island with the members of the Hawaiian Eye Detective Agency as they sought to solve criminal cases. Kazuo's rather large family of island relatives often fielded clues invaluable to catching the bad guys. Kazuo spoke Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Fiji and English. Also featured were Mel Prestidge as Lt. Danny Quon, a Honolulu police contact; Doug Mossman as Moke, a security guard for Hawaiian Eye; Clayton Naluai as Bert, the Hawaiian Village hotel parking lot attendant; Karen Kupcinet as Maila, Tom Lopaka's receptionist; and Miko Kato as Daro, Tracy Steele's receptionist.

**(Mako) Major Taro Oshira, a Japanese-American police officer from the Oahu Police Department responsible for supervising two "haoles" (mainlanders) Chicago street cops new to the Hawaiian Islands. Also featured were bikini clad native beauties Leila Hee Olsen as Leila; Tina Marie Machako as Tina; Julie Marie Olsen as Julie; and Moana Anderson as Keiki, Det. Harker's niece.

**(Branscombe Richmond) Sgt. Luke Halui, police officer of Hawaiian descent working with the Los Angeles Police Department.

**(Kwan Hi Lim/Betty Carvalho) Tutu and Nana Kulani, the Hawaiian parents of Dr. Daniel Kulani, an adopted caucasian who worked as a holistic physician at Kamehameha Medical Center in Honolulu. Also featured were Ray Bumatai as Daniel's step-brother, James; William McNamara as Sam Kulani, Daniel's teenage son; and Clyde Kusatsu as Kenji Fushida, an amiable Japanese-American Chief of Surgery.

**(Kellye Nakahara) Lieutenant Kealani Kellye, a plump but dedicated Hawaiian-American nurse stationed at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War (from the 1974-83 seasons). Her character was the focus of episode # 236 "Look Me Over" broadcast October 25, 1982. .According to an interview with Kellye Nakahara “He (Alan Alda) gave me my name ‘Kealani’ Kellye five years after the show started. Earlier in the series Kellye played the roles of various nurses called Nurse Able, Nurse Baker, Nurse Charlie and Nurse Yamato. Kellye Nakahara was born in Hawaii in 1950. She is an accomplished artist, and painter of watercolors.

**(Moe Keale & Leinaala Heine) Big Ben Kalikini and his wife were Hawaiian neighbors to Cuda Weber, a charter fishing boat operator who was the guardian to a group of orphaned children. Also featured were Sean Tyler Hall as their son, Little Ben Kalikani; and Harry Chang as Barney, a neighbor.

MAGNUM, P.I./CBS/1980-88
**(Kwan Li Him) Lieutenant Tanaka, Police officer working in Hawaii who interacted with private investigator Thomas Magnum. NOTE: Kwan Hi Lim, a Korean, grew up in Sprecklesville, on Maui and often appeared in character roles on HAWAII FIVE-O.

*(Keone Young/costar) Mr. Tacheo Mochidomi (a.k.a. Moch), the business assistant of Joseph Rhoades, the owner of the Hawaiian Rose Hotel. When Rhoades died, Moch advised Rhoades' sole heir Richard DeMorra on his family's legacy and responsibilities. Andy Bumatai appeared as Danny "Pipeline" Kahala, a local surfer and hustler who spouted off Hawaiian myths.

**(Jacques Aubuchon) Chief Tali Urulu, a conniving South Seas island native who interacted with an equally scheming Lt. Quinton McHale, a PT Boat commander stationed on the island of Taratupa during World War II (during the 1962 through 1965 seasons.) The chief wore grass skirts, ornamented headdress and could speak both English and other South Seas languages. On episode No. 29 "Instant Democracy" the Navy base at Taratupa needs to enlarge an airstrip and must negotiate with Chief Urulu for the rights. On episode No. 58 Urulu's Paradise West" Captain Binghamton has been ordered to buy one of Urulu's islands. And on episode No. 68 "The McHale Mob" Chief Urulu orders McHale and his men off their luxuriously equipped island.

**(Ogie Zulueta) Kimo, Polynesian who assisted Lt. Mack Wolfe of the Honolulu police department. Michael Paul Chan also appeared as Tom Kahana.

**(Martin Azarow) Chief Manhianinni, a South Seas island native leader who interacted with the crew of the "Sea Tiger," a U.S. submarine that rescued downed pilots and sailors in the South Pacific during World War II.

**(Andy Bumatai) T. K., a local Hawaiian who acted as an assistant to Jonathan Raven, a former ninja and special forces agent living in Hawaii.

**(Marta DuBois) Kogi, the evil princess who lived on the French-owned South Pacific island of Bora Gora in the year 1938. She interacted with pilot Jack Cutter, the operator of a charter cargo service sea plane called The Cutter's Goose (a.k.a. "the Grumman Goose").

TROPICAL PUNCH (Danger Theater)/FOX/1993
**(Peter Navy Tuiasosopo) Det. Al Hamoki, burly muscleman working for Tropical Punch, a unit of the Honolulu Police Department. The show was a spoof of the classic police drama HAWAII FIVE-O.

**(Matthew Stephen Liu) Kai, Hawaiian surfing buddy of the Connelly brothers whose family owned on a cattle ranch on the big island of Hawaii.


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