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THE D.A./NBC/1971-72
**(Ned Romero) Bob Ramirez, Hispanic investigator for Paul Ryan, a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles.

*(Jenny Gago/costar) Teresa Robles, an attractive Hispanic female undercover operative of the Drug Enforcement Agency working to make a "difference in the world." Bad guys on the series included Miguel Sandoval as Rafael Cordera, the head of an Ecuador-based crime family; John Vargas as Ricky Prado, Cordera's Lieutenant; Roya Megnot as Isabella Solana, a sexy but deadly daughter of a crime family; Pepe Serna played Isabella's bodyguard; and Joseph Gian as Severo De Lasera.

**(Paco Vela) Raul, a Chicano manservant/butler who worked at the Southfork estate owned by the Ewing family, wealthy oil millionaires who lived outside of Dallas, Texas. Also featured was Roseanna Christiansen as Theresa, the family maid. She typically had lines like "Mrs. Ewing, someone's on the phone." Alejandro Rey appeared as Luis Rueda during the 1986 season. Victoria Principal (Hispanic in real-life) in a non-Hispanic role played Pamela Ewing, the wife of Anglo Bobby Ewing. Her first film was as a Mexican mistress in The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, starring Paul Newman. Throughout the series, a number of prominent Hispanic actors appeared on the show including Barbara Carrera (born in Nicaragua), Mel Ferrer, and Henry Darrow.

**(Ned Romero) Sgt. Joe Rivera, Hispanic police detective working in California with Det. Lt. Dan August of the Santa Luisa Police Department.

**(Greg Serano) Guzmaro Lopez, one of a number of teenagers facing their troubles at an inner-city high school with the aid of a white ex-marine female teacher. Other cast include Maria Costa as Blanca Guerrero.

**(Bill Dana) Jose Jimenez, an easy-going Latino elevator operator and doorman working in New York City. The Jose Jimenez character became so popular he got his own series - THE BILL DANA SHOW.

**(Michael A. Salcido) Paul Sanchez, an Hispanic Los Angeles policeman who occasionally assisted in undercover activities.

**(Rigoberto Jimenez) Rigo Cordona, a chubby Hispanic adolescent who hung out at the house of his friend who was the son of an elementary school principal.

*(Delora Bueno) Delora Bueno, a beautiful Latin singer and musician who hosted this musical program in the early days of television. Actually, Delora Bueno was born in Iowa and raised in Brazil.

**(Taylor Negron) Silvio Galindez, an Hispanic man attending night classes at Nick Hannigan's detective school where he hoped to be taught the tricks of the trade used by private investigators.

DHARMA & GREG/ABC/1997-2002
**(Lillian Hurst) Celia, the Hispanic maid of Kitty and Edward Montgomery, the wealthy parents of lawyer Greg Montgomery, the show’s title character who married a hippy named Dharma Finkelstein.

**(Voice of Mel Blanc/Paul Frees) Go Go Gomez, a slow-talking, Mexican detective who assisted Dick Tracy in capturing such criminals as the Mole, Itchy, Prune Face and Mumbles. This character was a complete stereotype that wore sombrero, sandals and spoke with a slow-witted Mexican accent.

**(Constance Marie) Penny Rivera, a sexy Latin dance partner of Johnny Castle, a dance instructor at Kellerman's summer resort in the Catskill Mountains. The Penny character first appeared in the movie "Dirty Dancing" (1987) as Penny Johnson (played by Cynthia Rhodes).

**(Bert Rosario) Governor General Abel Vasquez, the corrupt petty dictator who ran the small Caribbean Island of San Pietro, the home of the 17th-century pirate Black Jack Savage.

**(Lisa Vidal) Inspector Magdelena "Magda" Ramirez, streetwise Puerto-Rican policewoman with amber hair and leather jacket who works at SFPD Central Station in San Francisco. Magda takes her work very seriously and is often torn between her family and the Department. When her family began to use her association with the police as a perk to get have her fix parking tickets and get lighter sentences for a cocaine arrest, a frustrated Magda announced to them all "I'm on strike, I'm no longer going to be your personal cop-for-hire." One of seven children in a Puerto Rican family, police work is Magda’s way of trying to make the world a better place...for herself, for her son, Ben. Magda's husband left when he learned she was pregnant Actress Lisa Vidal had previously played police woman in the TV series NEW YORK UNDERCOVER (as Carmen Torres); HIGH INCIDENT (Officer Jessica Helgado); ER (CFD Lt. Sandy Lopez) and THIRD WATCH (as Dr. Sara Morales).

**(Lisa Mordente) Teresa Ortega, an Hispanic female who worked at the Westside Clinic where "Doc" Joe Bogert attended to his many patients.

*(Victor Campos/costar) Dr. Felipe Ortega, chief resident at the fictional Lowell Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. Albert Paulsen played the hospital's director, Janos Varga.

*(Josef Meinrod) Don Quixote De La Mancha, a starry-eyed dreamer/country gentleman who set out in search of adventure amidst the scenery of 17th century Spain with his squire Sancho Panza. The series was based on the classic Spanish novel Don Quixote De La Mancha written in 1605 by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616). A short lived (six episodes) British sci-fi satire, THE ADVENTURES OF DON QUICK/LWT/1970, loosely based on the adventures of Don Quixote, starred Ian Hendry as Captain Don Quick, a member of the Intergalactic Maintenance Squad and his second-in-command Sgt. Sam Czopanser (Ronald Lacey). Rex Harrison later played the role of Don Quixote in the 1972 BBC movie version The Adventures of Don Quixote costarring with Frank Finlay as Sancho Panza. An animal adaptation of the tale appeared in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon THE ADVENTURES OF DON COYOTE AND SANCHO PANDA/SYN/1990-91 (voice of Frank Welker as Don Coyote and Don Messick as Sancho Panda).

*(Cartoon Character) Dora the Explorer (voice of Kathreen Herles), a show aimed at preschoolers, tells the adventures of a bilingual heroine who interacts with the audience to troubleshoot her way through different problems. Dora, along with her friend Boots go on adventures.

*(Naomi Stevens) Juanita, Hispanic housekeeper who worked for a widow and her two sons on a ranch located in Northern California near San Francisco.

**(April Ortiz) Carmen, the Hispanic maid who worked for Dave Whiteman (Hector Elizondo), a clothes hanger businessman living Beverly Hills with his family and a live-in homeless man. In the film version that inspired the TV spin-off Elizabeth Pena played the role of the Carmen, the spirited maid who was humping her employer while his wife was sleeping upstairs. The idea for both film and TV series was based on the French play "Boudu Sauve des Eaux" by Rene Fauchois and the classic film Boudu Saved from Drowning (1932).

**(Ian Gomez) Larry Almada, a balding Hispanic executive working at the Winfred-Louder Department Store in Cleveland, Ohio. Larry was the ultimate yes man. He even became to boy toy of Mrs. Louder, the store's owner to keep himself in good graces with his employment status. Larry later got fired. He resurfaced as the host of a talk show called "Love Almada Style," a local talk show about romance and dating.

**(Lupe Ontiveras) Marta, the Hispanic maid for a New York composer and nightclub pianist. She spoke no English and had to communicate through the family's 14-year-old son Fred Bristol who spoke fluent Spanish.

**(Ricardo Montalban) Zachary Powers, a scheming Hispanic tycoon who interacted with patriarch, Jason Colby, a wealthy white California businessman.

**(Luis Avalos) Dr. Thomas Esquivel, physician on duty at Chicago's Clark Street Hospital. Also featured was Conchata Ferrell as Nurse Judy Thor.

EARTH 2/NBC/1994-95
**(Antonio Sabato, Jr.) Alonzo Solace, cocky Hispanic pilot who was stranded with a group of space station personnel who fled the confinement of space station life to live on the surface of a seemingly uninhabited planet G-889 (a.k.a. "Earth 2").

**(Senor Wences) Senor Wences, internationally known ventriloquist (born Moreno Wenceslao in Salamanca, Spain) who frequently appeared on television in the 1950-60s, especially on the CBS Sunday night variety program THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW. His act consisted of throwing his voice into a number of objects including a box, his own hand and animal hand puppets like Cecilia Chicken. The most famous puppet in his gallery of characters was Johnny (Wences' hand decorated with two eyes, a large mouth painted along the juncture of the thumb and index fingers). Sometimes, Wences placed Johnny on top of a headless dummy to create the illusion of a small person talking. Senor Wences' interest in ventriloquism was inspired by his exposure to vaudeville acts seen in silent movie theaters where his violinist father played with the orchestras. Wences honed his vocal skills by throwing his voice in school sometimes answering "present" for students not in attendance. It was one such time that the idea for his Johnny character was conceived. Punished for causing a disturbance in class by throwing his voice, Wences had to clean all the ink wells in the classroom. When he finished, however, he noticed some ink stains on his hand that resembled a face. When he moved his thumb, it appeared to be talking. Synchronizing his ventriloquist talents with the movements of the cartoon like face, Johnny was born. Originally, Johnny smoked a cigarette, but with the changing social values, Wences eliminated the smoking from his act. The Johnny character appeared in the vaudeville film Mother Wore Tights (1947) starring Betty Grable & Dan Dailey. Senor Wences usually dressed in tuxedo and tails, as he entertained in supper clubs and vaudeville halls throughout Spain and South America. When he translated his act into English, Senor Wences took his act to North America, England and Europe. During World War II he entertained troops at military bases and hospitals. His contacts with then newspaper columnist Ed Sullivan later garnered him some 48 guest appearances on THE TOAST OF THE TOWN which later became THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW/CBS/1948-71. Another of Wences' popular puppet characters was Pedro, the face in the box. Throwing his voice into a small black box, Wences carried on a conversation with the bodiless entity. At the conclusion of each encounter, Senor Wences inquired about Pedro's feelings by saying "Sall right?" Pedro quickly replied "S-all right!" Senor Wences also appeared on THE PERRY COMO SHOW; at a command performance at the London Paladium with King George VI, Queen Elizabeth; and with the US Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and Nixon. His admirers included Walt Disney, Danny Kaye and Edgar Bergen. Senor Wences was the mystery guest on the October 23, 1969 installment of the syndicated quiz/panel program WHAT'S MY LINE/CBS/1950-67/SYN/1968-75.

**(Rose Portilla) Millie Zamora, a female Hispanic secretary working for the legal firm of Eisenhower and Lutz located in a small shopping mall in Palms Springs, California.

**(Rita Moreno, Irena Cara, Luis Avalos) Educational program produced by the Children's Television Workshop that taught reading skills to children seven to ten years.

**(Marco Lopez) Fireman Lopez, Hispanic firefighter stationed at Squad 51 of the Los Angeles County Fire Department Paramedics Rescue Service during the 1973-77 seasons.

**(Charles Bronson) Paul Moreno, a rugged Hispanic ranch hand working at the Garret ranch, a modern-day half-million acre spread in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

**(Miguel A. Nunez, Jr.) Luis Jackson, a young Hispanic school nurse working at a contemporary junior high school called Hamilton Middle School. An overachieving but imaginary student named Carlos Garcia was created by the faculty as a joke on Amanda Duvall, a flighty 60's type math teacher.

**(Rick Ramus) Gus Nunoz, Hispanic grape picker working at the Falcon Crest vineyards and winery of Angela Channing in the fictional Tuscany Valley. Mario Marcelino appeared as Gus's son, Mario. Other cast included Kristian Alfonso as Pilar Ortega; Castulo Guerra as Cesar Ortega; Dan Ferro as his son, Tommy Ortega; Danny Nucci as his other son Gabriel Ortega; Jay Varela as Miguel Aviles; Nick Najera as Paco; Israel Juarbe as Raoul; and Ronald G. Joseph as Sheriff Sanchez. Lorenzo Lamas (the son of Fernando Lamas) played the non-hispanic role of Angela Channing's grandson, Lance Cumson. Other Hispanic actors to appear on the show included Anna Alica as Melissa Agretti, the daughter of a rival wine-grown gamily; Cesar Romero played Greek Tycoon Peter Stavros and Julia Carmen played Romero's Daughter Sofia.

**(Erica Gimpel/costar) Coco Hernandez, talented Hispanic singer/dancer who attended the famous High School for the Performing Arts in New York City. during the 1882-83 season. Also featured was Jesse Borrego as Jesse Valesquez, a talented Mexican-American dance student featured during the 1984-87 seasons

FAME L.A./SYN/1997-98
**(Roselyn Sanchez) Lili Arguelo, a strikingly beautiful Latino woman from Puerto Rico, Lili has been studying dance since she was eight-years-old. Ballet, tap, jazz, funk -- you name it and she can do it. She has great confidence and inner strength, a result of her strong upbringing. No stranger to struggle, she has witnessed great poverty in her own family and community. Yet, she is determined and emotionally equipped to follow her dream to be a professional dancer. Born March 14, 1970 in San Juan, Roselyn Sanchez moved to New York City at age 21 to study acting, dancing and singing. Born in San Juan she had been in commercials and music videos at age 15. She became co-host, dancer and choreographer of Puerto Rico's number #1 weekly television comedy-variety show, "Que Vacilon," where she starred for three years. In 1993, she won the title of Miss Puerto Rico Petite, and in 1994, she successfully represented Puerto Rico to win the national title of Miss America Petite. She later played the role of Pilar Domingo, the first-ever Latina character in the 40-year history of CBS soap opera "As the World Turns." While in New York, she also wrote and performed her one-woman show, "Out Here On My Own." Roselyn also played the role of Kim Veras on the police drama RYAN CAULFIELD: YEAR ONE (1999. (Check out the official official FAME L.A. web site at

FAMILY LAW/CBS/1999-2002
*(Cristian Del La Fuentes) Andres Diaz, 25-year-old Chilean-born paralegal working at the legal offices of Holt & Associates in Los Angeles. Andres had an affair with Randi King, the firm's middle-aged defense lawyer who spent a stint of time in state prison for murdering her husband. During the run of the series Andres is faced with deportation and asks the firm to prosecute a man he suspects as being the Chilean Army Colonel who killed his father and tortured his mother 27 years earlier. Note: People Español named Chilean born Fuentes as the "Sexiest Man on the Planet." In Spanish, his name means "Christian in the Fountain."

*(Robert Beltran) Hector Martinez, a former Hispanic gang member who turns his life around by enrolling in law school and moving back into his family's house. Daniel Faraldo, Anne Betancourt, and Karla Montana appeared as his family members. This Tommy Chong written pilot never made it to a series status but only ran as a special.

*(Ricardo Montalban) Mr. Roarke, an elegant yet mysterious guardian of Fantasy Island, a tropic paradise where dreams became reality. Roarke was assisted by a dwarf manservant named Tattoo played by Herve Villechaize. TRIVIA NOTE: In the 1970s and 1980s Mexican born Ricardo Montalban became famous for mouthing the catchphrase "Rich Corinthian Leather" in a series of successful Chrysler Corporation commercials.

**(Natividad Vacio) Frank "Fronk" Smith, a newly naturalized American citizen from Mexico who occasionally was seen tending to the gardening and landscape needs of the Anderson family who lived in the town of Springfield.

**(Andrew Sachs) Manuel, a bumbling, Spanish bellhop/waiter from Barcelona, Spain who had a difficult time speaking the English language and communicating with his employer, Basil Fawlty the incompetent owner of the British hotel known as Fawlty Towers. Once upset with Manuel, Basil cried "Please try to understand before one of us dies!"

**(Ian Gomez) Javier Clemente Quintata, a gay, balding, pudgy Hispanic restaurant manager who works at Dean & Deluca’s in New York City. He manages coworker Felicity Porter, a 17-year-old pre med student and also manages to get involved in her life. When he noticed that Felicity had a crush on a guy named Ben, Javier says “I think she has a little ‘crunch’ on him.” Javier’s boyfriend is Samuel.

*(Jackie Guerra) A single Latina trying to survive in Los Angeles.

**(Fernando Allende) Julio Sanchez, Cuban refugees living in a Cuban Barrio in the steamy Southern Florida city of Truro. Gina Gallego appeared as his sister Alicia.

**(Alex Desert) Julio Mendez, the Black/Hispanic lab technician who worked for the Police Department in Central City.

**(Alex Desert) Julio Mendez, Hispanic lab technician working in Central City with police scientist Barry Allen (aka the superhero "The Flash").

**(Alejandro Rey) Carlos Ramirez, a handsome Puerto Rican playboy/discotheque owner who was patron to the nuns at the Convent San Tanco near Puerto Rico. The cast also included Shelley Morrison as Sister Sixto, a Puerto Rican nun who valiantly tried to learn the proper phraseologies of the English language ("The plumbing. She's on the blank."); Vito Scotti as Police Captain Gaspar Formento; and Manuel Padilla, Jr as Marcello, the orphan boy. The series was based on the book The Fifth Pelican by Tere Rios.

**(Israel Juarbe) Angel Gomez, Hispanic ex-con messenger working at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. Also featured were Hector Elizondo as Jesse Steinberg, a Jewish deputy district attorney.

**(Rachel Ticotin) Corporal Grace Pavlik, a tough Puerto Rican military recruit (the only female) stationed at the U.S. Army Post in Fort Geller, Texas, the headquarters for the 88th Airborne Division.

**(Chu Chu Mulave) Paco, Hispanic character who appeared on this primetime serial set in Chicago.

*(Pepe Serna, Evelyn Guerrero) Hispanic family living in a a dilapidated apartment building in Los Angeles owned by a Anglo family from the Midwest who recently inherited the building. This hour-long pilot drama series never aired on the network.

413 HOPE ST./FOX/1997-98
**(Vincent Laresca) Carlos Martinez, Hispanic counselor working at a busy teen-crisis center in New York City where counselors help troubled youths with their life's problems. Also featured was Shari Headley as co-worker Juanita Harris.

*(Miriam Margolyes) Frannie Escobar, Cuban-American seamstress living on Staten Island in New York City. Other cast were members Tomas Milian as Joseph Escobar, her macho Cuban-born husband; Phoebe Augustine as Olivia and Stivi Paskoski as Eddie, Frannie's grown but screwed up children; Alice Drummond as Rosa Escobar, the crazy mother-in-law; and Taylor Negron, as Armando, an insecure dress designer.

*(Hector Elizondo/costar) Det. Sgt. Dan Delgado, aka the "Bean," an Hispanic plainclothes police officer who worked special assignments for the San Francisco Police Department with his partner, Sgt. Tim "Freebie" Walker.

*(Arlene Taylor/costar) Kamala Consuelo Ricardo, a lower-class Hispanic teenage girl from Los Angles attending the fictional Western Pacific University in Southern California on a financial scholarship. Ashamed of her background, Kamala manufactures an alternate identity of K. C. Richards so she can get in to the Kappa sorority.

**(Rocky Echevarria) Pvt. Ignacio Carmona, Hispanic soldier stationed in Pearl Harbor around the time of the Japanese attack on Hawaii. Actor Rocky Echevarria later changed his name to Steven Bauer.

**(voice of Joe DiMaggio) Bender Bending Rodriguez (Bending Unit 22), a robot living in the year 3000 AD. designed to bend girders. He now works for the Planet Express Delivery Company on the planet earth. Built to bend girders, Bender got fed up with his career and began a new life as part of the Planet Express delivery crew, along with his best friend, Fry. In his free time, he enjoys gambling, cooking, stealing (kleptomania), folk singing, bending, computer dating, and dating computers. His catchphrases are “Kill all humans.” and “Bite My Shiny Metal Ass.” When accused of something Bender will profess "“I was near the scene of another crime at the time, officer.”

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