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L.A. HEAT/SYN/1996
**(Leticia Robles) Maria Vallejo, an Hispanic-American police detective working in Los Angeles.

L.A. LAW/NBC/1986-94
*(Jimmy Smits/costar) Victor Sifuentes, a principled, newly hired, Mexican lawyer (raised in the Barrio) who worked for a high-priced Los Angeles law firm of McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak. Victor was hired to meet the firms racial quota. During the 1992-94 season A. Martinez joined the firm as partner Daniel Morales, the second Hispanic attorney to be hired at the office.

**(Ricardo Guiterrez) Harvey, Hispanic street contact of .357 magnum toting Det. Katy Mahoney, an Irish female version of "Dirty Harry."

*(Benjamin Bratt/costar) Reynaldo "Rey" Curtis, Hispanic (Peruvian on his mother's side) homicide detective working for New York Police Department. He likes computers, and is married with three children. Introduced during the sixth season in 1995, Curtis left the police force to spend time with his wife, who was suffering from multiple sclerosis in the ninth season during 1999.

**(Anacani) Beautiful young Latin-American female singer (sang Spanish language songs) featured on the syndicated version of THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW. She first got an audition to perform for Welk when her mother and her accidentally (on purpose) bumped into him at his Escondido restaurant in the early 1970's. She performed from 1972 until the program ended.

**(Mark Adair Rios) Ramos, brilliant Mexican assistant of Professor Janos Bartok, an eccentric genius living in the Old West of 1876 who created amazing inventions for a dime novelist with the pseudonym Nicodemous Legend.

**(Anthony Munoz) Chico, Hispanic male working for Los Angeles-based Tri-Star Bail Bonds Agency.

**(Eddie Velez) Ricardo Sandoval, an Hispanic TV news anchor of the noon newscast and evening reporter for Los Angeles Channel 3. Wanda De Jesus also appeared as reporter Liz Vega.

**(Lalaine) Miranda Isabella Sanchez, a dark-haired Hispanic best friend of blonde Caucasian teenager, Lizzie McGuire and a boy named David "Gordo" Gordon. They attend North Hills Junior High (later called Hillridge Middle School in District 41) in California and like to chat on-line or talk on the phone. Miranda's on-line name is "MANDER." She got the lead role in Mr. Escobar's play "Greasier" as Rhonda Doppapopoulos but she really can't act. However, when she joined the Glee Club, she could sing just fine. Miranda's view on exercise "Girls' PE totally sucks!" . Daniel R. Escobar plays Mr. Escobar, a teacher at HIllridge Middle School. Miranda's parents were played by Dyana Orteli as Mrs. Sanchez and Armando Molina Miranda's father, Edward Sanchez (originally seen in a series of still photos). Shalim (born in Puerto Rico) plays Miranda's cousin Carlos from Mexico City. Lalaine was born June 3, 1987

**(Lloyd Berrell) Mendoza, a Spanish sailor who interacted with Long John Silver, a British buccaneer who battled the Spanish naval fleets roaming the West Indies of the 1700s.

**(Emilio Delgado) Reuben Castillo, Hispanic reporter working for The Los Angeles Tribune newspaper as the "National Editor" (during the1979-82 season).

**(Charo) April Lopez, a beautiful, often jiggling Spanish singer-guitarist who performed (in a recurring role) on the Pacific Princess, an ocean-going cruise ship traveling to exotic ports worldwide. Charo (who spoke in a thick Castillian accent) also appeared in the role of Aunt Charo on the sitcom CHICO AND THE MAN/NBC/1974-78 (during 1977-78); made guest appearances on THE WACKY WORLD OF JONATHAN WINTERS/SYN/1972-74; and costarred in the ABC comedy pilot CHARO & THE SERGEANT (aired 8/24/76) about a beautiful Spanish entertainer who married a U.S. Marine sergeant. Charo's catchprase is a very animated "Coochi, Coochi."

**(Randy Vasquez) Paolo Kaire, bar manager aboard the Sun Princess cruise liner.

*(Lucie Arnaz) Dr. Jane Lucas, a popular call-in show psychologist on the "Love and Lucas Show" aired on WPLE radio show in New York City. Off the show, Lucas maintained her own private practice and wrote a regular advice column for Gotham Magazine. Lucie Arnaz is the daughter of comedian Lucille Ball and Cuban singer Desi Arnaz.

*(Desi Arnaz/costar) Desi Arnaz, Cuban singer and entertainer who co-hosted this one-hour comedy series with his zany red headed wife Lucille Ball. The program is a continuation of the Lucy and Desi characters as seen on the classic sitcom I LOVE LUCY. The series is also known as THE LUCILLE BALL-DESI ARNAZ SHOW.

**(John Ortiz) Nelson “Margarita” Marquez, flamboyant Hispanic bartender working at a seedy tavern frequented by the series main characters (Georgette and Margot).

**(Miscellaneous Actors) Mexican bandits who attacked settlements along the American border during the 1870s. The program chronicled the story of US 4th Cavalry officer, Colonel Ronald S. Mackenzie (Richard Carlson) who formed a band of raiders under the secret orders from President Grant and General Sheridan to battle these marauders and if necessary pursue them across the Rio Grande into Mexico.

**(Hector Elias) Rollin Espinoza, leader of the All-Divorced Orchestra, a musical group for Madame's Place, a late-night-talk show broadcast from the Hollywood mansion of a puppet celebrity named Madame.

**(Conchata Ferrel) Vangie Cruise, an Hispanic owner of a local San Pedro bar frequented by veteran police detective, Jim McClain.

*(Nestor Serrano/costar) Lt. Natty Navarro, Hispanic police officer who interacted with Dr. Nicholas "Nick" Maloney, a half-Irish and half-Jewish police psychiatrist who prefers cracking wise to quoting Freud.

**(Richard Yniquez) Father Jose Silva, his Hispanic priest who assisted Padre Guardino, an elderly Italian parish priest who was the friend of Mama Renate Malone, an Italian widow of an Irish policeman.

*(Anthony Quinn) Mayor Thomas Jefferson Alcala, a rugged Hispanic-American politician who had been active in the political struggles of a fast growing Southwestern city. The series was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Carmen Zapata appeared as Josefina.

*(J. Victor Lopez) Jimmy, Hispanic crew member aboard the submarine Citation, a submersible vehicle owned by the O.R.F. (Oceanic Research Foundation.

**(Dyana Ortelli) Lupe Ortiz, a beautiful but accident-prone Hispanic cook working for eccentric millionaires and a group of zany servants. Her costumes with colorful head gear and fluffy hooped skirts made her look like Carmen Miranda. Ortelli's real-life son, Humberto played her TV son Elvis Ortiz who was seen running in and out of the mansion. Note: In Spain the series was known as "CASA DE LOCOS."

*(Elena Verdugo/costar) Consuelo Lopez, a caring, loyal nurse of Hispanic descent working for a 62-year-old general practitioner who operated out of a converted house in Santa Monica, California. Dolores Del Rio played Consuelo's mother in an episode in which Mrs. Lopez (Del Rio) was dying of cancer. Note: Elena Verdugo had previously starred on the sitcom MEET MILLIE/CBS/1952-56 where she played a non-Hispanic named Millie Bronson who worked as a Manhattan-based secretary.

**(Wanda de Jesus) Leda Cervantes, an Hispanic-American female correctional officer working in a fictional penitentiary located in the Northeast section of the U.S.A.


**(Teresa Parente) Miranda Vera Cruz de la Jolla Cardenal, a Chicago area broadcaster (from Ecuador) working for Channel 83 and/or WHBZ who always shows up at news events that revolve around the antics of the Bundy family. The Miranda character is credited inconsistently, e.g. Miranda Cardinal, Miranda Veracruz de Cardinale, and Miranda Vera Cruz de la Hoya Cardenal. Miranda first appeared on episode "Business Sucks - Part 1" that aired 10/02/94. Teresa Parente also appeared as Mariana on the short-lived 1994 PBS summer series THE STEVEN BANKS SHOW.

**(Cyndi Cartegena) Angela Perez, an illiterate Hispanic teenager attending Bayview High School in Bayonne, New Jersey. Angela works after school to support the family.

**(Henry Darrow) Lt. Rojas, Hispanic San Francisco police officer who acted as a contact for a mother and daughter private eye team.

**(Terry Ivens) Dr. Elizabeth Vasquez, Hispanic-American first-year resident physican at a Seattle Medical Center. She later died in a car accident caused when she fell asleep at the wheel on her way home from work.

*(Edward James Olmos/costar) Lt. Martin Castillo, a brooding, pock-faced Hispanic police detective who coordinated the movements of the series' star in this stylish Florida based police drama. The beautiful Saundra Santiago also appeared as Det. Gina Navarro Calabrese, an undercover policewoman working narcotics division for Miami Vice. According to her storyline Gina's mother Elena Obregon was a nightclub singer in Cuba and her father was killed in the Cuban Revolution. After a jealous ex-lover named Pedroza (a hatchet man for Castro) shot her mother to death while singing the song "Stormy Weather" on stage, Gina's aunt took her to America. Her mother's fiancé Klaus Hertzog vowed to kill Pedroza. Twenty-six years later he resurfaced in Miami (a Communist agent for West Germany), told Gina how her mother was killed and assisted her in arresting him. When Pedroza pulled his gun to shoot Hertzog, Gina (in the line of duty) killed the man who had murdered her mother. Actress/Singer Saundra Santiago was born in the Bronx in 1957 to a Cuban father and a Puerto Rican mother. Martin Ferrero occasionally appeared as Izzy Moreno.

*(Hector Elizondo/costar) Father 'Poppi" Celero, an Hispanic priest who give advice and council to a group of people who investigate Miracles and the unexplained. Marisa Ramirez costarred as Evelyn Santos, a former police investigator who joins the team. Evelyn has a .38 caliber bullet lodged in her brain. When she travels, she sets off alarms at the airports.

**(Juan Ramirez) Carlos Marrone, Hispanic police office assigned to the Department of Missing Persons in Chicago.

*(Daisy Fuentes) Cuban born cable network personality and Veejay who hosted a variety of programs on the MTV Network in the 1990s. Ms. Fuentes left Cuba for Spain at age of three and came to New Jersey at age 7. Before getting her gig with MTV she was a homecoming queen and TV weatherwoman. In addition to her MTV work she operated a chic health-food restaurant in Manhattan and worked as a model for Revlon. Her trademark sign-off is "Ciaocito, baby". She has appeared on the TV show DAISY FUENTES (1994-95; a soap opera character named Tess on :LOVING in 1992; the host of HOUSE OF STYLE from 1997-98; hostess of AMERICA"S FUNNIEST VIDEOS from 1997-2000; Kenzie Pearson in the TNT detective movie Shutterspeed (2000); and on TAKE 2: LIVING THE MOVIES TV series in 2002 and the host of the 2002 MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT.

**(Wilson Cruz)Enrique “Ricky” Vasquez, a student at Liberty High School in Pittsburgh. He's gay, overly romantic, half-Hispanic, half-Black, left-handed, a Catholic, a good dancer, and loses his voice when he gets nervous. Ricky friends at school included Angela Chase [he's hot for Angela's boyfriend Jordan]; Brian Krakow, a nerdy genius and fellow outcast; and Rayanne Graff, a troubled female student who abuses alcohol and sleeps around. To keep his mind off the fact that he has an abusive uncle [who later kicks Ricky out], Ricky gets involved in such activities as sewing and acting with the school's drama club. After Ricky's family abandoned him [they left town without telling him] he moved in with Mr. Richard Katimski, the new closet-gay English teacher and moderator of the drama club. Ricky first admitted he was gay to yearbook staffer Delia Fisher [she has a crush on Ricky despite his homosexuality].

*(Cheech Marin/costar) Joe Dominguez, a balding, easy-going Mexican-American police detective teamed with a white partner who chases crooks through the streets of San Francisco in a yellow 1970s Barracuda. Joe was married to a Swedish woman named Inger. Stephen Berra played their son J.J. Dominguez. Also featured were Jaime P. Gomez as detective Evan Cortez [later killed in a drug bust gone bad]. Evan fell in love with Nash Bridges daughter, Cassidy.

*(Benjamin Bratt/costar) Eduardo Cruz, a maverick Latino policeman and one of five drug agents known as the "Nasty Boys" working undercover in Las Vegas. Benjamin Bratt studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

**(Henry Darrow) Alex Montenez, Hispanic stage manager for a Arizona-based daytime soap opera "Those Who Care" starring Dick Preston as Brad Fairmont. Also featured were Chita Rivera as Connie Richards, the Preston's next-door neighbor; and Carmen Zapata as the Preston's maid.

*(Bernard White/costar) Carl Molina, an Hispanic plainclothes detective working for the Los Angeles Police Department. Molina (who didn't speak Spanish) was teamed with a white partner (who did speak Spanish).

**(Liz Torres) Maria, Hispanic friend of fussy photographer Felix Unger and sloppy sportswriter Oscar Madison on this Black cast remake of the THE ODD COUPLE.

*(Michael DeLorenzo/costar) Detective Eddie Torres, a street-smart Puerto-Rican policeman based at New York City's Fourth Precinct. In the Fall of 1995, Lauren Velez joined the cast as Detective Nina Moreno. Moreno's father, a native of Puerto Rico served 13 years with the NYPD.

**(Roxann Biggs) Yolanda "Yolo" Puente, a token Latino student nurse working at the Wilshire Community Hospital in Los Angeles.

*(Robert Loggia) Elfego Baca, a peace-loving frontier sheriff of Mexican descent (later turned lawyer) who lived in Socorro County, New Mexico in the 1880s. Elfego chose compromise over fighting, and avoided wearing firearms if he could solve a confrontation amicably. The program was produced under the "Frontierland" banner of WALT DISNEY PRESENTS/ABC/1954-61. Also featured were Leonard Strong as Zangano; Valerie Allen as Lucita; and Ramon Navarro as Don Estevan.

9 TO 5/ABC/1982-83
*(Rita Moreno/costar) Violet [née Fernandez] Newstead, a fiery Latin, single widowed mother who works as a Section supervisor 12 years] for Consolidated Industries in Cleveland, Ohio. Tony Latorra played Violet's 12-year-old son, Tommy. Violet lives at 36 Fallon Avenue. To supplement her income, Violet sells sexy lingerie called "Loverware."

**(Ian Gomez) Danny Sanchez, Hispanic friend of Norm McDonald, an ex-hockey player living in New York City. Both Danny and Norm are Social Services Workers. Routinely, Danny has to help a clients with a variety of problems ranging from phobias about water to extremely hairy clients. Other times, he helped orphans find new parents and once he was even attacked by a monkey. Once, Danny got thrown in jail while trying to help Norm with his gambling problem. Danny's love interest was a beautiful coworker named Taylor. When Taylor left Danny, he dated an other women but then dressed her up to look like Taylor. While Danny tried to get over Taylor, he found out that he was related to Hitler. Danny later finds romance with a coworker named Shelley. But when Taylor returns and reveals she is still in love with Danny, Danny suggests that Shelley and Taylor date him at the same time. The plan backfired leaving Danny alone. Jack Warden played Danny's neglectful father, Harry Sanchez. A few months later Harry died.

*(Geraldo Rivera) Geraldo Rivera, a Puerto Rican/Jewish journalist hosted this interview program that focused on the expose' format.

NUMBER 96/NBC/1980-81
**(Maria O'Brien) Ginny Ramirez, a Puerto Rican comic sharing an apartment with an aspiring actress in a Southern California apartment complex.

*(Ada Maris/costar) Gina Cuevas, a Latin American immigrant working as a nurse at Miami Community Medical Center with other "underpaid, overworked, under appreciated" medical workers. Gina would often relate or compare stories about social habits in her "country." Carlos LeCamara also appeared as Paco Ortiz, a gossipy orderly.

N.Y.P.D. BLUE/ABC/1993-2005
**(Jimmy Smits) Bobby Simone, Hispanic police detective working at the 15th precinct in New York City [episodes 27-115]. His mixed heritage was revealed when he invited his Polish partner Andy Sipowicz to “kiss my French-Portuguese ass.” Bobby liked to go wander though antique shops and raise pigeons. He later died from a bad heart during the 1998-1999 season. Bobby left behind the love of his life, Det. Diane Russell. Jimmy Smits had previously played Mexican-American lawyer Victor Sifuentes (1986-1991) on the law drama L.A. LAW/NBC/1986-94. Also on hand was James Leo Martinez (Nicholas Turturro), a young Hispanic police detective working out of the 15th Precinct from episodes 1 - 138. Beginning on episode 168+ Esai Morales starred as Lt. Tony Rodriguez who replaced black Lt. Arthur Fancy.

**(Richard Yniguez) Lt. Jessie Guerrera, an Hispanic Los Angeles police detective working with a Japanese police detective named Ohara whose martial arts skills helped both of them out on occasion. Rachel Ticotin played Assistant D.A. Teresa Storm in the second season.

*(Jose Perez) Hector Fuentes, a wisecracking, convicted petty thief imprisoned with a variety of felons at the Minimum Security Prison at Alamesa, California.

**(Henry Darrow) Ramon Robledo, Hispanic judge based at 100 Center Street. The series was a a half-hour comedy pilot project.

*(Maria Conchita Alonso/costar) Maria Conchita Navarro, an independent, motorcycle-riding, Cuban/Venezuelan female who left her rich family to come to America. Starting as a waitress, she later landed a job at the Lukowski Construction Co. as bookkeeper and eventually fell in love and married owner Mike Lukowski, a widower with three son. Amy Aquino appeared as Bernice DeSalvo, Maria's best friend.

ONE WORLD/NBC/1998-2001
**(Alisa Reyes) Marci, Cuban-born teenager adopted into a multi-racial family supervised by Caucasian Dave Blake and his wife, Karen. Marci is an entrepreneur and determined to live out her own “rags to riches” dream. Born and raised in New York City, actress Alisa Reyes is best known for her role on Nickelodeon’s ALL THAT.

**(Jesse Dizon) Ramon Gallardo, a naval cook working onboard the WWII USS Sea Tiger. Ramon was an unauthorized crew member, born on the Island of Kusing, who later in the series was officially given the rank of Seaman.

*(Alfonso Ribiero) Willie, a 12-year-old Puerto Rican boy who lives in New York's Spanish Harlem. This program (one of PBS's first Latino series) was a seven-part half-hour dramatic series. Also featured was Fernando Lopez. Actor Alfonso Ribeiro is a New York City native who began his acting career at age 8 on the PBS drama series "Oye Willie." His other television credits include "Silver Spoons," "Magnum P.I.," "Fresh Prince of Bel Ai,r" "Circus of the Stars," "The Andy Williams Christmas Special" and "Star Cruise," plus a starring role in the television movie "Mr. Foster's Field Trip." Ribiero is also an accomplished dancer who performed with Michael Jackson in a Pepsi commercial and created the leading role of Willie in the original cast of the 1984 Broadway hit musical "Tap Dance Kid."

**(David Zayas) Enrique Morales, Hispanic prisoner (#00M871) at the experimental unit known as the "Emerald City" at the Oswald State Penitentiary (a.k.a. "OZ")..Enrique was convicted March 6, 2000 for murder in the second degree. His sentence: 25 years - up for parole in 15. Other members of the Latinos gang included Kirk Acevedo as Miguel Alvarez (#97A413) - Convicted February 3, 1997 for assault with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief in the second degree. His sentence:15 years. Sentence extended after committing murder in the first degree while in Oz. Parole Chances revoked; Luiz Guzman as Raoul "El Cid" Hernandez (#98H498), convicted of murder in the second degree. His sentence 36 years. Up for parole in 20; Otto Sanchez as Carmen "Chico" Guerra, (#96G922) was convicted June 6, 1996 of murder in the first degree. His sentence: 53 years, up for parole in 17. Also appearing were Judy Reyes as Tina Rivera, the Latino wife of a prison guard who got his eyes gouged out; RIta Moreno as Sister Peter Marie Reimondo and Lauren Velez as Dr. Gloria Nathan.

**(Mario Lopez) Bobby Cruz, a Mexican-American security guard (introduced during 1998 season)who teams with a group of Southern California beach patrol bike cops to snare a drug dealer and later joins the group as a police officer. Earlier during the 1996-98 season Marcos A. Ferraez appeared as Officer Victor Del Toro. His mother raised Victor alone while living in Santa Fe. To potty train her son, she gave him a nickel each time he successfully did his duty.

*(Cesar Romero) Steve McQuinn, a debonair diplomatic courier who delivered top secret messages to U.S. embassies from Rome to Rangoon.

**(Rick Batalla) Bellhop, a bumbling Hispanic bellhop working at the Whispering Pines hotel along the California coast. The character was based on a bellhop from Spain (Barcelona) seen on the BBC produced series FAWLTY TOWERS.

**(Animated Cartoon) El Hombre, a bearded Hispanic cartoon hero who helped the weak and defenseless and spoke only in Spanish. He wore a tee-shirt and a bandana wrapped around his head. Also featured was Jimmy Smits as an Hispanic electrician who repaired Pee Wee's robot named Conky.

**(Israel Jurabe) Corporal Martinez, Marine Fighter pilot stationed at the famed Naval air station in Pensacola, Florida. Martinez quick wit provides colorful anecdotes for any situation. His living quarters was home to his many pets.

**(Diana-Maria Riva) Patricia., the Latino office assistant for a divorced lawyer name Kathleen McQuire based in the city of Philadelphia.

**(Liz Torres) Julie Erskine, the Hispanic owner of Erskine Commercial Photography Studio Studio based in the city of San Francisco

*(Costas Mandylor/costar) Alphonse Royo, Hispanic ex-con recruited by FBI experimental unit that uses streetwise felons to bring down criminals in high-risk undercover scams.

*(Hector Elizondo) Abraham "Popi" Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican handyman and widower who struggled to raise his two sons in the hustle and bustle of New York's Spanish Harlem. Other featured were Anthony Perez as Junior Rodiguez, the older son; Dennis Vasquez as Luis Rodriguez, the younger son; Edith Diaz as Lupe, Popi's love interest; and Lou Criscuolo as Mr. Maggio. The series was based on the 1969 motion picture of the same name starring Alan Arkin.

**(Tamara Mello) Lily Esposito, a student at Kennedy High School. She is Hispanic, lives alone with her mother, is a vegetarian and works at Mr. Cluck's after school. Lily [a real cutey] and her friends school reporter Samantha McPherson and Carmen Ferrara are part of the "unpopular" crowd in school.

*(Mariska Hargitay/costar) Nina Echeverria, a single Latino mom working for an elite NYPD Intelligence Squad of undercover detectives headquartered behind a print shop on Prince Street in the Soho section of New York City. The series was inspired by a real team of policemen that started up in 1971 and operated for twenty years.

**(A. Martinez) Nick Cooper, Hispanic Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent (explosives expert) working for a group of Atlanta-based FBI serial profilers. For a time, Nick was the love interest of a near clairvoyant forensic psychologist named Samantha Waters. Nick first joined forces with the VCTF (Violent Crimes Task Force) on a case involving a bomber who was threatening to blow up a power plant in Pittsburgh. He was later retained as a consultant with the VCTF. Also featured was Roma Maffia as Dr. Grace Alvarez, a Forensic Criminalist and Pathologist assigned to the VCTF.

**(Samaria Graham) Elizabeth "Izzy" Nunez, an outspoken Hispanic nurse-practitioner working for Doctor Sidney Hansen (Melina Kanakaredes). Izzy is Syd's loyal and responsible right-hand in the emergency room.

QUE PASA, U.S.A.?/PBS/1975
*Set in Little Havana, this 30-minute bi-lingual comedy series was the first national Hispanic situation comedy/drama series written, directed, produced and starring Cuban Americans. The series was aimed at Anglo and Hispanic teenagers and their families. The thirty nine episodes depicted the lives of three generations (grandparents, parents and teenagers) of an urban American family with the expressed goal of fostering mutual understanding and appreciation between both ethnic groups. The title translated into English as "What's Happening, America?" Cast members included Velia Martinez, Luis Oquendo, Ana Margarita Mendez, Rocky Echevarria (a.k.a. Steven Bauer) and Manolo Villaverde.

*(Tessie Santiago) Maria Theresa "Tessa" Alvarado, a Spanish aristocrat who returns to California in 1817 after many years of living in Spain to claim her family's birthright and learns that the land is being ruled by an iron-fisted military dictator, since her father's suspicious death from a fall from a horse.. In the tradition of Zorro, Tessa dons a black fencing clothes and mask made from a piece of her mother's lace shawl to become The Queen of Swords, an avenger for the downtrodden who uses her sword and whip to battle the local tyrants. Other cast featured were Paulina Gálvez as Marta, Tessa's gypsy governess and confidante with mystical powers; Tacho González as Don Gaspar Hidalgo; Anthony Lemke as Captain Marcus Grisham; Elsa Pataky as Senora Vera Hidalgo; Valentine Pelka as Colonel Luís Montoya; Grant Russell as Tessa's Uncle Alejandro and .Oliver Haden as Marta's long-lost love, Leonardo. About her role in the series, Santiago once said in an interview, "I'm really proud of this part. I play not just a strong, intelligent woman, but a strong, intelligent Latin woman." The series was produced by Fireworks Entertainment.

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