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THE AGENCY/CBS/2001-2003
**(Jason O'Mara) A.B. Stiles, field agent and advisor for the Central Intelligence Agency. Stiles travels the globe investigating terrorist activities inside and outside of the United States. Stiles is half Irish (on his mother's side)

**(Jean Bruce Scott) Caitlin O'Shaughnessy, a helicopter pilot of Irish descent who worked for Santini Air and helped fly a super-secret helicopter known as Airwolf.

*(Lee Tracy) John J. Malone, an Irish criminal defense attorney working in Chicago. The series was based on the1948 radio program.

*(Glenn Quinn/costar) Doyle, Irish male living in Los Angeles who assists the series title character (Angelus, a.k.a. Angel - also Irish) battle vampires and other demons. Doyle is sort of Angel’s spiritual mentor, an Irish guardian angel who gets psychic premonitions of people in danger. Both Doyle and Angel, however, are demonically possessed but they fight their evil side while protecting the innocent. Doyle died sacrificing his life to save others. He passed on his ability to see "visions" to colleague, Cordelia Chase. The series is a spin-off of the cult hit Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. Glenn Quinn moved to the States from his home town of Dublin, Ireland at the age of nineteen. He swallowed his Irish accent to star as Mark Healy, Becky’s boyfriend on the third through ninth season of the sitcom ROSEANNE/ABC/1988-97.

*(Stephen Tompkinson) Father Peter Clifford, Catholic priest assigned to the town of Ballykissangel in Ireland. Other cast included Dervla Kirwan as Assumpta Fitzgerald; Tony Doyle as Brian Quigley; Niall Toibin as Father MacAnally; and Tina Kellegher as Niamh Quigley. The series was filmed in Avoca in Co. Wicklow.

**(Staford Repp) Chief O'Hara, Gotham City policeman with an Irish brogue who interacted with the crime fighting duo of Batman and Robin. When Chief O'Hara discovered some diabolical villain was on the loose he'd cry "Saint's Preserve Us!"

*(Elizabeth Perkins) Captain Madeleine Dunleavy, ambitious precinct commander of Irish heritage in charge of all the detectives in Battery Park Division in New York City. Madeleine has her eyes on the Mayor’s office and will do what it takes to climb to the top of the city’s political ladder. Perkins was born in Queens, New York, raised in Vermont and attended Chicago’s prestigious Goodman School of Drama. Justin Louis also appeared as Ben Nolin, an Irish-American police detective working second-in command in the Battery Park. His father was a cop, his brother was a cop. And so Ben carried on the family tradition. Louis was born in Terceira, off the coast of Portugal, on the Azores Islands.

*(Stephen Elliott) Benjamin Lassiter, wealthy Irish businessman living in Boston's Beacon Hill section in the 1920s with his family and a group of Irish immigrants who worked in his home. Other cast included Nancy Marchand as Mary Lassiter, Benjamin’s wife; David Dukes as Robert Lassiter, who lost an arm in the First World War; Kitty Wynn as Rosamond Lassiter; Kathryn Walker as Fawn Lassiter; the family's non-conformist daughter.

*(Derek Cecil/costar) Mike Dorigan, beat cop of Irish descent working with partner Zane Martinelli in New York’s 12 Precinct. Mike is engaged to be married and appears as straight as he is narrow.

*(Robert Reed) Mike Brady, widowed architect of Irish descent with three boys who married a woman with three girls. Also featured was Ann B. Davis as Alice Nelson, their live-in housekeeper.

*(Meredith Baxter/costar) Bridget Theresa Mary Coleen Fitzgerald Steinberg, a beautiful, blonde Irish-American Catholic girl who married (not without protest) an aspiring Jewish-American writer, Bernie Steinberg. Living in a small New York City apartment over a delicatessen owned by Bernie's parents, the newlyweds struggled on the salaries from her elementary school teaching position and his taxi-cab job. Audra Lindley and David Doyle appeared as Bridget's parents Amy and Walt Fitzgerald, Bridget's wealthy parents. The series concept was based on the 1920's hit Broadway play "Abie's Irish Rose."

*(Joe Tenney/costar) Patrol Sergeant Francis X. Donovan, Irish-American uniformed police officer assigned to the 74th precinct in Brooklyn, New York. Also on the beat were Dylan Walsh as Officer Jimmy Doyle and Patrick McGaw as his brother, Terry Doyle, a police officer wanna-be.

*(Sharon Gless/costar) Det. Christine Cagney, plainclothes policewoman of Irish descent who worked with her partner Det. Mary Beth Lacey amidst the concrete canyons of New York City (Manhattan). Christine's alcoholic father, Charlie Cagney (Dick O'Neill) was a former N.Y.P.D. policeman who enjoyed telling her stories about how it was when he was on the force. Christine later developed a drinking problem of her own.

*(Adam Kennedy) Dion Patrick, an Irish immigrant headed for the Gold Rush in the 1850s who decided to become a crusading newspaper reporter in San Francisco. His friends included Herbert Rudley as newspaper editor Sam Brennan; Sean McClory as storekeeper Jack McGivern; and Nan Leslie as Mrs. Martha McGivern.

*(Paul Birch/costar) Mike "Cannonball" Malone, Irish long-distance truck driver for the International Transport Trucking Company who road America's highways with his partner, Jerry Austin.

CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?/NBC/1961-63
*(Fred Gwynne/costar) Francis Muldoon, a New York Police officer of Irish descent who rode a patrol car with his partner Officer Gunther Toody (Joe E. Ross). Also featured were Jim Gormley as Officer Nelson; and Albert Hendeson as Officer O'Hara.

*(Lea Thompson) Caroline Duffy, a Wisconsin born artist and greeting card designer of Irish descent who produced the comic strip “Caroline In The City” from her downtown TriBeCa apartment (2A). Also featured were Eric Lutes as Del Cassidy, a greeting card company executive and Caroline's on/off love interest. Amy Pietz appeared as Annie Spidara, Caroline's Italian-American actor friend.

*(Christine Ebersole) Kit Cavanaugh, a thrice married redheaded Las Vegas showgirl and actress who returned to South Boston to live with her Irish-American family. Her family included Barnard Hughes as her crusty father Francis Cavanaugh, aka "Pop"; Peter Michael Goetz as Chuck, her widower brother; Mary Tanner as Chuck's daughter, Mary Margaret; Danny Cooksey and Parker Jacobs as Chuck's twin boys, Kevin and John; and John Short as Father Chuck, Jr., the eldest, a Jesuit priest and film critic. Art Carney guest starred as Pop's infamous brother, James Cavanaugh, aka "The Weasel".

*(Ted Danson) Sam Malone, a bartender and owner of Cheers, a local pub “where everybody knows your name.” Sam is reformed alcoholic, a lothario, and was once married and divorced. He earned the nickname “MayDay Malone” when he played for the Red Sox baseball team as a relief pitcher. Sam dated numerous women from stewardesses to models and had a steamy on and off relationship with Diane Chambers, one of the waitresses at Cheers. He later tried to bed Rebecca Howe, the new manager of Cheers when Sam sold his bar to a corporation. All the while, Sam had a drinking problem and the carried the bottle cap was from the last bottle of beer he ever had to drink. As Sam told Cheers waitress Diane Chambers one night at closing time "That little bottle cap keeps me from drinking. When I was tempted to drink I'd look at that bottle cap and it would stop me. I remember holding onto that bottle cap during some pretty rough nights. I'd wake up in the morning and it was flat, I was squeezing it so tight." Once Sam let another baseball player [Rick Walker] borrow his lucky charm to help him out of his losing slump. While the cap was out of Sam's care, he became clumsy and lost his edge. When Sam discovered the cap was lost in Kansas City, he got angry and grabbed a bottle of beer with a real urge to drink. But instead he took the cap off the bottle, poured its contents into a heavy mug and faced down the foaming golden brew. He then took the new bottle cap as a replacement for his lost talisman. Sam's father originally came from County Cork, Ireland.

*(Lynn Redgrave/costar) Maddie Peerce, an Irish Catholic divorcee and social worker who was the love interest of short Jewish man. Brandon Maggart played Maddie's stubborn brother Michael Donovan, who was not pleased with his sister's choice in boyfriends. Maddie's children were Katherine Erbe as Patricia; Johnny Pinto as Donnie; and Alisan Porter as Molly.

*(Dana Delany) Colleen McMurphy, an Irish-Catholic war-weary nurse (born in Lawrence, Kansas) stationed at 510th Evac Hospital, 63rd Division in China Beach, the U.S. Armed Forces R&R facility in Da Nang, Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War in the late 1960s. While in Nam she fell in love with the married Dr. Dick, but their love was never to be. Colleen served in Nam for two years from 1967 to 1969. She once commented "I couldn't save them all, but I saved some. I mattered. We all did." In 1970 she returned home to work as a nurse. Then in 1975 she hit the road in a car to escape her memories of the past. Later she settles down as a hospital administrator in Portland, Oregon and in 1985 married an architect and has a child named Maggie. Also featured were Penny Fuller as Colleen's mother, Margaret Mary McMurphy; Donald Moffatt as Colleen's father, Brian; John Laughlin as Colleen's brother, Brenden; and Harold Russell as Colleen's uncle, Conal.

*(Dan Duryea) China Smith, an American con artist, soldier of fortune and sometimes private detective based in Singapore who traveled the orient in search of intrigue and enchanted the ladies with his lilting Irish brogue.

*(Charles Durning) Frank Murphy, an overweight Irish-American New York City cop with an asthmatic condition who became the guardian of a streetwise black youth whom he tried to reform. Patsy Kelly played Mrs. Brigid Murphy, Frank's mother.

*(Sue Costello) Sue Murphy, a big-mouth, blue-collar Irish-Catholic barmaid living in South Boston with her friends and family. Also featured were Dan Lauria as Spud Murphy; Chuck Walczak as Jimmy Murphy; Kerry O'Malley as Trish Donnelly; and Jenny O'Hara as Lottie.

*(Jill Hennessy) Dr. Jordon Cavanaugh, a forensic pathologist. She is single, Irish- Catholic, and passionate about her work as a medical examiner at the Boston Coroner’s Office. She reports to Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Garrett Macy, who often overlooks Jordon’s insubordination because she is so good at her job. To solve a crime, Jordon first analyzed the forensic evidence (body, trauma, wounds, etc) but then she begins a role-playing mind game that her policeman father taught her. She puts her self in the place of the victim and imagines the last minutes of their life with their attacker. By using the hard evidence found at the crime and a reasoned examination of the facts, Jordon discovers the truth behind assorted crimes. Jordon’s family included her father Max, a retired cop who now runs a local tavern; and Jordon’s mother [who was murdered mysteriously when Jordon was a young girl].

**(Grant Woods) Captain Miles Keogh, a witty Irish soldier stationed with the 7th Calvary under the command of George Custer in years following the Civil War.

**(Donnelly Rhodes) Leo Shannon, police detective of Irish descent who interacted with former cop turned coroner Dominic Da Vinci in the city of Vancouver. Other Irish characters included Robert Wisden as Chief Coroner James Flynn; Ian Tracey as Detective Mick Leary; and Max Martini as Danny Leary.

*(Marjorie Lord) Kathy Williams, the fiery redheaded Irish second wife of Lebanese-American nightclub singer, Danny Williams. Kathy's husband nicknamed her "Clancey". Angela Cartwright appeared as Linda Williams, Kathy's daughter from a former marriage. Kathy's maiden name was Kathleen Daly. Also featured were William Demarest as Kathy's father, Mr. Daly.

*(Dave Allen) Dave Allen, Irish comedian who hosted a comedy-variety program where he and a group of regulars performed in short skits. The highlight of the show was Dave Allen sitting comfortably on stage with cigarette and drink in hand telling the kind of humorous tales (on politics, religion, sex etc.) that one might hear in a neighborhood pub.

*(James Gregory) Nick Hannigan, Irish owner and operator of the Los Angeles-based Hannigan Detective School and Agency.

*(Donald O'Connor) Donald O'Connor, Irish-American singer-dancer who hosted this filmed half-hour musical variety program. O'Connor had also earlier hosted THE COLGATE COMEDY HOUR?NBC/1950-55 and returned in the 1960s to host the syndicated talk show THE DONALD O'CONNOR SHOW/SYN/1968.

**(Christa Miller) Kate O'Brien, bad-tempered Irish-American who lives in Cleveland Ohio and works for Winfred-Louder Department Store in the cosmetics department. When Kate planned on getting married to friend Oswald Harvey, she received a wedding present from her uncle who lived in Dublin, Ireland.

*(Forrest Tucker) Mr. Callahan, bumbling Irish wagon master who gets separated from the main wagon train and stumbles about the western frontier of the 1880s with a small party of travelers trying to get to California.

*(Dean Jones) Ensign O'Toole, junior officer of Irish descent stationed aboard the U.S. Navy destroyer Appleby in the peacetime South Pacific. Jay C. Flippen costarred as Chief Petty Officer Homer Nelson. The series was based on the books All the Ships at Sea and Ensign O'Toole and Me written by Bill Lederer.

*(Ken Olin) Det. Cameron Quinn, Irish-American cop who goes undercover to reveal his partner’s killer. Also featured were R. D. Call as Michael “Fivers“ Dugan; Debrah Farentino as Theresa Conners; John Finn as Captain Geary; Richard Portnow as Mickey Kinnear; Sarah Trigger as Elli Rooney; Jason Gedrick as Danny Rooney, an innocent ex-con who went to jail for three years for a crime committed by an Italian mob boss.

F TROOP/ABC/1965-67
*(Forrest Tucker) Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke, a smooth talking, scheming con-artist with a lilting Irish brogue stationed at Fort Courage, a remote outpost in the Kansas/Missouri Territory in the days following the Civil War. O'Rourke ran illegal trading post operations [O’Rourke Enterprises] with the assistance of his dimwitted sidekick, Corporal Randolph Agarn. On episode "Did Your Father Come from Ireland?" O'Rourke's visiting father turns the town into Little Ireland while the Sergeant is on vacation.

*(Meredith Baxter) Flynn Sullivan, a divorced, blond-haired, idealistic Irish-American vice-principal working at Hamilton Middle School. Her day-to-day duties are to interact with her fellow staff and teachers who hang in the faculty lounge and to contend with Mr. Herbert Adams, the school's clueless principal. Flynn's 18 year-old daughter Julie is away at college.

*(Dan Dailey/costar) Frank Faraday, falsely accused and imprisoned for 28 years in a Caribbean prison, this former Irish detective escapes his confinement and returns to Los Angles to resume his career as a private eye with his now grown son, Steve (played by James Naughton).

**(Scott Foley) Noel Crane, resident advisor of 17-year-old Felicity Porter attending New York University. Noel’s Irish heritage is revealed when he says “I know if there was a scholarship for white, Irish-Catholic kids with preppy clothes and web pages, I’d grab it.”

*(Bob Sweeney) Fibber McGee, absent-minded Irishman with a penchant for amateur inventions and over-exaggeration who lived with his levelheaded wife, Molly (Cathy Lewis) at 79 Wistful Vista. The running gag on the show was McGee's overstuffed hall closet. Every time he opened it, a shower of clutter rained down on him prompting McGee to say "Once of these days, I got clean out that closet." The series originated on radio from 1935-57 and starred Jim Jordan and his wife, Marian Jordan as the original Fibber McGee and Molly.

*(Brian Dennehy) Mr. "Pa" Fitzgerald, a loud but lovable retired Irish-American firefighter and widower who now shares his home with his grown children who one by one returned home. The Fitzgerald clan included Justin Louis as Jim Fitzgerald, a gym teacher; Connie Britton as his wife, Sophie and Abigail Mavity as their 6-year-old daughter, Marie; Jon Patrick Walker as Patrick Fitzgerald, a burnt out Wall Street whiz who recently broken up with his live-in girlfriend of three years and quit his job; and Chris Moynihan as Terry Fitzgerald, a layabout bartender [who actually lives outside the Fitzgerald household]. The Fighting Fitzgeralds was produced by Irish Twins Production / Mauretania Productions / NBC Studios, in association with Artists television Group.

*(Bert Kramer) Mike Fitzpatrick, a over-worked steelworker and patriarch of a middle-class Irish-Catholic family living in town of Flint, Michigan. The family included Mariclare Costello as his wife, Maggie who worked part-time as a waitress to supplement the family income; Michele Tobin as daughter Maureen "Mo" (14); and Clark Brandon, James Vincent McNichol, and Sean Marshall as his son's Sean (16), Jack (15) and Max (10). The family dog was named Detroit. Helen appeared as Kerry Gerardi, a cute Italian-American neighbor girl who was interested in the two older Fitzpatrick boys.

*(Margaret Colin) Alex Harrigan, Irish-American Assistant District Attorney working at Foley Square in downtown Manhattan.

*(John Savage) Jim Malloy, cub reporter of Irish descent who worked for the Gibbsville Courier in a small Pennsylvania town of Gibbsville. Also featured were Biff McQuire as Jim's father, Dr. Malloy ; and Peggy McCay as his mother Mrs. Malloy. The series was based on stories and characters taken from the writings of John O'Hara.

*(Bob Denver) Willy Gilligan, First Mate of the charter boat Minnow who was shipwrecked on a tropical island with six other castaways.

*(George Carlin) George O'Grady, a philosophizing Irish-American cab driver with a ponytail and a sarcastic attitude who hung out at Moylan's Tavern in New York City. Also featured was Jack O'Donahue as Jack, the slow-witted bartender; and Michael G, Hagerty as Frank MacNamara, a beer-bellied regular at the bar.

*(Gene Kelly) Father Chuck O'Malley, young, progressive Irish priest assigned to a lower-class New York City parish to assist its elderly, traditional set-in-his-ways pastor, Father Fitzgibbon (played by Leo. G. Carroll). The series was based on the 1944 movie Going My Way starring Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald; and its 1945 sequel The Bells of St. Mary.

*(Pablo Santos/costar) David Tiant, a quick-witted 15-year-old who faces the challenge of growing up in an ethnically-mixed family in Tucson, Arizona. David's father Jacquin (Julio Oscar Mechosa) is a pragmatic Mexican-American who recently got promoted and moved to a bigger house in a nicer upper-middle class neighborhood. (The Tiants' last house had bars on the windows and was subject to frequent police helicopter flyovers). David's red-haired mother, Elizabeth (Rebecca Creskoff) is a fiercely proud Irish Catholic who is devoted to her children. The rest of the family consists of Aimee Garcia as his older sister, Maria, a bitchy cheerleader (she rejects her Mexican heritage and tells people she is Spanish); Jacob Vargas as David's colorful, live-in Uncle Ernesto who works as an animal control officer and has three ex-wives and a young son named Daniel (Bobby Chavez) and Lupe Ontiveros as David's hip, free-spirited, rule-breaking grandmother, Magdalena. Sara Paxton plays pretty blonde teenager, Sara Tobin, the next-door neighbor on whom David has a crush. Produced by Big Ticket Television, a division of Paramount Television Production, this autobiographical comedy series is based on the life of the show's creator Peter Murrieta.

*(Joanna Kerns) Margaret "Maggie" Malone, an Irish-American researcher for Newsweek, journalist for Long Island Daily Herald turned TV reporter for Channel 19 News in New York City (and later "Maggie Malone, Consumer Watchdog" column for the Long Island Sentinel. Maggie married Jason Seaver, a psychologist and had four children Michael "Mike" Aaron Seaver (Kirk Cameron), Carol Ann Seaver (Tracey Gold), Benjamin "Ben" Hubert Humphrey Seaver (Jeremy Miller); and Ashley Johnson as Chrissy Seaver. Maggie won the 1989 "Working Mother of the Year" award. Also featured were Gordon Jump as Maggie's father, Ed Malone; and Betty McGuire as his wife Kate.

*(Barry Van Dyke) Russell Donovan, frontier gambler of Irish decent who wandered into the small California town of Quake City and won two young children in a card game. The series was based on the Walt Disney films The Apple Dumpling Gang and The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again starring Bill Bixby as Donovan.

**(Victoria Jackson/costar) Annie O'Hara, the office secretary at a Beverly Hills Patrol, a security agency that hired a diminutive investigator named Rocky Nelson.

*(Pat O'Brien) James Harrigan, Sr., a veteran criminal attorney of Irish descent who hired his recently Harvard educated son James, Jr. (Roger Perry) as a junior partner in the firm.

*(Jack Lord) Steve McGarrett, Irish-American policeman who headed Five-O, a special division of Hawaiian State Police.

*(Robert Ginty/costar) Mac Riley, a Chicago police detective of Irish descent who relocates to Hawaii with his polish partner Andy Senkowski and eventually become undercover cops for Major Taro Oshira of the Oahu Police Department.

*(Robert Desiderio) Wes Kennedy, a Los Angeles Police Department detective of Irish descent who struggled daily with his job responsibilities, his recent death of his wife. Also featured were Christina Applegate and Jonathan Ward as Wes's two teenage children Robin and Kevin; and Irene Ferris, as Wes's wife (as seen in flashbacks).

*(Jackie Cooper) Lt. Charles J. "Chick" Hennesey, a medical officer of Irish decent who was assigned to the San Diego Naval Base in California.

*(Mickey Rooney) Mickey Mulligan, a TV studio page (and aspiring actor) working at International Broadcasting Company. Also featured were Regis Toomey as Mickey's father, Joe Mulligan; and Claire Carleton as Nell Mulligan, Mickey's mother, a former burlesque queen.

*( Jack Scalia/costar) Det. Nick McCarren, an Irish-American Los Angeles Police Department working undercover in Hollywood with Italian partner, Jack Rado.

*(Fionnula Flanagan/costar) Aunt Molly Culhane, Kate Macahan's Irish widowed sister living in Boston. After Kate is killed, Molly traveled West and adopted their family who included Bruce Boxleitner as Luke Macahan; Kathryn Holcomb as Laura Macahan; William Kirby Cullen as Josh Macahan; and Vicki Schreck as Jessie Macahan. Also on hand was James Arness as Uncle Zeb Macahan, a towering mountain man who led Molly and his relatives in search of a new life/homestead in the Old West at the beginning of the 1860s. The series was based loosely on the movie How The West Was Won (1963) directed by John Ford.

*Thirteen part documentary series on the history of Ireland. The program was written and narrated by Robert Kee.

IRISH R.M./C-4/1983-85
*(Bryan Murray/costar) Flurry, an Irish landlord living in the westlands of Ireland during the year 1900 who rents a country home to Major Sinclair Yeates, a retired British Army officer who took up residence as the local resident magistrate (Justice of the Peace/legal arbiter). Also featured were Lise-Ann McLaughlin as Sally; and Beryl Reid as Mrs. Knox. The series was based on the book Some Experiments of an Irish R. M. written in 1899 by Irish cousins Edith Somerville and Martin Ross (a.k.a. Violet Florence Martin).

*(Will Millar) Will Millar, Irish folk singer who appeared with the folk singing group The Irish Rovers in this Canadian produced musical series.

**(Gordon Jones) Jim "Shipwreck" Callahan, an Irishman living on the island of Ambowina off the coast of Sumatra. He served aboard the destroyer USS Houston during World War II but soon settled down to island life. Jim is the proud owner of Shipwreck Callahan's American Bar. Also featured were William Reynolds as Sandor Wade and James Philbrook as Zachary Malloy, two local seaplane pilots for Lato Airlines who frequented the American Bar on the down time.

**(Dennis Day) Dennis Day, a dim-witted and underpaid Irish Tenor whose singing was highlighted on this comedy program. Later on THE RCA VICTOR SHOW/1951-54 Dennis Day reprised his role as a young singer who at the encouragement of his boisterous mother (Verna Felton) tried to make a career of his own.

*(Jackie Gleason) Jackie Gleason, Irish-American comedian, actor, entertainer who starred in this popular comedy variety program for nearly two decades. Other cast included Art Carney; Sheila MacRae. During the sketch "Joe The Bartender" a never seen or heard [but acknowledged] customer named Mr. Dunahee would push his way through the bar's swinging doors where he always found Joe the bartender singing the tune of "My Gal Sal."

JFK: RECKLESS YOUTH/1993 (Miniseries)
*(Patrick Dempsey) John F. Kennedy, the Irish-American son of businessman Joseph P. Kennedy (played by Terry Kinney). The miniseries chronicles the early life and indiscretions of John Fitzgerald Kennedy who would be one day be the President of the United States of America. Cast includes Loren Dean as Joe Kennedy, Jr., Robin Tunney as Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy, Malachy McCourt as “Honey” Fitz Fitzgerald, Diana Scarwid as Rose Kennedy, and Natalie Radford as Rosemary Kennedy.

*(William Redfield & Conrad Janis) Jimmy Hughes, an Irish-American male who had recently returned from the Korean War only to find his policeman father killed in a gun battle. To honor his father's memory and to avenge the crime, he joined the New York police force. Also featured were Wendy Drew as Betty Hughes, Jimmy's sister; and Rusty Lane as Inspector Ferguson, Jimmy's mentor.

*(Kate Mulgrew) Kate Callahan, Irish-American reporter for the Valley Advocate in the San Fernando Valley in California. Earlier in the series Kate was actually Kate Columbo, the wife of Italian police detective Lt. Columbo on the KATE COLUMBO. But due to bad ratings, the producers dropped her earlier identity, renamed the character Kate Callahan, retitled the show Kate the Detective then Kate Loves A Mystery but retained much of Kate's original storyline especially her child Jenny (Lili Hayden) and her job at the paper.

*(Anne Meara) Kate McShane, a tough redheaded Irish-American attorney with a heart of gold. Also featured were Sean McClory as her retired father Pat, a former cop; and Charles Haid, as her brother Ed, a priest and law professor.

*(Patricia Kalember) Kay "Kayo" O'Brien, a twenty-eight-year-old second year surgical resident of Irish descent working at Manhattan General Hospital.

*(William L. Peterson) Joseph P. Kennedy, the patriarch of the Irish-American Kennedy family who marriage to Rose Fitzgerald (played by Annette O‘Toole) created the American dynasty known as The Kennedys. This sweeping epic chronicles the 55 years in the lives of the Kennedy family. It begins with the marriage of Joseph P. Kennedy in 1906 to Rose Fitzgerald, the daughter of Boston’s mayor, John “Honey” Fitz Fitzgerald (played by Charles Durning) then follows their lives through the tragedies of World War II with the death of their son, Joseph “Joe” Kennedy, Jr. and finishes with the early political successes of their son John Kennedy. Cast includes Jean De Baer as Josie Fitzgerald, William Duff-Griffin as Henry Fitzgerald, Pat Hingle as P. J. Kennedy, Eddie Jones as Jim Fitzgerald, Jane Loranger as Agnes Fitzgerald, Deidre Lovejoy as Rosemary Kennedy, Randle Mell as Robert Kennedy, Leah Monagle as Eunice Fitzgerald, Tracy Pollan as Kathleen Kennedy, Halina Radosz as Eunice Kennedy, Campbell Scott as Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., and Steven Weber as John F. Kennedy.

*(Fisher Stevens) Seamus O'Neill, an assembly-line worker of Irish descent who moved to Key West to pursue his aspirations as a journalist (a la Hemingway) after he won the New Jersey lottery.

*(Ray Hamilton) Casey "Case" O'Brien, security agent of Irish descent teamed with John King, the security chief for the New York-based Continental Diamond Industries to oversee the transportation and security of gems and diamonds and to investigate crimes associated with the diamond district.

KING'S ROW/ABC/1955-56
*(Nan Leslie/costar) Randy Monaghan, Irish-American who lived in the town of King's Row at the turn of the century.

*(Mari Blanchard/costar) Katherine "Kathy" O'Hara, the daughter of an Irish sea captain who operated the Golden Nugget Hotel in the lawless gold rush days of Skagway, Alaska in the year 1898. Also featured were Ralph Taeger as adventurer Mike Halliday; and J. Pat O'Malley as Kathy's uncle, Jonah.

*(Dan Frazer/costar) Captain Frank McNeil, the world-weary Irish-American supervisor of Lt. Theo Kojak a Greek-American police detective stationed at Manhattan South.

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