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*(Jamie Rose) Det. Katy Mahoney, a tough, beautiful red-haired Irish police officer working in the Windy City who carried a .357 magnum and blasted away crooks a la "Dirty Harry." Also featured was Danny Aiello as Katy's boss Chief Det. Terry McNichols; Nan Woods as Willow, Terry's niece; Bruce A. Young as Officer Cassidy; and Ralph Foody as Captain Flynn. The program was rated as the year's most violent program in 1985 (50 acts of violence in one hour).

*(Art Carney/costar) Paul Lanigan, Irish Chief of Police living in the town of Cameron, California who interacted with Rabbi David Small, a Jewish-American whose interest in criminology often got him involved Paul's police cases. Also featured was Janis Paige as Paul's wife, Kate. The characters for the series (seen as part of THE NBC SUNDAY MYSTERY MOVIE) are based on the novels of Harry Kemelman, for example, "Friday the Rabbi Slept Late."

*(Conan O'Brien) Conan O'Brien, Irish-Catholic red-haired late night talk show host (with a self-described "big head") who hosted this hour long program filled with a humorous monologue, celebrity interviews, silly characters and comedy skits (one of which featured the "Incontinent Leprechaun).

*(Cindy Williams) Shirley Feeney, a single woman of Irish descent who worked at a brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shirley shared a basement level apartment with her best friend, an Italian-American named Laverne DeFazio.

*(Jerry Orbach) Harry McGraw, a tough, sort of seedy Boston Irish private eye who worked across the hall of the law offices of Maginnis & Maginnis run by widowed Ellie Maginnis (played by Barbara Babcock). When not dealing with Ellie (on business or pleasure) Harry hung out with Cookie (Marty Davis), the bartender at Gilhooley's, Harry's favorite watering hole. Also featured were Julie Donald as E. J. Brunson, Harry's niece and secretary; and Shea Farrell as Steve Lacey, Ellie's nephew and tax attorney.

*(Sam Waterston/costar) Jack McCoy, Assistant District Attorney for the New York City Court system and lead prosecutor for murder trials. Jack’s heritage is Irish Catholic, He is very competitive, likes motorcycles and has a bit of a problem with drinking. Other Irish characters on the program include Angie Harmon as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael. [She is stubborn, quiet, reserved but loves a good fight]; George Dzundra as Detective Sergeant Max Greevey [He is Catholic, married with three children and takes a fierce pro-life stance. Max was fatally shot right before testifying to a grand jury on episode “Confession“]; Christopher Noth as Detective Michael Logan [He is Catholic, and was sexually abused by a priest as a child. Logan was demoted to a beat cop on Staten Island for striking a gay-bashing councilman in episode “Pride”]; Jillian Hennessy as Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincaid [She graduated from Harvard. She died in a car crash while driving drunken fellow detective Lennie Briscoe home (episodes “Aftershock”]; and Michael Moriarity as Executive Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Stone [He is a divorced idealist from a Catholic family]. On episode “Old Friends” Stone resigned after a witness he forced to testify was killed by a mob hit.

*(Peter Brown/costar) Johnnie McKay, the deputy for Marshall Dan Troop in the town of Laramie, Wyoming in the day of the Old West.

*(Sam McMurray) Jimmy Dugan, the Irish manger of the Rockford Peaches, an all women's professional baseball team formed during the Second World War when all the men in America were overseas. Before the war, Jimmy was a major-league baseball player. Also featured was Katie Rich as Doris Murphy, an outspoken infielder. The series was based on the 1992 film of the same name with Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan and Rosie O'Donnell as Doris Murphy.

*(Margaret Colin) Claire McCarron, former New York City assistant district attorney turned private detective. Claire charges $500 a day plus expense. Also featured were Patrick James Clarke as Fred McCarron, Claire's police detective brother.

*(Brett Cullen) Ned Logan, the dashing patriarch of the stormy Logan clan, descendants of Irish immigrants from County Cork, Ireland who continues the family's well-to-do legacy by running a horse and tobacco enterprise on a farm near the city of Lexington, Kentucky in the post-Civil Wars days of 1881. The family member included Grayson McCouch as son Sean; Jeremy Garrett as son Clay; Sarah Rayne as daughter Lexy; Lea Moreno as daughter Alice; and Ron Melendez as a seventeen-year-old adopted orphan.

*(Lenny Clarke) Lenny Callahan, a good-natured Irish-Catholic Boston working class husband who held down two jobs (utility worker by day/hotel doorman by night) to support his family. Also featured were Lee Garlington as Lenny's wife Shelly; Jenna Von Oy as their thirteen-year-old daughter Kelly; Alexis Caldwell as their ten-year-old daughter, Tracy; The Farmer Twins as their toddler Elizabeth; Peter Dobson as Lenny's lazy, get-rich-quick brother, Eddie; Eugene Roche as Pat Callahan, Lenny's father; Alice Drummond as Mary Callahan, Lenny's mother; Judith Hoag as Lenny's sister, Megan Callahan; and the never seen Irish relative Shawn Callahan (Pat's brother) who annually sends a bottle of home brewed whiskey from Ireland to the Callahan's stateside home.

*(Jackie Gleason & William Bendix) Chester A. Riley, a softhearted family man of Irish descent who lived with his wife and children at Blue View Terrace in Los Angeles. Others featured were Jim Gillis (Sid Tomack/Tom D'Andrea), his next door neighbor and Digby O'Dell (John Brown), the local undertaker.

*(Bonnie Hunt) Bonnie Malloy, the Irish-American hostess of Morning Chicago, a local early morning Illinois talk show. Bonnie's husband, Mark (Mark Derwin), is a hard-working family practice doctor who does his best to survive life with Bonnie. Together they are raising three young children, Samantha (Samantha Browne-Walters), Charlie (Charlie Stewart) and infant Connor, as Bonnie creatively balances family commitment and career obligations using sincerity and humor.

*(Hilary Duff) Lizzie McGuire, the attractive 13-year old blonde and best friend of Miranda Isabella Sanchez, a dark-haired Hispanic and David "Gordo" Gordon, a Jewish-American teen. They attend North Hills Junior High (later called Hillridge Middle School in District 41) in California and like to chat on-line or talk on the phone. When Lizzie gets flustered, a cartoon alter ego ("Toon Lizzie") pops up to offer advice. Lizzie's family consist of Hallie Todd as Mrs. Jo McGuire, a loving and supportive mother who tries not to meddle to much in the affairs of her independent and generally capable children, Robert Carradine as Sam McGuire, who is usually clueless when it comes to Lizzie; and Jake Thomas as Matthew, "Matt" McGuire, her bratty younger brother who's always meddling in her affairs. Lizzie's worst enemy is Kate Sanders. Kate is Lizzie's former best friend who became the most popular girl in school (after she developed a chest) and now thinks she's too good to hang out with Lizzie and her friends. Note: According to Jo McGuire "it's a curse in her family to marry geeky men." - refers to it as "The McGuire Curse").

LOVE & WAR/CBS/1992-95
**(Suzie Plakson) Mary Margaret 'Meg" Tynan, a statuesque, strong-willed take-no-prisoners sportswriter for the Register who frequented "The Blue Shamrock," a 1940s style Manhattan bar.

*(Robert Urich) Captain James Kennedy III, the captain of the cruise ship Sun Princess. James is Irish, a recovering alcoholic and the father of a pot-smoking teenage son named Danny who is living aboard after his mother, Pat Kennedy gave James custody of him after their divorce. Danny aspires to be a photographer of due models.

*(Wayne Rogers) Captain John "Trapper John" McIntyre, field surgeon stationed at a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean war. Also featured were William Christopher as Father Francis Mulcahy, the chaplain; Gary Burghoff as Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly, the clairvoyant company clerk; and Loretta Swit as Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan, the head nurse.

*(Richard Widmark) Sgt. Dan Madigan, tough, loner Irish police detective who worked the concrete canyons of New York City. Madigan appeared as one of three rotating elements on the NBC WEDNESDAY NIGHT MOVIE. See also "Polish" section for BANACEK.

*(Randy Quade) Jack Woods, a burnt-out American businessman who travels to the Irish countryside for rest and relaxation and consequently saves the life a leprechauns. He soon becomes embroiled in a longstanding feud between the leprechaun & fairy kingdoms and tries to prevent an impending war between the two enchanted factions. Other cast included Colm Meaney as Seamus Muldoon the leprechaun; Kieren Culkin as Barney the leprechaun; Daniel Betts as Mickey the leprechaun who loves the fairy princess Jessica; Caroline Carver as Fairy Princess Jessica who loves Mickey the Leprechaun; Roger Daltry as King Boric of the fairies, who disapproves of his fairy daughter’s leprechaun suitor; Whoopi Goldberg as Grand Banshee, a wise spirit; and Orla Brady as Kathleen, a beautiful Irish woman with whom Jack Woods becomes romantically involved.

*(Lila Kaye) "Mama" Renate Malone, an Italian widow of an Irish policeman who lived in a fourth floor walk-up apartment in Brooklyn. She was the hostess of a local TV station program called "Cooking with Mama Malone." See section on ITALIANS for full cast.

**(James Flavin) Lt. Donovan, New York City police officer who interacted with freelance photographer, Mike Kovac.

*(James Brolin) Dr. Steven Kiley, a young physician of Irish descent working for a 62-year-old doctor in Santa Monica.

*(Kiele Sanchez) Susan Kelly-Wagner, a young Irish girl from Kansas who married a New York writer and then moved back home to be close to her family. The Kelly family consists of Sam Anderson as father Bill Kelly; Nancy Lenehan as mother Sandy Kelly; Derek Waters as bug-collecting brother Lewis Kelly; Emily Rutherford as married sister Mary; and Josh Braaten as Chris, her husband. Susan's husband, Tom Wagner is an only child. He is a loner and Jewish and slow to warm up to the family's quirky Midwestern ways. The series is loosely based on the real life experiences of the show's producer, Tom Hertz.

**(Leo Gordon) Big Mike McComb, a giant Irishman who was a loyal comrade of frontier gambler, Bret Maverick. Originally, Big Mike was ordered to kill the gambler, Maverick in the first episode, but changed his mind and became his friend.

*(Ernest Borgnine) Lt. Cdr. Quinton McHale, part-Irish, part-Italian merchant seaman who was recruited by the U.S. Navy to command a torpedo patrol boat crew during the Second World War on the South Seas island of Taratupa.

*(Tom O'Brien/costar) Officer Danny Mc Daniel, hot-headed Irish-American police officer who worked in the city of Baltimore. Danny's cop brother Tom Daniel (killed in the first episode) was the regular member of a poker game with three other guys. After Tom's death, Danny's was asked to fill his place at the weekly poker game.

*(Richard Denning) Michael "Mike" Shayne, private eye working out of Miami, Florida. Also featured was Jerry Paris as Timothy "Tim" Rourke, a reporter-photographer for the Miami Tribune.

*(Peter Strauss) Nick Moloney, a half-Irish and half-Jewish police psychiatrist who prefers cracking wise to quoting Freud.

*(Pam Dawber) Mindy McConnell, pretty journalism major living in Boulder, Colorado who worked at her father's music store (McConnell Music Store) and later befriended and married a strange alien from the planet Ork named Mork. Also featured were Conrad Janis as Fred McConnell, Mindy's father; Elizabeth Kerr as Mindy's grandmother, Cora Hudson; Jim Stahl as Mindy's cousin, Nelson Flavor; Beverly Sanders as Mindy's aunt, Caroline McConnell; and Jonathan Winters as Mearth, Mindy baby boy (part Orkan/part Earthling).

*(Lawrence Pressman/costar) Michael "Mike" Mulligan, a married high school gym coach with three kids who adopted an additional four children (The Friedman kids) when his sister and her husband are killed. Other cast included Elinor Donahue, as Mike's nurse wife, Jane Mulligan; Johnny Duran as their son, Mark Mulligan; Julie Annie Haddock as their daughter, Melinda Mulligan; and K. C. Martel as their son Jimmy Mulligan.

*(George Segal/costar) Daedalus Patrick "Paddy" Murphy, a lovable, but divorced alcoholic insurance investigator for the First Fidelity Casualty in San Francisco who lived with Kimiko Fannuchi, a beautiful Eurasian (part Italian/part Japanese) fashion model. Also featured was Sarah Sawatsky as Patrick's ten-year-old daughter, Kathleen who sees her father as part of a visitation rights agreement.

*(Bill Bixby) Tim O'Hara, an Irish-American newspaper reporter for the Los Angeles Sun who rescued a Martian anthropologist who crash-landed on Earth and let the alien live incognito in his apartment over a garage. Posing as Tim's "Uncle Martin," the alien thus become the first Irishman from the planet Mars. An animated spin-off MY FAVORITE MARTIANS/CBS/1973-75 featured the voices of Jonathan Harris as Uncle Martin, and Howard Morris as his nephew Andromeda known as "Andy," who crash landed on Earth and ended up living incognito with magazine writer Tim O'Hara. Also featured was Alan Hewitt as Bill "Bulldog" Brennan. In 1994 Ray Walston appeared in a telephone commercial asking whether their advertised savings covered Martians living on planet Earth. The Disney motion picture remake My Favorite Martian (1999) starred Christopher Lloyd as Martin the Martian and Jeff Daniels as reporter Tim O'Hara.

**(Gloria Gordon) Mrs. O'Reilly the owner of O'Reilly's boarding house, a Manhattan boarding house that rents a room to Irma Peterson, a beautiful "dumb blond" secretary.

*(Gale Storm/costar) Margie Albright, an attractive 21-year-old girl (her mother was Irish) who lived with her widowed, nearly fifty years old father, Vern Albright at the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York City.

*(William Frawley/costar) William Michael Francis Aloysius "Bub" O'Casey, elderly Irish-American father-in-law of aircraft engineer Steve Douglas. After the death of his daughter Louise O'Casey, Bub moved into the Douglas home to become the cook and housekeeper for his three grand sons Mike, Robbie and Chip. Later in the series when Bub traveled to Ireland (William Fraley had passed away) his brother Uncle Charles "Charlie" O'Casey (William Demarest) took over housekeeping chores. Bub's Irish aunt was Kate (Jeanette Nolan). His cousin was Mickey O'Casey (Robert Emhardt). They lived in Farnsea, Ireland. Bub and Mickey were partners on an Irish sweepstakes ticket and they won. Bub's share was $14,000. Bub never returned to American.

**(Peadar Lamb) King Fin Varra, the ruler of the underground kingdom of Tir na Nog. His subjects included a feisty red-winged fairy named Aideen (Kelly Campbell). When the peaceful kingdom of King Conchobar (Stephen Brennan) was attacked by the evil Queen Maeve (Charlotte Bradley) from the land of Tamra, King Vin Varra invoked all his powers to aid a group of Celtic teens in finding the legendary Mystic Armor capable of defending the emerald Isle from invaders. Successful in their quest, the teens donned the magical armor and became super heroes of ancient Ireland. The Mystic Knights included Vincent Walsh as Angus, the Mystic Knight of Earth, (with the terra sling), a thief by trade with the gift of blarney; the Mystic Knight of Water (with a barbed trident); Lisa Dwan as Deirdre, the Princess of Kells and Mystic Knight of Air (with a whirlwind crossbow); Lochlann O'Mearain as Rohan, a druid's apprentice foretold in the legend as the Mystic Knight of Fire with the Sword of Kells; and Ben Palmer as Garrett, the eventual fifth Mystic Knight. Each Mystic Knight wore a Dragon Breath Dagger and belt used to summon their dragons. The series MYSTIC KNIGHTS OF TIR NA NOG was the first American television series to be filmed entirely in Ireland. TRIVIA NOTE: In Celtic mythology, Tir na n-Og (pronounced "teer na no'gue" meaning the "land of youth") is the idyllic paradise where the dead live. The kingdom (either an island or undersea kingdom) is ruled by King Tethra of the Fomorians, a race of giants or the sea god Manannan mac Lir of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Tir na n-Og is also known as Mag Mell ("plain of joy").

*(Gregory Harrison/costar) Jack Reilly, Irish-American columnist and investigative reporter for The New York Reporter newspaper.

*(Phil Hartman/costar) Bill “Evelyn” McNeal, vain news anchor of Irish heritage who works at WNYX radio station in New York City. Bill was born on June 19th. His character left the series as a consequence of Phil Hartman‘s own death at the hands of his deranged wife who shot him dead in his California home. Another Irish character on the program is Beth, a quirky red-haired secretary at the station.

*(David Janssen) Jim O'Hara, a federal officer of Irish descent who worked as special agent for the Department of the Treasury.

*(Vera Allen) Peggy O'Neill, an Irish-American dress designer who struggled to raise two her fatherless children Janice (Jancie Gilbert) and Eddie (Michael Lawson). The short-lived series was based on the radio serial of the 1930's.

*(James Brolin) Lt. Col. Bill "Raider" Kelly, Irish-American Marine Fighter pilot promoted to commanding officer of VMFAT-107, an F/A-18 Hornet training squadron based at Pensacola's famed Naval Air Station. Col. Bill Kelly is the newly appointed leader of four young officers selected to form an elite military task force. A native of Texas, Kelly was decorated for bravery in missions he flew in Vietnam and Desert Storm.

*(Kim Delaney) Kathleen Maguire, divorced, brunette, Irish-American attorney based in the city of Philadelphia. A year out of law school, Kathleen suddenly finds herself alone when her partner meltdowns and is sent to a sanitarium. To fill the void she reluctantly hires Will Froman, (Tom Everett Scott), an opportunistic attorney who wants out of the Public Defender's Office. Kathleen later finds herself romantically drawn to him. Kathleen ex-husband Daniel X. Cavanaugh (Kyle Secor) works is the city's assistant district attorney. Presently, Kathleen has custody of their young son, Patrick (Scotty Leavenworth) who has a bad temper just like her father Frank (John Finn) whose been arrested and put in jail for a drunken bar fight. Tom O'Brien played the role of Kathleen brother, Tom Maguire..

*(Martin Cummins) Nick Boyle, ex-Navy SEAL of Irish descent working for the Luna Foundation a front for the Legacy, a private organization that battled evil demons and spiritual entities. Other cast included Dr. Helen Shaver as Rachel Corrigan a psychologist from Connemara, Ireland (her husband Patrick & her son Conner were dead); Alexandra Purvis as her younger daughter Katherine "Kat" Corrigan; Alexandra Purvis as Catherine Corrigan; and Patrick Fitzgerald as Father Philip Callahan, a Belfast resident.

*(Patrick McGoohan) Dr. Sidney Rafferty, a widower and former U.S. Army physician of Irish descent who retired to private practice as a general practitioner. He performed his surgery’s at City General Hospital.

*(Pierce Brosnan) Remington Steele, a suave private detective who acted as the front man for the Remington Steele Detective Agency founded by female private eye Laura Holt. Originally, Laura Holt opened Laura Holt Investigations but the clients just weren’t attracted to a female gumshoe. To put a bit of macho in her organization, Laura renamed her agency Remington Steele Investigations (name derived from a typewriter and a football team). Unfortunately, when a crafty jewel thief (in town to steal the Royal Lavulite Diamonds) got into a pinch with the law, he assumed the role of the mythical Remington Steele and then convinced Laura Holt to let him become her partner in the firm. Laura’s new partner, an orphan, was born in Ireland and at one time was known as the boxer dubbed “The Kilkearney Kid.” He was raised by master con artist Daniel Chalmers (played by Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.).

*(Ledger) Conor, Celtic prince living in Ireland in the year 400 A.D. who battles the invading Roman oppressors. Conor is aided by John Saint Ryan, as Fergus, a legendary Irish warrior who mentors Conor in the ways of combat; and Vera Farmiga as Catlin, a former slave who is proficient as an archer.

*(Sean Maher) Ryan Caulfield, 19-year-old Irish-American rookie officer in the Philadelphia police department who still lives home with his mother. Other cast included Brenda Bakke as Mrs. Caulfield; and Mary McDonnell as Rachel Caulfield.

*(Bernard Barrow) Johnny Ryan, Irish-American who ran a local pub named Ryan's Hope on the upper West Side of Manhattan with the help of his wife, Maeve (Helen Gallagher). The daytime soap opera told the story of three generations of Irish-Americans and as well as the tales of the many customers from Riverside Hospital located just across the street who frequented this popular watering hole. When the series concluded in January of 1989 Maeve Ryan sang the sentimental Irish folksong favorite "Danny Boy" to the customer at the tavern. The series was created by Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer.

**(Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers) Patrick Fitzwilliam and William Fitzpatrick, two drunken Irishman who host the Irish morning show "Top O' the Morning." On the October 19, 2002 season premiere that featured a skit with Frank McCourt (played by Senator John McCain), the author of Angela's Ashes. The skit made fun of the stereotypical Irish love of alcohol as when William and Patrick insult Frank McCourt mercilessly and he decides to leave in protest. But, of course, when they offered Frank a drink, he quickly changed his mind and stayed.

*(Jamey Sheridan) John Francis “Jack” Shannon, divorced Philadelphia-based criminal lawyer of Irish descent. Jack has a gambling addiction and owes serious money to a bookie. Jenny Lewis appeared as Jack’s 15-year-old daughter Neala Shannon.

*(Richard Jenkins) Nathaniel Fisher, the Irish-American owner and operator of Fisher & Sons Funeral Home, an independent mortuary located in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Nathaniel dies when a municipal bus broadsides the company's new hearse. Although dead, Nathanial returns in flashbacks and vision. The rest of the Fisher clan includes Ruth Fisher, Nathaniel's wife and the family matriarch; Peter Krause as Nate Fisher, the eldest son and new co-owner of Fishers & Sons; Michael C. .Hall as David Fisher, Nathaniel's gay son and the other partner in the family business; and Lauren Ambrose as Claire Fisher, the family's restless teenage daughter.

*(Richard Crenna) James Slattery, idealistic Irish-American politician from a fictional state.

**(Bruce Hyde) Kevin Thomas Riley, a relief navigator aboard the USS Enterprise who fancied himself the descendent of Irish kings. Once intoxicated under the influence of the Psi 2000 virus, Riley locked himself in the engine room and repeatedly sang Irish ballads over the ship's speakers to the utter annoyance of the crew. Bruce Mars played another Irish character named Finnegan, an arch rival of Captain James Kirk (William Shatner) who delighted in playing practical jokes. A replica of Finnegan appeared on the episode "Shore Leave" (Stardate 3025.3) first aired in 1967.

*(Colm Meaney/costar) Miles O'Brien, Chief Operations Officer of Irish descent who was stationed onboard the space station Deep Space Nine. Miles, who spoke with a bit of a brogue, was responsible for keeping the derelict space station together and computer systems operating efficiently. His Japanese wife, Keiko and his child Molly also lived aboard the station.

**(Colm Meaney) Miles Edward O'Brien, Transporter Chief of Irish descent (he spoke with a bit of a brogue) who was stationed aboard the 24th century starship, the USS Enterprise. Miles and his Japanese wife Keiko, later transferred to the space station Deep Space Nine.

*(May Whitman/costar) Emma "Grace" McKee, a carefree, wealthy, 12-year-old Irish-Catholic girl living in North Carolina in 1965. Grace is best friends with Hannah Rayburn, a 12-year-old Jewish-American girl whose family moves from Illinois to North Carolina. They both attend The Pines, an elite Catholic school in town. Faye Grant played the role of Tattie McKee, Grace's flamboyant, well-to-do widowed mother (originally from Atlanta) who loves to smoke, drink and travel the world, often leaving little time for her daughter. Grace, in turn, seeks the attention and stability she doesn't at home with Hannah's traditional and loving relatives. While Tattie travels, Grace is left in the hands of the family driver, Greer, and the housekeeper, Cookie. Grace's father passed away when she was six. The series was co-produced by Hollis Rich and Brenda Lilly. Rich grew up Jewish in the Midwest and the Valley, the daughter of a Polish Holocaust survivor who owned a furniture store. Lilly grew up Catholic in Asheville, N.C., where she attended an exclusive Catholic school called The Pines. Rich and Lilly were the only women writers on the short-lived ABC Family Channel drama.

*(Skipp Sudduth/costar) John “Sully” Sullivan, a streetwise New York City police officer with a heart of gold and a talent for keeping law and order on the streets. Other Irish characters include Eddie Cibrian as Jimmy Doherty, a dedicated NYFD firefighter of Irish heritage who will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

*(Cynthia Watros/costar) Erin, the beautiful, energetic girlfriend of custom car designer Christopher Titus who lives in a small town off the coast of Northern California. Erin works at a job that she hates, but hopes that Titus' hot rod business will be successful enough for her to go back to school and get an MBA. Although she seems perfect, she does have a temper. But it's a Northern Irish temper. They don't fight she just puts a bomb in his car. [from Fox Network’s promotional literature]. Rachel Roth played the role of Erin's sister, Amy Fitzpatrick.

*(Jason Beghe & Moira Kelly), Sean McGrail (a cop) and Annie McGrail (a public defender), two Irish-American newlyweds living in a close-knit Boston neighborhood. Also featured were Jason Wiles as Michael McGrail; Stephen Lee as Patrick McGrail; Stephen Largay as Tommy McGrail; Fionnula Flanagan as Fionna McGrail; Colleen Flynn as Carolyn McGrail, John Cullum as Robert McGrail; and Mariette Hartley as Ellen Cornell.

*(Roma Downey) Monica, a heavenly angel with an Irish-accent who helped mortals deal with problems. Her heavenly supervisor is a black angel named Tess.

*(Peter Falk) Daniel J. O'Brien, a flamboyant and often broke (due to gambling) New York attorney of Irish descent who lived in a luxurious penthouse apartment. Also featured were Joanna Barnes as his ex-wife Katie to whom he made alimony payments; and David Burns as the con artist known as "The Great McGonigle."

*(Sharon Gless) Rosie O'Neill, a divorced Irish-American attorney who left a successful Beverly Hills practice to become a public defender. Each episode began with Rosie talking to an unseen psychiatrist about life's problems which included her mother, her age, her smoking habit, etc. Also featured were Georgann Johnson as Rosie's socially prominent mother, Charlotte; and Lisa Banes as her married sister, Doreen Morrison.

*(Jill Clayburgh) Eileen McCallister, matriarch of the McCallister clan, an Irish-Catholic family with a cop, a priest, a drug addict, a bond trader and a union organizer. The family members included Justin Louis as Bobby McCallister; Sam Trammell as Liam McCallister; Tate Donovan as Kevin McCallister; Bonnie Root as Amanda McCallister; Kim Raver as Clarissa McCallister; Charlotte Ross as Fiona McCallister; and John Spencer as Simon McCallister.

*(William Devane) Sgt. Joseph Turk, patriarch of a family of Irish cops living in Chicago. Other cast included Helen Carey as Mary Turk; David Cubitt as Mike Turk; Matthew John Armstrong as Joey Turk; Michael Muhney as Paul Turk; Sarah Trigger as Erin Turk; and Adam Tanguay as Mark Turk.

*(Geoff Pierson) Jack Malloy, divorced used car salesman of Irish descent who lives in Van Nuys, California. Jack moved out temporarily to an apartment but returned home to live in the basement of his old home. His family includes Stephanie Hodge as Jennie, his ex-wife; Nikki Cox as his sexy teenage daughter, Tiffany; Kevin Connolly as older son Ryan; Justin Berfield as younger son Ross; Joyce Van Patten as Jack’s meddlesome mother-in-law, Maureen Slattery; and a stuffed bunny named Mr. Floppy (voice of Bobcat Goldthwait) that comes to life and talks to Jack when he is alone.

*(Robert Horton/costar) Flint McCullough, frontier scout of Irish descent who lead a California bound wagon train in the post-Civil War days. Also featured was Scott Miller as Duke Shannon, who replaced Flint during the 1961-64 season.

*(Harry Holcombe) John Acton, an Irish-American county clerk and store owner who lived with his family in the Ohio River Valley town of Ludlow Kentucky during 1919. His family included Ian Martin as Uncle Terrence; Virginia Dwyer as Julia; Ronnie Walker as Kevin; and Jane Rose as Aunt Bessie. The stories were narrated by John's grandson, Kevin (voice of Luis Van Rooten).

Other Programs of Interest

*(Voice of Arthur Anderson) Lucky the Leprechaun, the Irish cereal mascot for General Mills “magically delicious” breakfast treat Lucky Charms. The cereal came in the bite-sized shapes of hearts, moons, stars, clovers, and diamonds. In the commercials, Lucky is chased by children who want to taste the wonderfully sweet flavor of his cereal. Lucky's voice was provided by Arthur Anderson. TRIVIA NOTE: In Irish folklore, Leprechauns are fairy cobblers, who make shoes for elves. Dressed in green, with a red cap, leather apron, and buckled shoes. Leprechauns possess a pot of gold which is coveted by humans. The gold can be had if a human can catch a leprechaun and keep his eyes on him the whole time. If the person is distracted for just an instant, the Leprechaun vanishes along with any hopes of quick fortune in gold. The word Leprechaun is derived from the Gaelic luacharma'n, "pygmy"; or leith brogan "maker of one shoe".

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