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L.A. LAW/NBC/1986-94
**(Debi Mazar) Denise Iannello, a tough-talking Queens-born secretary working for the Los Angeles legal firm of McKenzie, Brackman, Kelsey, Markowitz, and Morales (introduced during the 1993-93 season). The Denise character first appeared on the legal drama CIVIL WARS/ABC/1991-93.

**(Ron Dean) Sgt. Gino Gianelli, Italian police officer serving on the same Chicago beat as the .357 magnum toting Det. Katy Mahoney, an Irish female version of "Dirty Harry." Also featured was Diane Dorsey as Rose Gianelli.

*(Penny Marshall/costar) Laverne De Fazio, Italian-American factory worker employed by Shotz brewery in Milwaukee in the bottle-cap division. Phil Foster played her hot-headed father, Frank De Fazio who owned a combination Pizza Parlor and Bowling Alley. Eddie Mekka appeared as Carmine "The Big Ragoo" Ragusa, an aspiring singer and dancer who was the boyfriend to Shirley Feeney, Laverne's co-worker and roommate. During the 1981-82 season, a Saturday-morning cartoon version of the program found LaVerne and Shirley in the Army. See also - HAPPY DAYS.

**(John Fiore) Anthony Profaci, police detective assigned to the 27th precinct in New York City. On episode “Exile: A Law and Order Movie” Profaci admits to taking a mob bribe to hold evidence so he could finance fertility treatments for his wife, Shirley. Actor Paul Sorvino also appeared as Phil Cerreta, a police sergeant detective with an Italian background who investigated violent crimes. He is married with five children. His partner is Det. Michael Logan (an Irish cop). Detective Cerreta replaced Det Sgt. Greeney (an Irish cop) who was killed on duty. On episode “Prince of Darkness” Det. Sgt. Cerreta was wounded in the line of duty and consequently was assigned to the 110th precinct as an Administrator on episode “Point of View.”

**(Wendy Makkena) Mae Mordabito, Italian-American man-hungry out-fielder who played with Rockford Peaches, an all women's professional baseball team formed during the Second World War when all the men in America were overseas. The series was based on the 1992 film of the same name with pop singer Madonna in the role of sultry, tough-minded Mae Mordabito.

**(Rusty Stevens) Larry Mondello, the young Italian-American friend of Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver, a youngster living in the town of Mayfield, USA.

*(Don Calfa/costar) Oscar Armismendi, Italian owner of Tri-Star Bail Bonds Agency who employed college students Jack Gage and his roommate, David Taylor as "legmen." Also featured was Robert DoQui as Lt. Tedisco.

**(Steve Franken) Lt. Samwell "Sanpan" Panosian, Italian-American Marine Corp officer stationed at Camp Pendelton, California with newly appointed easygoing fellow Lt. William "Bill" Rice.

*(Patti LuPone/costar) Elizabeth "Libby" Giordano, Italian-Catholic singer and dancer who gave up her career to marry divorced construction worker Drew Thatcher. Also featured were Al Ruscio as Libby's father, Sal; Penny Stanton as Libby's mother, Teresa; Gina Hecht as Libby's cousin, Angela; Mary Page Keller as Libby's younger sister, Gina; Patti LuPone in a dual role as Libby's cousin Gabrielle "Gaby" Giordano; Kellie Martin as Becca Thatcher, Libby's daughter; and Chris Burke as Charles "Corky" Thatcher, Libby's son with Down syndrome.

*(Phillippe Leroy) Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Italian painter, architect, sculptor, musician, engineer and scientist born in Vinci, Tuscany who was the focus of this five-part historical drama produced by RAI Italian TV network. Also featured were Bruno Cirino as the Italian sculptor, painter, poet Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564), and Alberto Fiorini and Arduino Paolini as Leonardo da Vinci in his younger years. Giulio Bosetti served as the guide and narrator on the series.

**(Michael Watson) Fast Eddie Santini, video photographer of Italian descent working for Los Angeles' Channel 3. Also featured was Bruce McGill as Joe Vitale, the producer of the early evening newcast.

*(J. Carroll Naish) Luigi Basco, an Italian immigrant newly arrived to Chicago from the old country who opened an antique store. His friend Pasquale, (Alan Reed) a former immigrant and now a restaurant owner had paid Luigi's boat fare to America with hopes of getting Luigi to marry his portly daughter, Rosa (Jody Gilbert). The series was dropped in midseason and reappeared in the spring of 1953 with Vito Scotti as Luigi Basco; Thomas Gomez as Pasquale and Muriel Landers as Rosa. LIFE WITH LUIGI was a spin-off of a CBS radio series first airing in 1948.

*(Lenny Venito/costar) Carmine Santucci, a loud-mouthed, bigoted Italian-American (a.k.a. "King of Mufflers") who lived in a gated, planned suburban community with his wife, Lisa (played by Mia Cottett).

*(Leah Remini/costar) Charlie Brisco, a tough Italian street kid (a girl) who was offered the chance to live in New York City and train as a model under the mentorship of Trish Carlin, the head of the Carlin Agency. This series was a spin-off of WHO'S THE BOSS/ABC/1984-92 that featured Italian-American character Tony Micelli played by Tony Danza.

*(Robert Walden/costar) Joe Rossi, eager, go-getting Italian reporter with a nose for news working at the Los Angeles Tribune with co-worker Billie Newman and his gruff supervisor, editor Lou Grant. Also featured was Vincent Baggetta as Greg Serantino, a newspaper employee.

LOVE & WAR/CBS/1992-95
*(Annie Potts/costar) Dana Palladino, an Italian-American chef who ran the food concession at the "Blue Shamrock," a restaurant/bar in New York City. Dana later fell in love with Jack Stein, a Jewish newspaper columnist who frequented the joint.

**(Donna Martell) Maria Di Paolo, beautiful Italian model seen on a recurring role who was pursued by suave, ladies' man photographer Bob Collins who called her " My Little Venutian Ambassador of Loveliness."

LUCKY/CHANCES/1990 (Miniseries)
*(Vincent Irizarry) Gino Santangelo, Italian-American business who rises in the Las Vegas casino industry and passes on his legacy to his daughter, Lucky. The miniseries is based on the novels Chances and Lucky by Jackie Collins. Cast includes Michael Nader as Enzio Bonnatti, Eric Braedon as Dimitri Stanislopolous, Sandra Bullock as Maria, Stephanie Beacham as Susan Martino, Shawnee Smith as Olympia Stanislopolous, Alan Rosenberg as Costa, Luca Bercovici as Santino Bonnatti and Harold Pruett as Dario Santangelo.

**(G. W. Bailey) Sergeant Luther Rizzo, disheveled Louisiana native of Italian descent who ran the motor pool at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital stationed in Ouijongbou, Korea during the Korean War.

*(David Naughton) Billy Manucci, young Italian-American college student (aspiring teacher) who lives with his family in Passaic New Jersey and hangs out at a disco called the Inferno. Other cast included Lou Antonio as Billy's father, Joseph; Ellen Travolta as Billy's mother, Dorothy; Denise Miller as his sister, Tina; Greg Antonacci as his swinging older brother, Tony; Jennifer Perito as Ivy Papastegios, the owner of Tasty Treats, an ice cream parlor where Billy works; Ralph Seymour as Al "Kingfish" Sorrentino, Billy's friend; and Gary Prendergast as Bernard Fusco, another friend. The series was inspired by the popularity of the film Saturday Night Fever (1977) starring John Travolta as Tony Manero, an Italian hardware store worker who danced the night away at local discos.

*(Giuliana Santini) Det. Angela Vecchio, Italian-American police officer who interacted with Dr. Nicholas "Nick" Maloney, a half-Irish and half-Jewish police psychiatrist who prefers cracking wise to quoting Freud.

*(Lila Kaye) Mama Renate Malone, an Italian widow of an Irish policeman who lived in a fourth floor walk-up apartment in Brooklyn. She was the hostess of a local TV station program called "Cooking with Mama Malone," which was produced in the midst of her busy home. Her family included Randee Heller as her divorced daughter, Connie Karamakopoulos; Evan Richards as her grandson Frankie Karamakopoulos; Dino Forresti as Mama's younger brother, Dino Forresti; and Candice Azzara as Renate's niece, Rosa. Also featured were Ralph Manza as Padre Guardino, an elderly parish priest; and Alice Ghostley as Renata's friend, Neta Cavelli.

*(Anna Demetrio) Mama Rosa, an Italian-American landlord who operated a theatrical boardinghouse located in Hollywood. Vito Scotti appeared as Nikolai, a violin instructor.

**(Mario Siletti) Mr. Del Floria, the owner of the Del Floria Tailor shop which fronted as the secret entrance of the worldwide law enforcement agency known as U.N.C.L.E. Agents entered through dressing rooms at the back of shop.

*(Ray Sharkey) Sal Bavasso, a wastrel wheeler-dealer Italian-American son who returned home to Brooklyn to help run his family corner grocery store (Carmine's Deli) after the death of his father. His family included Julie Bavasso as his mother Angie; Leah Remini as his teenage sister, Tina; Anne DeSalvo as his divorced sister, Anne; Billy L. Sullivan as Annie's son, Robby; and Louis Guss as Uncle Bennie. Don Stark appeared as Sal's buddy, Cha Cha, a dry cleaner.

*(Robert Loggia) Nick Mancuso, a veteran Federal agent of Italian descent who would rather catch crooks than retire. His strong point was never compromising the truth even in the face of extreme political pressures. Robert Loggia FBI agent character was first seen on the 1988 TV Movie Favorite Son.

*(Mantovani) Mantovani, an English orchestra leader (of Italian descent) and host of this syndicated musical program produced in England in the 1950's. Popularly known as Mantovani, his full name was Annunzio Paolo Mantovani.

MARCO POLO/NBC/1982 (Miniseries)
*(Ken Marshall) Marco Polo, thirteenth-century Venetian (1254-1324) who traveled to the Middle East, Persia and to China in 1275 to visit the court of Kubla Khan in Cambulac (present-day Peking). Other cast included Denholm Elliott as Marco's father, Niccolo Polo; Tony Vogel as Marco's uncle Matteo Polo; Burt Lancaster as Teobaldo Visconti (aka Pope Gregory X); John Gielgud as The Doge; Anne Bancroft as Marco's mother; Sada Thompson as Aunt Flora and Kathryn Dowling as Monica; and Tony Lo Bianco as Brother Nicholas. Directed by Giulliano Montaldo, this ten-hour miniseries was produced by RAI, the Italian television network. (filmed in Italy, Morocco, Mongolia and China).

*(James Farentino/costar) Frank DeMarco, aggressive managing editor of the Chicago Eagle who interacted with Mary Brenner, the tabloid's newly hired consumer help-line columnist.

**(John Aprea) Lt. Vince Novelli, a Southern California police detective and friend of millionaire private investigator, Matt Houston. Novelli, often invited friends to his mother's Italian restaurant where Mama Novelli (Penny Santon) would inevitably try to overfeed them or to find a nice girl for them to marry.

**(George DiCenzo) Lt. Ed DeNisco, a Italian San Pedro policeman who supervised Jim McClain, a veteran white cop newly returned to the force from retirement. Also featured was Brooke Bundy as Marie DeNisco.

*(Ernest Borgnine) Lt. Cdr. Quinton McHale, a naval officer of Irish-Italian descent stationed on the Pacific island of Taratupa during the Second World War. Later in the series, McHale and his rowdy crew were transferred to the Italian seaport town of Voltafiore where they met Mayor Mario Lugatto (Jay Novello), a conniving town politician; and town locals, Mama Rosa Giovanni (Peggy Mondo), and Dino Barone (Dick Wilson).

*(Annette Funicello) Annette, the dimpled, dark-eyed daughter of Italian-American auto repair shop owner who starred on Walt Disney's THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB in the late 1950s. Dressed in the standard white turtleneck with the name "Annette" emblazoned in block letters across her chest, Annette became the very image of American wholesomeness and sweetness. In later years she starred in a series of Beach Party movies that first played in 1963. Even then she maintained her prime and proper image by wearing a modest two-piece bathing suit rather than the more revealing bikini. Annette was also the spokeswoman for Skippy peanut butter and in 1987 reprised her role as former beach bunny in the campy feature film "Back to the Beach." In 1992, Annette revealed that since 1987 she suffered from multiple sclerosis, a disabling disease that affects the central nervous system. See also THE DANNY THOMAS SHOW.

*(Dennis Boutsikaris/costar) Joe DeMarco, recently divorced Italian-American film professor now living with his single younger brother, Mitch (played by Christopher Meloni). The two brothers meet with their friends at Nicky St. Hubbins, a local bar.

*(Ross Martin/costar) Andamo, a Latin sidekick of a gambler known as Mr. Lucky. Andamo manages the Fortuna, a gambling yacht moored in international waters off the American coast. Andamo and Lucky originally fled from a Latin American country where they were involved in gun running and (by accident) the assassination plot of El Presidente.

**(Allyce Beasley) Agnes DiPesto, receptionist for the Los Angeles-based Blue Moon Detective Agency. When Agnes answered the firm's telephones, she delivered a greeting in rhyme. For example, "Blue Moon Detective Agency. If persons are missing, if objects are lost, we' find them for you at a reasonable cost."

*(Joe Sirola, Naomi Stevens) Tony "Papa" and Rose "Mama" Montefusco, an middle-class Italian couple residing in Connecticut. The series focused on the noisy Sunday dinner meetings of three generations of their family which included Ron Carey as their son, Frank, a dentist; John Aprea as their son, Joseph, a priest; Sal Viscuso as their son, Nunzio, a struggling actor; Linda Dano as Angelina, their daughter. Also featured were Phoebe Dorin as Frankie's wife, Theresa; Bill Cort as Jim Cooney, Angelina's WASP husband; and Damon Raskin, Jeffrey Palladini, Dominque Pinassi, Bobby Paris as the grandchildren, Anthony Patrick, Gina, Anthony Carmine, and Jerome.

*(Kaye Ballard/costar) Kaye Buell (nee Kaye Bellota), an interfering but loving mother-in-law who constantly meddled with her son and his newlywed wife, Suzie. Although Kaye meddled, she did provide Jerry & Suzie with a continuous supply of spaghetti and meatballs. Also featured were Roger C. Carmel and Richard Deacon as Kaye's husband, Roger; and Jerry Fogel as Jerry Beull, Kaye's son. In her younger years, Kaye sang under the name Angelina DiVina, "The Little Girl with the Big Voice." When she ironed her clothes, she belted out a lively rendition of "La Dona Mobalay."

*(Maggie Han/costar) Kimiko Fannuchi, a beautiful Eurasian fashion model who lived in San Francisco loft apartment with Daedalus Patrick Murphy, a lovable, but alcoholic insurance investigator. Kimiko's father was Italian; her mother was Japanese.

**(Nestor Carbonell) Gianni (aka Johnny), an Italian-American gigolo who hung out at Survival Gym, a posh Manhattan health club.

*(Tony Novello/costar) Enzo Cerusico, a poor Italian street child who survived the fighting of World War II to grow up and relocate to America where he joined forces with a criminology Professor whom he had met years before in Italy. His smooth, romantic style contrasted sharply with his conservative mentor.

**(Avery Schreiber) Bernard Manzini, an eccentric antique car collector who coveted a 1928 Porter automobile owned by lawyer Dave Crabtree. Dave continually refused to sell the vehicle because his mother's deceased spirit now resided inside the car.

**(Jenny O'Hara) Dixie Randazzo, mother of six children who worked as an assistant for Samantha Russell, the owner of Russell Scouts Photography Studio in San Francisco, California. Also featured was Stuart Fratkin as Dixie's son, Mickey Randazzo.

**(Jared Leto) Jordan Catalano, a student at Liberty High School. He is Italian-American and a loner. He smokes, procures fake ID for those in need and has a tendency to blink excessively. His academic pursuits are limited to PE and shop [he was left back two years probably because he has trouble reading]. Jordan's family life is not much to talk about. His father usually beats him. In his spare time Jordan plays guitar and writes songs for the rock band The Frozen Embryos. When Jordan needed help with his schoolwork, he enlisted the talents of genius nerd Brian Krakow, who tutored him in exchange for tips on how to get women. Jordon's romantic interests included Angela Chase. Unfortunately, he fell from her grace when he slept with Angela's friend Rayanne Graff. Jordan then enlisted the aid of Brian to write an apology note known as "The Letter" to win Angela back.

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