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**(Amy Hill) Suji, the Japanese-American woman working for a national tabloid paper called The Inquistor. On episode "The Seer & the Sucker, she first meets an odd, nerdy lover of Asian women named Leo and by episode "The Neighbors of Bath" she ultimately fall in love with him. Suji was introduced during the third season in 1997.

**(Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) Lt. A. J. Shimamura, a streetwise Japanese-America police detective who assisted a white police detective named Nash Bridges and his Mexican-American partner at the Special Investigators Unit in San Francisco during the 1996-97 season.

*(Noriyuki Pat Morita) Ohara, a mild-mannered Japanese-American who worked as a detective for the Los Angeles police department. Called the "Un-cop", Ohara shunned firearms, didn't drive and spouted philosophical sayings like "a flea makes life harder for a Jackass than a Jackass for a flea". Brain over brawn was his motto but when necessary he used his proficiency in martial arts to subdue the bad guys. Later in the series, Ohara left the force to become a private investigator along with a fellow police detective.

*(B. D. Wong) Father Ray Makuda, Japanese-American prison chaplain who serviced the convicted criminals in Cell Block 5, the experimental unit known as "Emerald City at the Oswald Maximum Security Prison. He was assisted by Latino Sister Peter Marie (Rita Moreno), a hard-working counselor and spiritual advisor. Wong' other television appearances include Stuart Kim, the Goody Two-shoes older Korean cardiologist brother Margaret Kim on the the sitcom ALL AMERICAN GIRL/ABC/1994-95. Wong was born and raised in San Francisco.

*(Mitsuyo "Mie" Nemoto, Keko "Kei" Masuda) Known as "Pink Lady", these two female Japanese rock singers were introduced to American television via this comedy variety hour. Mie & Kei may have been popular in Japan, but their U.S. debut quickly fizzled out. One reason the series disappeared: the stars spoke very little English and had to be guided through the program sketches by American comedian Jeff Altman. You may remember their rock record "Kiss Me In The Dark."

**(Yasuko Nagazumi) Suki, a Japanese housekeeper for London based special investigator Harry Rule, one of three criminal detectives known as "The Protectors."

**(Noriyuki Pat Morita) Barney, an Oriental-American crewman aboard the Amsterdam Queen a travel-weary ocean liner whose owners had decided to sell it for scrap metal.

QUINCY, M.E./NBC/1976-83
*(Robert Ito/costar) Sam Fujiyama, Japanese-American medical assistant to Dr. R. Quincy, medical examiner for the Los Angeles Coroners Office. The series was inspired by the exploits of Dr. Thomas Noguchi, former L.A. Coroner who investigated the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and John Belushi among others. He was often called "Coroner to the Stars."

**(Kimiko Gelman) Rose, one of five orphaned girls adopted by Nick Foley, a West Coast self-made millionaire who lived in a Bel Air mansion with an aging but hip English butler during the days of 1961. Rose's mother was a Japanese-American imprisoned in an American concentration camp during World War II. While interned she fell in love with an U.S. Army soldier and became pregnant. When the baby's father shipped out, Rose's grandfather gave the baby (Rose) up for adoption. Disheartened, the next day Rose's mother walked in front of a moving train.

*(Jeffrey Meeks) Jonathan Raven, a former special forces agent pursued by a clan of ninja warriors. The program's opening narration summarized the storyline "Jonathan Raven as an American boy being raised in Japan until his parents were killed by assassins. To avenge their death, he joined the Black Dragons, the very organization that murdered his parents. Now in Hawaii, with the help of his old military buddy Ski, he is searching for the son he has never seen." Before leaving Japan, Raven had a liaison with a woman named Aki Moshirho. The union bore a son named Hikatti meaning “Sparkling Light.”

**(Cartoon Character) Kira Finster (Voice of Julia Kato), the Asian bride of Caucasian American Charles “Chazz” Finster, Sr.. Kira met and married Charles as the result of a vacation [The Rugrats in Paris movie 2000]. She is the single mother of daughter, Kimi (voice of Dionne Quan) who became the new sister of two-year-old Chuckie Finster.

**(Kim Miyori) Dr. Wendy Armstrong, Japanese-American medical resident working at Boston's St. Eligius Hospital (a.k.a. "St. Elsewhere"). During the 1982-84 season, Dr. Armstrong's character was written out of the series via suicide brought on by her demanding hospital responsibilities and her depression over her anorexia nervosa problem.

**(Harold Sakata) Kenji Takichi, a rectory cook and athletic coach for the parish of St. Aloysius in San Diego. His boss, Father Samuel Cavanaugh was a former cop turned priest. Perhaps, Harold Sakata's most memorable role was that of the evil enemy agent "Oddjob" in the James Bond spy thriller Goldfinger (1964).

*(John Belushi/costar) Samurai Warrior, a grunting Japanese Samurai with a ponytail and kimono in skits like "Samurai Tailor," "Samurai Night Fever" and "Samurai Hotel." Sid Caesar was the first to do a wild takeoff of a Samurai in the 1950s when he spoofed Japanese films in a sketch called "Ubetchu."

**(Byron Chung) Kuroda, Japanese Probe Control agent responsible for monitoring fellow Probe agents on assignment fitted with sophisticated super-miniaturized transmitter/receiver surveillance devices.

*(Toshiro Mifune/costar) Toranaga, a powerful warlord who lived in feudal Japan in the 1600s. Also featured are Yoko Shimada as Lady Mariko, who interpreted for a shipwrecked English navigator named John Blackthorne (referred to as “Anjin-san”); Frankie Sabai as Yabu; and Nobuo Kaneko as Ishido, Toranaga’s nemesis. The five-part, twelve hour miniseries is based on James Clavell’s epic novel of the same name. See also section on CHINESE - “Noble House”

**(George Takei) Hikaru Sulu, a highly efficient Chief Helmsman of Japanese descent stationed aboard the USS Enterprise, a futuristic starship whose mission was to " out new boldly go where no man has gone before." Born in San Francisco in 2237, Sulu's hobbies included collecting old Earth style weapons, fencing and botany. He later assumed command of the Starship Excelsior in the year 2290. In real life George Takei spent part of WWII in a Japanese internment camp.

**(Rosalind Chao) Keiko Ishikawa O'Brien, a botanist of Japanese descent who transferred to space station Deep Space Nine in 2369 when her husband, Miles O'Brien was promoted to Chief of Operations. Hanna Hatae played their young daughter, Molly who was born on the USS Enterprise-D in 2368. Also seen were Keone Young as Buck Bokai, a holographic image of Asian shortstop for the London Kings who came to life on the episode 16 "If Wishes Were Horses" first aired in 1993. Buck was one of baseball's greatest players. He broke Joe DiMaggio's record for consecutive hits in 2026 and hit the winning home run in the 2042 World Series.

**(Linda Park) Lt. Hoshi Sato, a beautiful Asian female of Japanese descent serving on board the futuristic starship USS Enterprise NX - 01. Ensign Hoshi is a talented linguist. She is in her mid to late 20s, intelligent, spirited and was chosen by commander Archer to act as the crew's communications officer and ship's Translator. An expert in exo-linguistics, she learned to manipulate her vocal chords to emit a range of alien sounds no human has ever produced. Her only gripe with her starship assignment is being trapped in a "tin can" [the starship] that is traveling through space at extreme velocity. Every time the ship jumps to warp, a jittery Hoshi grabs her console and closes her eyes. Hoshi reluctantly gave up her teaching job after being convinced by Archer to join Starfleet. She is one of two women working the Enterprise bridge. Her competition is female Vulcan science officer T'Pol with whom Hoshi shares a sparring relationship. On episode No. 3 "Fight or Flight" Hoshi demonstrates her abilities as a linguist by communicating with an alien species, thus proving her worth and confirming a desire to remain a member of the crew. Note: Linda Park was born 1978 in Korea and raised in San Jose, California. She studied acting at Boston University where she received a B.F.A. She is also a Bronze Level International Latin Ballroom Dancer and a certified actor combatant by the Society of American Fight Directors. Park has also appeared on the high school comedy/drama Popular as Anna Lin in episode "FAG" and in the role of Hannah in Jurassic Park III (2001).

**(Rosalind Chao) Keiko Ishikawa O'Brien, a Starfleet botanist of Japanese descent who married Miles O'Brien, the transporter chief aboard the starship USS Enterprise-D. Also featured were Patti Yatsutake as Nurse Alyssa Ogawa, a member of the Enterprise-D medical staff; Benjamin W. S. Lum as Jim Shimoda, an assistant chief engineer featured on episode No. 3 "The Naked Now"; Robert Ito as Tac Officer Chang in charge of Starfleet Academy examinations on the episode No. 19 "Coming of Age"; and Keone Young as Buck Bokai (a.k.a. Harmon Bokai), one of professional baseball's greatest player who broke Joe DiMaggio's record for consecutive hits in the year 2026 as mentioned on episode No. 13 "The Big Goodbye." The Bokai character was integrated into a holographic program used by the African-American commander Benjamin Sisko to play baseball on board the Enterprise on episode No. 14 "The Storyteller,"; and his holographic image came to life and escaped the confines of his holographic programming on episode No. 16 "If Wishes Were Horses."

TOM OF T.H.U.M.B/ABC/1966-69
*(Cartoon character) Swinging Jack, an Asian janitor who was accidentally shrunk (with his co-worker Tom) by a miniaturization ray gun thus creating T.H.U.M.B (The Tiny Human Underground Military Bureau) the government secret service enlisted them to fight crime. Swinging Jack was proficient in the martial arts.

**(Steve Akakoshi) Pvt. Randy "Doc" Matsuda, a Japanese-American Army soldier assigned as a medic during the Vietnam War in 1967. His character died in action during the 1987-88 season. The program also featured a number of oriental actors who portrayed the many Vietnamese soldiers, peasants etc. This series was the first series to actually address the issues of the Vietnam War during prime time television.

21 JUMP STREET/FOX/1987-90
*(Dustin Nguyen/costar) Harry Truman "H. T." Ioki, a young Japanese-American police officer (with iratic driving skills) who was assigned to an elite squad of baby-faced cops posing as high school students to battle juvenile crime. (A sort of MOD SQUAD of the 1980's.) His parents moved to the U.S.A. after World War II. Once Ioki commented he was "named after the guy who dropped an atom bomb on my house". He learned to speak English by watching old DRAGNET reruns and once thought a "Stake-out" was what you did to get a "Sirloin-to-go." Later in the series (12/20/87 episode) it was revealed that Ioki was actually a Vietnamese refugee. In real life Nguyen had escaped Saigon in 1975 by boat to Guam and later arrived in the U.S.A. His character was in many ways autobiographical.

WEST WING/NBC/1999-2006
**(Suzy Nakamura) Kathy, an Asian Aide to the Deputy Communications Director, the presidential advisor at the White House during the Bartlet Administration. Earlier in her career Nakamura appeared in a recurring role as a smart-mouthed lawyer on the short-lived (4 episodes) legal sitcom COMMON LAW/ABC/1996.

Other Programs of Interest

MR. NISSAN (TV Commercial)

*(Dale Ishimoto) Mr. Nissan, a mysterious man with the terrier dog, glasses, baseball cap and a big grin featured on a series of Nissan automobile TV commercials in 1997. The mystic Mr. Nissan character was based on the former Nissan president Yutaka Katayama who reportedly represented "honor, integrity and fun." The 60-ish actor Dale Ishimoto who played Mr. Nissan was born in Delta, Colorado and served as a veteran of the US Army. Before playing Mr. Nissan, Ishimoto's acting credits included parts on MCHALE'S NAVY, KUNG FU and other TV commercials.

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