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**(Anne Haney) Juanita Holman, the sour Hispanic housekeeper for the Foster family. Also featured was Pablo Irlanda as Mauricio Butler, a hot tempered youth who belonged to an after-school boxing club called the TKO Club.

*(George López) George López, a blue-collar, Mexican-American assembly line worker promoted to manage a Los Angeles-based airplane parts factory. George's family consists of Constance Marie as his loving, supportive wife, Angie López (her parents Vic and Emilina are Cuban); Belita Moreno as Benny López, George's acerbic, insensitive, meddling mother; the never-seen Manny López, George's father who left years ago - Benny is reluctant to tell George the real identity of his father, even claiming him dead); Masiela Lusha as the very bright teenager daughter, Carmen López; Luis Armand Garcia as their adorable but precocious nine-year-old son, Max López; and Valente Rodriguez as Ernesto 'Ernie' Cardenas, George's best friend and coworker at the factory. This Sandra Bullock-produced half-hour comedy series was loosely based on veteran stand-up comic George Lopez's real life. A A native of Los Angeles, George had hosted his own radio show in the City of Angles, where he was the first Latino to headline the keystone morning radio slot on KCMG-FM, an English-language station. A frequent guest on the TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno, George also has had recurring roles in the sitcom THE BROTHERS GARCIA and the drama RESURRECTION BOULEVARD. Trivia Note: Sandra Bullock makes cameo appearances on the show as a klutzy, injury-prone warehouse worker dubbed "Accident Amy."

**(Cheech Marin) Chuy Castillos, recently divorced Mexican chef working at "The Golden Palace," a small Art Deco hotel in the trendy South Bay section of Miami Beach. Marin was born in South Central Los Angeles and raised in Granada Hills, California. He studied English at California State College, Northridge.

*(Paul Rodriguez) Pedro N. Gomez, an Hispanic bounty hunter who teamed with a Caucasian partner to track down bail-bond jumpers in the Los Angeles area. Other cast included Abel Franco as Al Ramirez, the owner of Aztec Bail Bonds; and Lupe Ontiveros as Grandma Gomez. Pedro's car license plate reads: VATO UNO.Paul Rodriguez also hosted the daytime version of the syndicated NEWLYWED GAME, replacing Bob Eubanks.

**(Don Cervantes) Rodriquez, streetwise Hispanic student attending remedial education classes taught by Ralph Hinkley (a.k.a. "The Great American Hero").

*(Pablo Santos/costar) David Tiant, a quick-witted 15-year-old who faces the challenge of growing up in an ethnically-mixed family in Tucson, Arizona. David's father Jacquin (Julio Oscar Mechosa) is a pragmatic, old-fashioned Mexican-American who recently got promoted and moved to a bigger house in a nicer upper-middle class neighborhood. (The Tiants' last house had bars on the windows and was subject to frequent police helicopter flyovers). David's red-haired mother, Elizabeth (Rebecca Creskoff) is a fiercely proud Irish Catholic who is devoted to her children. The rest of the family consist of Aimee Garcia as his older sister, Maria, a bitchy cheerleader (she rejects her Mexican heritage and tells people she is Spanish); Jacob Vargas as David's colorful, live-in Uncle Ernesto who works as an animal control officer and has three ex-wives and a young son named Daniel (Bobby Chavez) and Lupe Ontiveros as David's hip, free-spirited, rule-breaking grandmother, Magdalena. Sara Paxton plays pretty blonde teenager, Sara Tobin, the next-door neighbor on whom David has a crush. Produced by Big Ticket Television, a division of Paramount Television Production, this autobiographical comedy series is based on the life of the show's creator Peter Murrieta.

HARRY O/ABC/1974-76
**(Henry Darrow) Det. Lt. Manuel "Manny" Quinlan, an Hispanic San Diego police detective who often became involved in the cases of private detective Harry Orwell, a retired police detective. Lt. Quinlan was killed off during a February 1975 telecast.

*(Nestor Servano/costar) Raphael Martinez, an Hispanic orphan adopted by a Michael "Mike" Ragland and his wife along with two other orphans. Years later, Mike, a Captain with the 77th Precinct of the L.A.P.D. organized a special undercover unit called "The Hat Squad" headed by his three adopted sons. Raphael is a bit of a ladies' man. But despite his swagger he refuses to carry a gun, (as a child, he saw his parents gunned down). His weapon of choice is a special jack of spades playing card with razor sharp edges.

**(Linda Cristal) Victoria Cannon, Mexican daughter of Don Sebastian Montoya (Frank Silvera) and heiress to a vast land holdings who married an American cattle rancher, Big John Cannon. Henry Darrow played her impetuous brother, Manolito Montoya who lived at the Cannon's Arizona territory ranch knows as the High Chaparral. Also featured were Roberto Contreras as Pedro, a ranch hand; and Rudy Ramos as Wind, a half-breed youth who became part of the Cannon clan.

**(Ramon Franco) Enrique Cruz, Hispanic schoolteacher working in Bear Lake, California, nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

**(Jennifer Lopez) Melinda Lopez, Mexican girl hired as a bartender at a luxury hotel in Malibu, California. Pepe Serna played Salvatore, her overly protective father. Both actors played the same characters in the short-lived serial drama SECOND CHANCES/CBS/1993-94.

**(Luis Avalos) Lt. Gomez, Hispanic police officer who interacted with Jackson Beaudine, an easygoing Los Angeles private eye assisted by his three ex-wives.

**(Mel Blanc) Sy, the little Mexican who wore a serape, sombrero and spoke in monosyllables. A typical exchange between Sy and comedian Jack Benny would go something like this.

Jack: Excuse me are you waiting for a train?
Sy: Si
Jack: What's your name?
Sy: Sy
Jack: What's your sister's name?
Sy: Sue
Jack: What does she do?
Sy: Sew

**(Liz Torres/costar) Mahalia Sanchez, the loud, sarcastic Hispanic assistant manager working at the Cross Roads Bus Terminal in St. Louis, Missouri, who believed she should be running the place (seedy as it was) instead of the current manager John Hemingway, a well-educated but recovering alcoholic.

**(Priscilla Lopez) Rosa Villanueva, a Mexican-American head nurse working at Manhattan General Hospital, and best friend of female physician, Kay O'Brien.

KINGPIN/NBC/2003 (Miniseries)
*(Yancey Arias) Miguel Cadena, a Stanford-educated Mexican-American businessman who has taken over the reigns of his family's drug trafficking interests. His colleagues in this smuggling endeavors included Sheryl Lee as his Caucasian wife, Marlene who uses her talents as a lawyer to circumvent the US government's efforts to bring down the drug cartel; Ruben Carbajel as Joey, the Cadena's 8-year-old son; Bobby Cannavale as Chato, Miguel's ruthless brother. Angela Alvarado Rosa appeared as Delia Flores, a DEA agent who is hot on the trail of the Cardena's North American drug operations.

**(Joe Lala) Cito Escobar, the Mexican cab driver who shared the home of his father-in-law Everett Daye, a local San Diego KLOP radio station personality (the host of "Knight & Daye") Also featured were Lela Ivey as Ellie Escobar, Everett's married daughter; and the Escobar children Chris, Amy, Dougie and Laurie (played by Emily Schulman, Shiri Appleby; Glenn Walker Harris, Jr., and Brittany Thornton.

L.A. HEAT/SYN/1996
**(Leticia Robles) Maria Vallejo, an Hispanic-American police detective working in Los Angeles.

L.A. LAW/NBC/1986-94
*(Jimmy Smits/costar) Victor Sifuentes, a principled, newly hired, Mexican lawyer (raised in the Barrio) who worked for a high-priced Los Angeles law firm of McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak. Victor was hired to meet the firms racial quota. During the 1992-94 season A. Martinez joined the firm as partner Daniel Morales, the second Hispanic attorney to be hired at the office.

**(Anacani) Beautiful young Latin-American female singer (sang Spanish language songs) featured on the syndicated version of THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW. She first got an audition to perform for Welk when her mother and her accidentally (on purpose) bumped into him at his Escondido restaurant in the early 1970's. She performed from 1972 until the program ended.

**(Mark Adair Rios) Ramos, brilliant Mexican assistant of Professor Janos Bartok, an eccentric genius living in the Old West of 1876 who created amazing inventions for a dime novelist with the pseudonym Nicodemous Legend.

**(Anthony Munoz) Chico, Hispanic male working for Los Angeles-based Tri-Star Bail Bonds Agency.

**(Lalaine) Miranda Isabella Sanchez, a dark-haired Hispanic best friend of blonde Caucasian teenager, Lizzie McGuire and a boy named David "Gordo" Gordon. They attend North Hills Junior High (later called Hillridge Middle School in District 41) in California and like to chat on-line or talk on the phone. Miranda's on-line name is "MANDER." She got the lead role in Mr. Escobar's play "Greasier" as Rhonda Doppapopoulos but she really can't act. However, when she joined the Glee Club, she could sing just fine. Miranda's view on exercise "Girls' PE totally sucks!" . Daniel R. Escobar plays Mr. Escobar, a teacher at HIllridge Middle School. Miranda's parents were played by Dyana Orteli as Mrs. Sanchez and Armando Molina Miranda's father, Edward Sanchez (originally seen in a series of still photos). Shalim (born in Puerto Rico) plays Miranda's cousin Carlos from Mexico City. Lalaine was born June 3, 1987.

**(Eddie Velez) Ricardo Sandoval, an Hispanic TV news anchor of the noon newscast and evening reporter for Los Angeles Channel 3. Wanda De Jesus also appeared as reporter Liz Vega.

**(Emilio Delgado) Reuben Castillo, Hispanic reporter working for The Los Angeles Tribune newspaper as the "National Editor" (during the1979-82 season).

**(Miscellaneous Actors) Mexican bandits who attacked settlements along the American border during the 1870s. The program chronicled the story of US 4th Cavalry officer, Colonel Ronald S. Mackenzie (Richard Carlson) who formed a band of raiders under the secret orders from President Grant and General Sheridan to battle these marauders and if necessary pursue them across the Rio Grande into Mexico.

**(Conchata Ferrel) Vangie Cruise, an Hispanic owner of a local San Pedro bar frequented by veteran police detective, Jim McClain.

*(Anthony Quinn) Mayor Thomas Jefferson Alcala, a rugged Hispanic-American politician who had been active in the political struggles of a fast growing Southwestern city. The series was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Carmen Zapata appeared as Josefina.

*(Elena Verdugo/costar) Consuelo Lopez, a caring, loyal nurse of Hispanic descent working for a 62-year-old general practitioner who operated out of a converted house in Santa Monica, California. Dolores Del Rio played Consuelo's mother in an episode in which Mrs. Lopez (Del Rio) was dying of cancer. Note: Elena Verdugo had previously starred on the sitcom MEET MILLIE/CBS/1952-56 where she played a non-Hispanic named Millie Bronson who worked as a Manhattan-based secretary.

**(Henry Darrow) Lt. Rojas, Hispanic San Francisco police officer who acted as a contact for a mother and daughter private eye team.

**(Terry Ivens) Dr. Elizabeth Vasquez, Hispanic-American first-year resident physician at a Seattle Medical Center. She later died in a car accident caused when she fell asleep at the wheel on her way home from work.

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