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*(Cheech Marin/costar) Joe Dominguez, a balding, easy-going Mexican-American police detective teamed with a white partner who chases crooks through the streets of San Francisco in a yellow 1970s Barracuda. Joe was married to a Swedish woman named Inger. Stephen Berra played their son J.J. Dominguez. Also featured were Jaime P. Gomez as detective Evan Cortez [later killed in a drug bust gone bad]. Evan fell in love with Nash Bridges daughter, Cassidy. He died from a gun shot during a drug bust.

*(Benjamin Bratt/costar) Eduardo Cruz, a Latino policeman and one of five drug agents known as the "Nasty Boys" working undercover in Las Vegas. Bratt studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

**(Henry Darrow) Alex Montenez, Hispanic stage manager for a Arizona-based daytime soap opera "Those Who Care" starring Dick Preston as Brad Fairmont. Also featured were Chita Rivera as Connie Richards, the Preston's next-door neighbor; and Carmen Zapata as the Preston's maid.

*(Bernard White/costar) Carl Molina, an Hispanic plainclothes detective working for the Los Angeles Police Department. Molina (who didn't speak Spanish) was teamed with a white partner (who did speak Spanish).

**(Roxann Biggs) Yolanda "Yolo" Puente, a token Latino student nurse working at the Wilshire Community Hospital in Los Angeles.

*(Robert Loggia) Elfego Baca, a peace-loving frontier sheriff of Mexican descent (later turned lawyer) who lived in Socorro County, New Mexico in the 1880s. Elfego chose compromise over fighting, and avoided wearing firearms if he could solve a confrontation amicably. The program was produced under the "Frontierland" banner of WALT DISNEY PRESENTS/ABC/1954-61. Also featured were Leonard Strong as Zangano; Valerie Allen as Lucita; and Ramon Navarro as Don Estevan.

**(Richard Yniguez) Lt. Jessie Guerrera, an Hispanic Los Angeles police detective working with a Japanese police detective named Ohara whose martial arts skills helped both of them out on occasion.

*(Jose Perez) Hector Fuentes, a wisecracking, convicted petty thief imprisoned with a variety of felons at the Minimum Security Prison at Alamesa, California.

**(Mario Lopez) Bobby Cruz, a Mexican-American security guard (introduced during 1998 season) who teams with a group of Southern California beach patrol bike cops to snare a drug dealer and later joins the group as a police officer. Earlier during the 1996-98 season Marcos A. Ferraez appeared as Officer Victor Del Toro. His mother raised Victor alone while living in Santa Fe. To potty train her son, she gave him a nickel each time he successfully did his duty.

**(Rick Batalla) Bellhop, a bumbling Hispanic bellhop working at the Whispering Pines hotel along the California coast. The character was based on a bellhop from Spain (Barcelona) seen on the BBC produced series FAWLTY TOWERS.

**(Animated Cartoon) El Hombre, a bearded Hispanic cartoon hero who helped the weak and defenseless and spoke only in Spanish. He wore a tee-shirt and a bandana wrapped around his head. Also featured was Jimmy Smits as an Hispanic electrician who repaired Pee Wee's robot named Conky.

**(A. Martinez) Nick Cooper, Hispanic Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent (explosives expert) working for a group of Atlanta-based FBI serial profilers. For a time, Nick was the love interest of a near clairvoyant forensic psychologist named Samantha Waters. Nick first joined forces with the VCTF (Violent Crimes Task Force) on a case involving a bomber who was threatening to blow up a power plant in Pittsburgh. He was later retained as a consultant with the VCTF. Also featured was Roma Maffia as Dr. Grace Alvarez, a Forensic Criminalist and Pathologist assigned to the VCTF.

**(Robert Cabal) Hey Soos Patines, a Mexican cattle drover who worked with a crew of cowhands along the Kansas Sedalia Trail of the late 1800's.

**(Tony Martinez) Pepino Garcia, a guitar-playing, Mexican farmhand who worked at a San Fernando Valley ranch owned by a grouchy Grandpa McCoy and his newlywed grandson, Luke. Pepino often answered in the affirmative by saying "Si, Señor Grandpa". When Pepino speaks Spanish, Grandpa says “Talk United States. I don’t understand that lingo.”

**(Mina Martinez) Linda Martinez, the Mexican cook at a New Mexico cattle ranch owned by James Howard Redigo. Other cast included Rudy Solari as Frank Martinez, Linda's husband and Redigo's ranch hand; and Elena Verdugo as Gerry, Redigo's romantic interest who worked as the assistant manager of the Gran Quivera Hotel in the nearby town of Mesa.

*(Michael DeLorenzo) Carlos Santiago, a Mexican-American boxer who becomes the Middle Weight Champion of the world after a remarkable recovery from a gunshot wound. Carlos lives with his widower father Roberto Santiago (Tony Plana) and three generation of his family (Miguel, Yolanda, Alex and Victoria) under one roof on Resurrection Boulevard in East Los Angeles. Nicholas Gonzalez as Alex Santiago is the youngest son, who quit UCLA to fill in for Carlos as the family's boxing contender only to be robbed of his title, has now returned to school as a pre-med student. Ruth Livier as Yolanda Santiago is the oldest sister. Mauricio Mendoza as Miguel Santiago is the oldest son who helped train his brothers, but has moved on to become a boxing promoter and fight organizer focused on Carlos' career. Marisol Nichols as Victoria Santiago is a high school student and the youngest of the Santiagos. Elizabeth Peña as aunt Beatrice "Bibi" Corrales is Roberto's sexy and outspoken sister-in-law, has kept the Santiago household in order since the death of Roberto's wife. Daniel Zacapa as Ruben Santiago, Roberto's brother is a brain damaged ex-boxer who doesn't speak, but nonetheless is smarter than he lets on.

*(Reni Santoni) Ricardo Sanchez, an Hispanic clothing manufacturer who moved his family from the barrio of East Los Angeles to the exclusive neighborhood of Bel Air. His family members included Marius Del Mar as Rita; and Richard Coca as Miguel.

*(A Martinez/costar) Cruz Castillo, leading Hispanic hunk/heroic cop, who has suffered through earthquakes, car crashes and being framed for murder on this popular daytime soap opera. He married Eden Capwell, a beautiful Caucasian in the Spring of 1988. A Martinez later starred as a lawyer on L.A. LAW/NBC/1992-93.

*(Cartoon Characters) - Carmen and Paco de la Antchez, two bugs who lived in the insect town of Santa Bugito located along the Mexican border. The main hangout in this sleepy little borough of bugs was Carmen's Cafe.

**(Ramon Bieri) Barney Verick, an Hispanic San Diego chief of detectives and friend of "Sarge," a policeman turned priest.

*(Mario Lopez) A .C. Slater, Hispanic friend of white teenager attending Bayside High School in Palisades, California. Slater continued to appeared in the spin-off series SAVED BY THE BELL: THE COLLEGE YEARS/NBC/1993-94 when he enrolled at California University.

**(Jennifer Lopez) Melinda Lopez, a Mexican-American coed engaged to a socially prominent non-Hispanic law student. Pepe Serna played Salvador Lopez, her overly protective father who sought to sabotage his daughters romance. Both actors played the same roles in HOTEL MALIBU/CBS/1994. Also featured were Daniel Gonzalez as Cesar Lopez; and John Chaidez as Johnny Lopez.

**(Freddy Rodriquez) Frederico "Rico" Diaz, a Latino restorative artist who worked at Fisher & Sons Funeral Home in Los Angeles, California. Seeing talent in Rico, Mr. Nathaniel Fisher, the owner of the mortuary put Frederico through mortuary school. Unfortunately, about five years later Mr. Fisher was killed when a bus broadsided the new company hearse. Subsequently, Fisher's sons Nate and David took over the business. When Rico asked for a raise and was refused, he took a job at the rival conglomerate Kroehner Service International. But the new place was cold and impersonal and the hours were bad. Luckily, Nate Fisher offered to take Rico back at the same ray rate as their rival. Now Rico meticulously prepares dead bodies with makeup and other cosmetic improvements before they are put out for burial. A perfectionist, by nature, Rico once protested "The woman looks like a banana. I don't airbrush her, the family's gonna freak. You want to put her out like that then take my name off the certificate." Rico is married with two children. Justina Machado played the role of Vanessa Diaz, Rico's wife. Actor Freddy Rodriquez is a Chicago native. His other TV credits included Oh Grow Up (1999), Seduced by Madness (1996) and Party of Five (1994) and a starring role in the HBO film, For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story with Andy Garcia and Gloria Este.

**(Gregory Sierra) Vic Maldonado, Los Angeles-based police lieutenant who supervises an Irish-American detective (whose partner is an outer space alien).

*(Marco Sanchez/costar) Carlos Sandoval, Mexican-American private eye based in Dallas, Texas who ran the "Sons of Thunder" detective agency. with his white partner. Carlos is martial arts trained and ready for action. According to the TV theme song Carlos and his partner "got thunder in their soul."

**(Sophia Ortiz) Tracy Vilar, a sassy, soft-hearted Hispanic student attending Booker T. Washington High School in inner city Chicago. Merlin Santana appeared as her boyfriend Romeo Santana, a smooth-talking ladies man.

**(Lisa Antille) Lisa Flores, an attractive, young Mexican housekeeper, new to the United States who worked for the Rush family while she studied to become a citizen.

**(Mariska Hargitay) Angela Garcia, an Hispanic Los Angeles police rookie partnered with a NYPD police officer on loan to a California beach town.

**(Tony Plana) Luis Escobar, an Hispanic operative working for Total Security, a private security firm based in Los Angeles.

*(Paul Rodriguez & Eddie Velez) Tony Rivera and John Hernandez, two Hispanic roommates living in Los Angeles. John was fresh out of law school and Tony was a streetwise tee-shirt salesman selling his wares on Olvera Street.

*(Rodolfo Hoyos) Luis Valdez, a Chicano plumber and father to a East Los Angeles family which included Carmen Zapata as his wife, Sophia; James Victor, Nelson D. Cueves and Claudio Martinez as his sons Victor, Ernesto, and Pepe; Lisa Mordente as his teenage daughter, Connie; and Jorge Cervera, Jr. as Jerry Ramirez, a Mexican cousin.

**(Ada Maris) Maria Conchita Lopez, an out-going Mexican immigrant turned Beverly Hills housekeeper who attended night school in Los Angeles to study to become a citizen. Her love of clothing influenced her term paper on George Washington. She concluded that not only was he the father of our country but he was also a fashion trend setter. Julian Reyes appeared as Victor Ortega, a fellow student who was attracted to Maria.

**(Carlos Romero) Rico Rodriguez, reformed Mexican gunfighter who became one of two deputies working in the frontier town of Wichita, Kansas in the post Civil War days of 1800s.

*(John Di Aguino/costar) Vargas De La Cosa, a gunsmith equally handy with a knife who belonged to the "Wildside Chamber of Commerce" a secret vigilante law-enforcement group founded (and answerable to the Governor) to clean up the Northern California frontier territory filled with local gangs and wandering renegades.

*(Edward Albert/costar) Quisto Champion, the half-Mexican lawyer and son of the late Wade Champion, an Anglo who built the The Yellow Rose ranch, a 200,000 acre spread in west Texas. Wade's sons Roy and Quisto ran the place with the help of Wade's 29-year-old widow, Colleen Champion.


Other Programs of Interest

*(Voice of Mel Blanc) Frito Bandito, a stereotypical Mexican bandit with a large brim hat, pot belly and slurred English accent seen in a number of Frito Lay Corn Chip commercials in the late 1960s. In 1969, under pressure from the Mexican Anti-Defamation Committee, a group of concerned Hispanics who claimed the character's "sneaky thief" image was damaging to the Mexican-American culture, the commercial was pulled off the air. A Frito Lay survey however, indicated that nearly ninety percent of the Hispanic viewing public liked the character (8% did not). The Frito Bandito campaign was created by the Foote, Cone & Belding Agency.

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