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KANE & ABEL/1985 (Mini-series)
*(Peter Strauss) Abel Rosnovski, a wealthy businessman who created the world’s largest chain of hotels. Before coming to New York, Able [born in the Polish countryside] spent many years working in Siberian prison camp. Able now struggles to maintain his business empire while doing battle with William Kan, a wealthy Bostonian and Wall Street banker. Abel’s relatives include Alberta Watson as Zofia Rosnovski; and Kate McNeil as Florentyna Rosnovski.

*(Ron Liebman) Martin "Kaz" Kazinsky, an ex-cop, ex-auto thief, who passes the bar exam and begins his career as an attorney at the Los Angeles law firm of Bennett, Rheinhart and Alquist.


*(Darren McGavin) Carl Kolchak, a wisecracking journalist for the Chicago's Independent News Service who usually returned from his assignments with unbelievable tales of vampire, werewolves, etc.

**((Michael McMean) Lenny Kosnowski, Milwaukee brewery truck driver and dufus sidekick of Squiggy Squiggman (David L. Lander) who lived in the same apartment complex as brewery coworkers, Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney. Lenny's family surname "Kosnowski" translated into English means "Help! There is a hog in my kitchen." His last name was "Kolowski" in earlier episodes.

*(Wladziu Valentino, a.k.a. Liberace) Liberace, popular pianist Wladziu Valentino ("Lee" to his friends) who starred in this network musical variety program. A syndicated version of the program was filmed from 1953-55; followed by THE LIBERACE SHOW/ABC/1958-59; and then again he reappeared in his own CBS network series in 1969. He often played the song "I'll Be Seeing You" as a closing number. Liberace, earned his nickname "Mr. Showmanship" for his flamboyant stage shows which included glittering wardrobes studded in sequins and rhinestone-covered pianos. Liberace, a child prodigy, soloed at the age of fifteen with the Chicago symphony orchestra. During the Depression, he played his piano in nightclubs to help his family (using his first stage name of Buster Keys).To give his act a little more class in the 1940s, he placed a candelabrum on the top of his piano. The most flashy part of his act was his wardrobe. Originally, he wore a tuxedo with tails and later dressed in a gold or plaid jacket while performing. However, when his fans began to out dress him, not to be outdone Liberace began wearing more and more outrageous costumes which eventually became an expensive joke costing an average of $1,000,000 a year and weighing in excess of 100 pounds a piece. But with a reported salary of $250,000 a week, he could afford it. Milton Berle recalled Liberace once saying that one of his red glittering jackets was actually "20,000 fire flies in heat." Negative critiques of his performances prompted Liberace to invent his now famous quote "I cried all the way to the bank." Years later he remarked, "Remember the bank I cried all the way to?...I bought it." Liberace debuted on local Los Angeles television in 1951, followed by a summer musical variety series His last public appearance was on the 1986 Christmas telecast of the syndicated talk show series THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW. Liberace died in his favorite Palm Springs home on February 4, 1987. The Riverside County coroner, Raymond Carrillo ruled his death (originally listed as congestive heart failure brought on by inflammation of the brain) as being due to complications brought on by the AIDS virus. Memorial services were held at St. Anne's Catholic Church in Las Vegas (a town where he often played to sold-out performances). His body was buried next to his mother, Frances and brother, George in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles. In memory of the ever-smiling performer whose appeal spanned all age groups, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce placed a wreath on Liberace's star on the Walk of Fame; and the Palm Springs City Hall flew their flag at half mast. Artifacts of his career are now displayed in The Liberace Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

**(John Schuck) Captain Walter Koskiusko Waldowski, dentist stationed at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital based in Korea during the Korean War. Waldowski is nicknamed “The Painless Pole” and widely known as the ‘the best-equipped dentist in the Army.” This Polish character although appearing in the 1970 Robert Altman film M*A*S*H never made it to the TV series spin-off. In the film he planned to commit suicide when he believed he was experiencing “latent homosexuality” after not being able to “get it on” with an Army nurse.

*(Charles Bronson) Mike Kovac, New York City photographer working freelance for newspapers, insurance companies, etc. who helped the police solve crimes. Other cast included Ludwig Stossel as Anton Kovac, Mike's father. Ludwig Stossel is remembered for his of character "The Little Old Wine Maker" the sweet little old spokesman for Italian Swiss Colony wine who dressed in an Alpine hat and lederhosen in a series of TV commercials in the 1960s.

*(Lariane Stephens) Claire Kronski, an attractive private practice attorney working for Matt Helm, a former intelligence agent turned private eye. Matt once described Claire as "the most honest lawyer who ever lived, but one of the sneakiest people I have ever known."

**(Devon Odessa)Sharon Cherski, a student at Liberty High School. Considered to be "Miss Perfect" by her classmates [also voted "Best Hooters" in the sophomore class], Sharon loves to wear pink colors and is involved in a number of extra-curricular activities including playing the Oboe, working on the school yearbook, Teen Hotline volunteer and organizer of the World Happiness Dance. Sharon is also the former best friend and Girl Scout buddy of Angela Chase [whose taken up with a wilder crowd]. Sharon's family includes her father Andy; and mother Sharon [into handcuffs and sex videos] who is the best friend of Angela's mother, Patty. Sharon later made up with Angela after Andy's heart attack and became a friend of Rayanne Marie Graff [voted "Most Slut Potential" in the sophomore class]. Sharon is also a friend of Delia Fisher, a new student and yearbook staffer who has a crush on Ricky Vasquez, a gay student.

**(Dick Butkus) Ed Klawicki, a former football player of Polish descent who operated a local diner located in the lobby of an apartment in New York City.

NYPD BLUE/ABC/1994-2005
*(Dennis Franz/costar) Detective Andy Sipowicz, a dedicated homicide detective of Polish descent working in a busy downtown New York City police station. He married an attorney of Greek descent. Andy leads a tragic life. He is a recovering alcoholic, his only son Andy, Jr. died in the line of duty (killed during a robbery); his second wife, Sylvia was shot and killed in the court house. His partner Bobby Simone died of a heart condition, His next partner, Danny Sorenson was killed during an undercover assignment. The only sunshine in his life is his son, Theo (Sylvia's child).

**(Diane Delano) Sgt. Barbara Semanski, a burly Polish-American Alaskan state trooper who was a staunch protector of justice. Her extreme rigidity with following the letter of the law compromised her affections with a local entrepreneur (He cheated the IRS) who had the hots for her large blonde Amazonian body.

*(Mia Korf/costar) Christine Kowalski, Special FBI agent coordinating the efforts of three ex-cons recruited by FBI experimental unit that uses streetwise felons to bring down criminals in high-risk undercover scams. Despite her last name the Christine facial features reveal some Asian ancestry as well.

*(Lee Majors/costar) Herman “Ski” Jablonski, a security analyst (and former special forces agent) of Polish descent who came to aid of friend Jonathan Raven, a former ninja turned private eye based on Oahu, Hawaii. Ski loves pastrami. He also has a fondness for weapons: he carries four guns, brass knuckles and a knife for protection.

*(Thom Bray) Murray Bozinski, a bumbling electronics genius and computer whiz (the creator of "Roboz," the robot) who assisted the California-based private detectives, Nick Ryder and Cody Allen.

**(Philip Charles MacKenzie) Midas Metcovich, hustling US Army Specialist of Polish heritage stationed in Saigon, Vietnam in 1967. He owns the local bar called the Midas Bar and is the television director for “The AFVN News and Sports”, a six O’clock news program produced by the Armed Forces Vietnam Network.

*(Rick Hall/costar) Artie Popowski, a Polish-American patio furniture salesman whose job is a front for illegal business operations. When he gets arrested, he is sentenced to eight years in the New Jersey Penitentiary (prison number: 01832). His wife Lorraine Popowski (Rosie O’Donnell) works as a stock clerk at Bargain Circus and lived in a mobile home at the Camelot Court Trailer Park before moving in with her sister-in-law Rochelle Dumphy whose husband (also incarcerated) assisted Artie in the criminal activities.

**(Diana Muldaur) Dr. Katherine Pulaski, the chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D stationed in the Alpha Quadrant. She replaced Dr. Beverly Crusher after she accepted an assignment as Head of Starfleet Medical in 2365 [Beverly returned a year later and Pulaski departed].

*(Melonie Haller) Angie Globagoski, a female student at James Buchanan High School in Brooklyn who belonged to a group of hardcore underachievers known as “Sweathog” [introduced in January 1978.]

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