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**(Liz Torres) Teresa Betancourt, a Puerto Rican female who took a room at the home of Archie Bunker during the 1976-77 season. Temporarily laid off, Archie took in Teresa Betancourt as a boarder. When Archie opened his corner bar, "Archie's Place," he hired a Puerto Rican bus boy named Jose (Abraham Alvarez/1979-83), a Nicaraguan immigrant and later Raoul (Joe Rosario/1980-83).

*(Gregory Sierra/costar) Det. Sgt. Chano Amenguale, a Puerto Rican plainclothes detective who worked with fellow officers in New York's 12th Precinct station located in Greenwich Village.

B. L. STRYKER/ABC/1989-90
**(Rita Moreno) Kimberly Baskin, Puerto Rican ex-wife of B. L. Stryker, a former New Orleans cop living in Palm Beach.

**(Michael DeLorenzo) Salvatore Guiterrez, a Puerto-Rican-American teenager who attended Benjamin Harrison High School in New York City (a.k.a. "The Bronx Zoo"). He didn't do drugs, run with a gang, nor did he write his name on walls. However, he was late for school and missed 32 out of the first 45 days of school.

**(Rita Moreno) Angie Corea, a fussy but loyal Puerto-Rican housekeeper for a retired black criminologist.

**(Lisa Vidal) Inspector Magdelena "Magda" Ramirez, streetwise Puerto-Rican policewoman with amber hair and leather jacket who works at SFPD Central Station in San Francisco. Magda takes her work very seriously and is often torn between her family and the Department. When her family began to use her association with the police as a perk to get have her fix parking tickets and get lighter sentences for a cocaine arrest, a frustrated Magda announced to them all "I'm on strike, I'm no longer going to be your personal cop-for-hire." One of seven children in a Puerto Rican family, police work is Magda’s way of trying to make the world a better place...for herself, for her son, Ben. Magda's husband left when he learned she was pregnant Actress Lisa Vidal had previously played police woman in the TV series NEW YORK UNDERCOVER (as Carmen Torres); HIGH INCIDENT (Officer Jessica Helgado); ER (CFD Lt. Sandy Lopez) and THIRD WATCH (as Dr. Sara Morales).

**(Erica Gimpel/costar) Coco Hernandez, talented Hispanic singer/dancer who attended the famous High School for the Performing Arts in New York City. during the 1882-83 season. Also featured was Jesse Borrego as Jesse Valesquez, another talented dance student featured during the 1984-87 seasons

FAME L.A./SYN/1997-98
**(Roselyn Sanchez) Lili Arguelo, a strikingly beautiful Latino woman from Puerto Rico. Lili has been studying dance since she was eight-years-old. Ballet, tap, jazz, funk -- you name it and she can do it. She has great confidence and inner strength, a result of her strong upbringing. No stranger to struggle, she has witnessed great poverty in her own family and community. Yet, she is determined and emotionally equipped to follow her dream to be a professional dancer. Born March 14, 1970 in San Juan, Roselyn Sanchez moved to New York City at age 21 to study acting, dancing and singing. Born in San Juan she had been in commercials and music videos at age 15. She became co-host, dancer and choreographer of Puerto Rico's number #1 weekly television comedy-variety show, "Que Vacilon," where she starred for three years. In 1993, she won the title of Miss Puerto Rico Petite, and in 1994, she successfully represented Puerto Rico to win the national title of Miss America Petite. She later played the role of Pilar Domingo, the first-ever Latina character in the 40-year history of CBS soap opera "As the World Turns." While in New York, she also wrote and performed her one-woman show, "Out Here On My Own." Roselyn also played the role of Kim Veras on the police drama RYAN CAULFIELD: YEAR ONE (1999. (Check out the official official FAME L.A. web site at

**(Alejandro Rey) Carlos Ramirez, a handsome Puerto Rican playboy/discotheque owner who was patron to the nuns at the Convent San Tanco near Puerto Rico. The cast also included Shelley Morrison as Sister Sixto, a Puerto Rican nun who valiantly tried to learn the proper phraseologies of the English language ("The plumbing. She's on the blank."); Vito Scotti as Police Captain Gaspar Formento; and Manuel Padilla, Jr as Marcello, the orphan boy.

**(Rachel Ticotin) Corporal Grace Pavlik, a tough Puerto Rican military recruit (the only female) stationed at the U.S. Army Post in Fort Geller, Texas, the headquarters for the 88th Airborne Division.

**(Trinidad Silva) Jesus Martinez, a cocky Puerto Rican street tough/gang leader of the Diablos with a talent for sweet talking his way out of trouble. His character softened a bit when he got married. He later took up the practice of law, however there was a small problem. He didn't have a law degree. During a 1982 episode Lt. Ray Calletano (Rene Enriquez) was honored as the department's "Hispanic Officer of the Year". Angered at the fact that his colleagues had mistaken him for Puerto Rican and not Columbian, Ray asked his audience "Why is it...that I look around this room full of high ranking officers and the only Hispanics I see are waiters and busboys?"

*(Michael DeLorenzo/costar) Detective Eddie Torres, a street-smart Puerto-Rican policeman based at New York City's Fourth Precinct. In the Fall of 1995, Lauren Velez joined the cast as Detective Nina Moreno. Moreno's father, a native of Puerto Rico served 13 years with the NYPD.

*(Geraldo Rivera) Geraldo Rivera, a Puerto Rican/Jewish journalist hosted this interview program that focused on the expose' format.

NUMBER 96/NBC/1980-81
**(Maria O'Brien) Ginny Ramirez, a Puerto Rican comic sharing an apartment with an aspiring actress in a Southern California apartment complex.

*(Alfonso Ribiero) Willie, a 12-year-old Puerto Rican boy who lives in New York's Spanish Harlem. This program (one of PBS's first Latino series) was a seven-part half-hour dramatic series. Also featured was Fernando Lopez. Actor Alfonso Ribeiro is a New York City native who began his acting career at age 8 on the PBS drama series "Oye Willie." His other television credits include "Silver Spoons," "Magnum P.I.," "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" "Circus of the Stars," "The Andy Williams Christmas Special" and "Star Cruise," plus a starring role in the television movie "Mr. Foster's Field Trip." Ribiero is also an accomplished dancer who performed with Michael Jackson in a Pepsi commercial and created the leading role of Willie in the original cast of the 1984 Broadway hit musical "Tap Dance Kid."

*(Hector Elizondo) Abraham "Popi" Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican handyman and widower who struggled to raise his two sons in the hustle and bustle of New York's Spanish Harlem. Other featured were Anthony Perez as Junior Rodiguez, the older son; Dennis Vasquez as Luis Rodriguez, the younger son; Edith Diaz as Lupe, Popi's love interest; and Lou Criscuolo as Mr. Maggio. The series was based on the 1969 motion picture of the same name starring Alan Arkin.

*Magazine of the air produced at WNET-TV 13 in New York originally aired locally in 1973-74. This program went nationally in 1975 and featured a variety of formats from news features, dramas and documentaries. This program was the first national Hispanic bilingual show.

**(Rosana De Soto) Diana Olmos, sassy and sexy Puerto Rican cook/waitress who worked at an inner-city New York City coffee shop/newsstand owned by a black man named Al Hughes.

*(Rita Moreno) Googie Gomez, a Puerto Rican Hispanic entertainer working in a homosexual bathhouse in New York while she waits for her big break in showbiz. The Googie character in this half-hour comedy pilot was based on the Broadway play and movie The Ritz.

**(Gregory Sierra) Julio Fuentes, a Puerto Rican male who lived next door to Fred Sanford, a grouchy junk dealer located in Watts in south central Los Angeles during the 1972-75 seasons. Julio had a pet goat which often got loose on the Sanford property and caused all sorts of complications. Julio was best friends with Lamont Sanford, Fred's 34-year-old son.

*(Jose Perez) God the Almighty, who appeared as Morty, a Puerto-Rican washroom attendant cleaning up in the afterlife at a New York steam bath where souls passed through before their eternal judgment. Jose Perez originally played the role of Morty (a.k.a. "God") in a 1972 version (of an irreverent off-Broadway play) starring Bill Bixby and Valerie Perrine first staged for TV on PBS in May 1973.

*(Christian Vidal) Taina Morales, an energetic 15-year-old Puerto Rican teen beginning her first year at the Manhattan School of the Arts. Her family consists of Lisa Lisa as her mother Gloria Elaina Morales; Josh Cruze, as Taina's father Eduardo; Manolo Villaverde as Taina's grandfather, Abuelo (Gregorio 'Goyo' Sanchez); seven-year-old Brandon Iglesias as Taina's younger brother, Santito; Selenis Leyva as Taina's aunt, Titi Rosa. In addition, Khaliah Menée Adams co-stars as Taina's best friend, Renee Patrice Jones; Chris Knowings as Taina's clumsy friend LaMar Ernest Chavalier Johnson; and Missy Newsome plays Taina's rival, Maritza Hoge. In the early episode Gloria Morales, confides with Taina about when she first came from Puerto Rico as a little girl and knew no English. Gloria tells Taina that the new language sounded like nonsense. But then Gloria's recalls her own mother's words and tells them to Taina. "You're a Latina, you have strong blood." Trivia Note: Taina's name refers to the original indigenous tribe of Puerto Rico, the Tainos.

*(Tony Orlando) Tony Orlando, a half Puerto-Rican, half Greek singer/entertainer born in New York City who hosted this musical variety series featuring black support singers Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent Wilson (together known as "Dawn").

**(Ramon Franco) Alberto Ruiz, a Puerto Rican street fighter from the Bronx who joined the Army to kick ass in Vietnam. On the first episode he walked into a bunker full of soldiers and said: "What's the matter, haven't you ever seen a Spic." Miguel A. Nunez. Jr. played Private Marcus Taylor. This series was the first show to feature an Hispanic leading character involved in the Vietnam War.


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