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Dogpound - Special group of audience members seen on the late night talk show THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW/SYN/1989-94.

The Arsenio Hall Show

During the show's opening segment, host Arsenio Hall pointed to a special section of the studio audience near the band (called the "Dogpound") and ridiculed them with some offbeat statement which simultaneously appeared over the screen.

Jubilant to be seen on nationwide television members of the Dogpound stood up and made a pumping, whirling motion with their fists and howled "Wuff, Wuff," the trademark signature cry of an Arsenio Hall audience.

Some examples of Arsenio's verbal taunts included "Those are people, I hope don't stand up because they're naked from the waist down." or "Those are people who hold up John 3:16 signs at football games."

The "Wuff, Wuff" sound was based on the howling sounds used at Cleveland Browns (aka the "Dogs") football games. When asked why he chose that particular sound, Arsenio commented "It beat lifting his leg" (like a dog on a hydrant or tree).

After the monologue and his banter with his band (the Posse) and the audience, Arsenio began his show with his trademark catchphrase "Let's get busy!"

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