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Man from Atlantis - Descendant of the Lost City of Atlantis seen on the fantasy adventure THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS/NBC/1977-78.


Patrick Duffy starred as the sole survivor of the legendary Lost Kingdom of Atlantis. His body was found washed ashore on a beach in California. Naval physician Elizabeth Merrill (Belinda J. Montgomery) from the Naval Undersea Center realized the creature was water-based (he breaths through gills ) and returned him to the safety of the ocean. Further examination shows:

"a humanoid being only marginally equipped for life on land. His eyes are sensitive. (a pair of dark glasses were made for him). He tires easily and physical exertion will exhaust him. After 12 hours out of water, actual physical deterioration begins. The first sign of which are the prompt discolorization of the extremities. More than 16 hours will cause death. However, in water a different picture emerges. He is perfectly adapted to aquatic life. He has great strength and agility, the chest cavity has gill-like membranes in place of lung tissue. His skin appears humanoid with dolphin-like characteristics. His eyes are catlike and he can see in almost total darkness. He hasn't spoken yet but he is teachable and has vocal equipment. His diet is kelp and plankton, As for his origins, we have very little to go on."

The Man from Atlantis

Doctor Merrill named the creature Mark Harris and puts him though additional tests. Mark could swim like a dolphin and descend to depth of 36,000 feet. Mark eventually remains with his human benefactors and works for the Oceanic Research Foundation and travels in the submarine called The Cetacean.

Mark submerged - THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS


Man From Atlantis Novelization

Man from Atlantis Marvel Comic

Man from Atlantis 1979 Annula Cover

Novel Comic Annual 1979

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