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Jabberjaw - Moronic, whining great white shark (akin to Curly Howard of The Three Stooges) featured on the half-hour Hanna Barbera cartoon JABBERJAW/ABC/1976-78.

Jabberjaw the Shark

Jabberjaw (voice of Frank Welker) was the mascot for a teenage rock and roll band called The Neptunes who lived in an underwater city in the year A.D. 2076 and traveled to their gigs in the Aquacar.

The Neptunes included Biff (Tommy Cook) on guitar; Clam-Head (Barry Gordon) on cello; Bubbles (Julie McWhirter) on piano; Shelly (Pat Harris) on tambourine; and Jabberjaw on drums.

Jabberjaw also appeared on the SCOOBY'S ALL-STAR LAFF-A-LYMPICS/ABC/1977-80 (voice of Joe Besser) and YOGI'S SPACE RACE/NBC/1978-79.

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