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Landshark - Intelligent killer shark featured on the late night comedy SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE/NBC/1975+.


An obvious spoof of the Steven Spielberg movie Jaws (1975), the Landshark lured people to their front door and then eat them. Chevy Chase played the role of the Landshark.  According to the original TV script::

"The Landshark.....considered the cleverest of all sharks. Unlike the great white shark, which tends to inhabit the waters and harbors and recreational beach areas, the Landshark may strike at any place, anytime. It is capable of disguising its voice, and generally preys on young, single women. Experts at the University of Miami's Oceanographic Institute suggest that the best way to scare off the shark in the event of attack is to hit or punch the predator on the nose."

To gain access to a young woman's apartment, the Landshark pretends he is selling Girl Scout cookies, delivering a "Candy-Gram," or a repairman responding to a service call. 

Chevy Chase as The Landshark - SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE
Chevy Chase as the Landshark

A sample 'Landshark' skits follows:

Lady: Who is it?
Landshark: Plumber.
Lady: I didn't hire a plumber. Who is it!?
Landshark: Flowers.
Lady: What... for who?
Landshark: Plumber
Lady:'re...that crazy shark aren't you?
Landshark: No maam, I am just a dolphin.. will you let me in please?
Lady: A dolphin! OK! 

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