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Elly May Clampett's Cooking - On the sitcom THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES/CBS/1962-71, backwoodsman Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen) moved his family to Beverly Hills after oil deposits worth $25 million were discovered on his Ozarks property near Bugtussle, Tennessee.

Elly May in the Kitchen with her pet Turkey Herman - THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES
Elly May stirs a pot of grits as Herman the Turkey looks on

However, although money can buy a fancy home in California, it couldn't buy his tomboy daughter Elly May Clampett (Donna Douglas) the ability to cook.

Elly's Granny (Irene Ryan) tried her best to improved Elly's culinary skills, but too no avail. Apparently, Elly was better at caring for her "critters" and "wrastling" with her cousin Jethro (Max Baer, Jr) than putting together a heapin' helpin' of ham hocks, grits and gizzards.

Whenever Elly May did try her hand at cooking, her results were usually politely accepted, meekly tasted and then discretely thrown in the garbage. Even the family hound dog Duke refused to eat her cooking. Despite her terrible cooking skills, her family refused to tell Elly to her face that her food was inedible.

One of Elly's favorite things to make was biscuits which unfortunately weighed as heavy as a rock and tasted like one, too. You could loose a few teeth if you tried to chow down on them. But they make wonderful paving stones for a walkway.

On episode No. 140, "The Soup Contest" in an attempt to secure Elly a husband, Granny entered an old hillbilly dish in a soup company recipe contest - using Elly's name.

On episode No. 168 "The Dahlia Feud," Elly makes a sponge cake - using real sponges. Of course, the cake's taste and texture were just too much to swallow.

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