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Fraternal Order of Loons - Minnesota-based fraternal lodge founded in 1872 and featured on the situation comedy COACH/CBS/1989-97.

Craig T. Nelson as Hayden Fox - COACH
Hayden Fox, Fraternal Order of Loons
 member and former High Loon

Because their mascot is a caged-loon bird, each member wears a black feathered derby hat and greets each other by flapping their arms and "Woooing" like a loon.

The leader of the lodge is called the High Loon. His hat is shaped like a flying black and white loon with wings spread wide as in flight.

The position of High Loon has no real power. He is simply a figure head. The real power rests with the members of the High Council, of which the High Loon is a member, but has no vote. The High Council duties included cleaning up the lodge after each meeting.

To confer over important decisions, three members of the council confer by placing a blanket over their heads. This process is very quick because the other members don't like spending much time under the blanket with "Herb" a fellow High Council member.

When the High Council votes on who is to be the next High Loon, they listen to their bird mascot who must squawk out loud at the meeting.

Hayden Fox, head coach of Minnesota State University's Screaming  Eagles football team reluctantly won the honor of being the lodge's High Loon, but he really didn't want the job. After Fox won, loyal lodge member Howard Burly who really wanted the job, protested and lost his membership but with the intervention of Hayden Fox, Howard was reinstated.

To make sure Howard became the High Loon, Hayden ripped a few tail feathers off the caged mascot who once again squawked and by doing so officially consecrated Howard Burly as the lodge's newest High Loon.

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