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Stefan the Frog - Bright lime green tree frog seen on episodes of the legal dramedy ALLY MCBEAL/FOX/1997-2002.

Stefan the Frog - ALLY MCBEAL

Stefan was the personal pet and mascot of John Cage (Peter MacNicol), the eccentric partner of the law firm of Cage/Fish & Associates. To the bemusement of his coworkers, Cage let the tiny little frog rest on his head and wander over his face (his way of releasing tension).

On one episode, Stefan jumped out of the office lounge toilet bowl while a female worker (Georgia) was sitting on it. Frantic, she tossed the frog at another female employee who just entered the bathroom. She, in turn, threw it against the door.

Suddenly racked with guilt over their "game of killer catch," they gave it CPR. His tiny little body barely responding to their lifesaving attempts, they rushed the frog to the hospital. Luckily, it survived (diagnosed with swelling of the brain).

When Cage was told what precipitated the frog throwing event, he inquired "Was it a clean bowl?" (a reference to his fastidiousness in the hygiene arena).

On occasion, Cage serenaded Stefan with the lyrics "Be a frog, be a frog." After all of Stephan's travails, he was accidentally killed and cooked when a waiter in a Chinese restaurant thought the frog was to be part of the main course. "It tastes like chicken," said one of the lawyer's (Ling) as she continued to chow down on Stefan with her chopsticks. See also Newsletter - TV Animals

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