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California (Southern), State of

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Program Location
The Abbott & Costello Show/SYN/1952-54 Hollywood
Accidental Family/NBC/1967-68 San Fernando Valley
Ace Crawford, Private Eye/CBS/1983 Los Angeles
Adam-12/NBC/1968-75/SYN/1989-90 Los Angeles
Adam's Rib/ABC/1973 Los Angeles
The Adventures of Mark & Brian/NBC/1991 Los Angeles
A.K.A. Pablo/ABC/1984 East Los Angeles
Alien Nation/FOX/1989-91 Los Angeles, 1995
Almost Grown/CBS/1988-89. Los Angeles
Almost Perfect/CBS/1995-96 Los Angeles
America 2-Night/SYN/1978 Alta Coma
American Family/PBS/2002+ East Los Angeles
Another Day/CBS/1978 Los Angeles
The Aquanauts/CBS/1960-61 Southern California
Archer/NBC/1975 Melrose
Arnie/CBS/1970-72 Los Angeles
Arrest & Trial/ABC/1963-64 Los Angeles
Arresting Behavior/ABC/1992 Vista Valley
As If/UPN/2002 Los Angeles
Automan/ABC/1983-84 Los Angeles
B.A.D. Cats/ABC/1980 Los Angeles
Baby Makes Five/ABC/1983 Los Angeles
The Bad News Bears/CBS/1979-80 Santa Barbara
Bagdad Cafe/CBS/1990. Mojave Desert
The Bailey's of Balboa/CBS/1964-65 Balboa Beach
Bakersfield P.D./FOX/1993-94 Bakersfield
Banyon/NBC/1972-73 Los Angeles, 1930s
Barnaby Jones/CBS/1973-80 Los Angeles
The Bay City Blues/NBC/1983 Bay City
Baywatch/NBC/1989-90/SYN/1991-2001 Malibu Beach
The Best Times/NBC/1985 JFK High School in Southern California
Beverly Hillbillies/CBS/1962-71 Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills Buntz/NBC/1987-88 Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills 90210/FOX/1990-2000 Beverly Hills
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/FOX/1992 San Dimas
The Bill Cosby Show/NBC/1969-71 Los Angeles
The Bing Crosby Show/ABC/1964-65 Los Angeles
B.J. & The Bear/NBC/1979-81 Los Angeles
The Blue Knight/NBC/1973/CBS/1975-76 Los Angeles
Blue Thunder/ABC/1984 Los Angeles
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice/ABC/1973 Los Angeles
The Bob Crane Show/NBC/1975 Los Angeles
The Bob Cummings Show/CBS/1961-62 Los Angeles
The Bold & the Beautiful/CBS/1987+ Los Angeles
Boomtown/NBC/2002-03. Los Angeles
Boss Lady/DUM/NBC/1952 Los Angeles
Boston Blackie/SYN/1951-53 Los Angeles
Boys Will Be Boys/FOX/1988 Venice
Bracken's World/NBC/1969-70 Hollywood
The Brady Brides/NBC/1981 Los Angeles
The Brady Bunch/ABC/1969-74 Los Angeles
The Bradys/CBS/1990 Los Angeles
Breaking Point/ABC/1963-64 Los Angeles
The Brian Benben Show/CBS/1998 Los Angeles
Bringing Up Buddy/CBS/1960-61 Bradley Falls
Broken Badges/CBS/1990-91 Bay City
Bronk/CBS/1975-76 Ocean City
Buddy Faro/CBS/1998 Hollywood
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer/UPN/WB/1997-2003 Sunnydale (a.k.a. "The Hellmouth")
Burke's Law/ABC/1963-65/CBS/1994-95 Los Angeles
Cade's County/CBS/1971-72 Madrid County
California Fever/CBS/1979. Sunset Beach
Cannon/CBS/1971-76 Los Angeles
The Cara Williams Show/CBS/1964-65 Los Angeles
Cassie & Company/NBC/1982 Los Angeles
The Charlie Farrell Show/CBS/1956 Palm Springs
Charlie Grace/ABC/1995 Los Angeles
Charlie's Angels/ABC/1976-81. Los Angeles
The Charmings/ABC/1987-88 Van Oaks
Chase/NBC/1973-74 Los Angeles
Chico & the Man/NBC/1974-78 East Los Angeles
Chopper One/ABC/1974 Southern California
City of Angels/NBC/1976 Los Angeles
Clueless/ABC/UPN/1996-99. Beverly Hills
Cobra/SYN/1993-94 Bay City
Code R/CBS/1977 Channel Island
Code Red/ABC/1981-82 Los Angeles
Code Three/SYN/1956-57 Los Angeles
The Colbys/ABC/1985-87 Los Angeles
(TV-Movies continued storyline to present)
Los Angeles
Condo/ABC/1983 Los Angeles
The Cop & the Kid/NBC/1975-76. Los Angeles
Cop Rock/ABC/1990 Los Angeles
Coronado 9/SYN/1959-60 San Diego
The Courtship of Eddie's Father/ABC/1969-72. Los Angeles
Cowboy G-Men/SYN/1952-53 Southern California
C.P.O. Sharkey/NBC/1976-78 San Diego
Cracker (Fitz)/ABC/1997 Los Angeles
Cybill/CBS/1995-98 Los Angeles

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