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California (Southern), State of

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Program Location
The Name of the Game/NBC/1968-71 Los Angeles
The Nancy Walker Show/ABC/1976 Hollywood
Nanny & the Professor/ABC/1970-72 Los Angeles
Never Too Young/ABC/1965-66 Malibu Beach
The New Adam 12/SYN/1990-91 Los Angeles
The New Adventures of Perry Mason/CBS/1973-74 Los Angeles
The New Breed/ABC/1961-62 Los Angeles
The New Dick Van Dyke Show/CBS/1971-74 Tarzana
The New Doctors/NBC/1969-73 Los Angeles
The New Gidget/SYN/1986-88 Malibu Beach
A New Kind of Family/ABC/1979-80 Los Angeles
The New Monkees/SYN/1987-88 Los Angeles
The New Phil Silvers Show/CBS/1963-64 Los Angeles
The New Zorro/FAM/1990-94 Old Spanish Los Angeles
Nightingales/NBC/1989 Los Angeles
No Time For Sergeants/ABC/1964-65 Oliver Air Base
Normal Life/CBS/1990 Hollywood Hills
Number 96/NBC/1980-81 Los Angeles
Oh! Madeline/ABC/1983-84 Los Angeles
Oh! Those Bells/CBS/1962 Los Angeles
O.K.Crackerby/ABC/1965-66 Palm Springs
The Oldest Rookie/CBS/1987-88 Los Angeles
Open House/FOX/1989-90 Los Angeles
Operation: Runaway/NBC/1978 Los Angeles
Our Miss Brooks/CBS/1952-59. Town of  Madison
Our Miss Brooks/CBS/1952-56 San Fernando Valley
Out All Night/NBC/1992-93 Los Angeles
The Outsider/NBC/ABC/1968-69 Los Angeles
Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law/ABC/1971-74 Santa Barbara
Pacific Palisades/FOX/1997 Pacific Palisades
Pacific Station/NBC/1991-92 Venice
Paris/CBS/1979-80 Los Angeles
Paradise/CBS/1988-91 Paradise
Paradise Bay/NBC/1965-66 Paradise Bay
Parker Lewis Can't Lose/FOX/1990-93 Santo Domingo High School
The Partners/NBC/1971-72 Los Angeles
Pasadena/FOX/2001 Pasadena
The Paul Lynde Show/ABC/1972-73 Ocean Grove
Pauly/FOX/1997 Brynwood
Peaceable Kingdom/CBS/1989 L.A. County Zoo
The People's Choice/NBC/1955-58 New City & Barkerville
Perry Mason/CBS/1957-66 Los Angeles
Pete & Gladys/CBS/1960-62 Los Angeles
Peter Gunn/NBC/ABC/1958-61 Los Angeles
Philip Marlowe/ABC/1959-60 1930s Los Angeles
Philip Marlowe, Private Eye/HBO/1983 & 1986 1930s Los Angeles
Phyl & Mikhy/CBS/1980 Beverly Hills
Planet of the Apes/CBS/1974 Futuristic California (Central City)
Players/NBC/1997-98 Los Angeles
Police Woman/NBC/1974-78 Los Angeles
Private Benjamin/CBS/1981-83 Fort Bradley in Hobart
Private Eye/NBC/1987-88 Los Angeles
Pros & Cons/ABC/1991-92 Los Angeles
P.S. I. Luv U/CBS/1991-92 Palm Springs
The Psychiatrist/NBC/1971 Los Angeles
Push/ABC/1998 Southern California
Quincy, M.E./NBC/1976-83 Los Angeles
Rafferty/CBS/1977 Los Angeles
Rags To Riches/NBC/1987-88 Bel Air
The Range Rider/SYN/1951-52 Old California
The Ray Milland Show/CBS/1954-55 Comstock University, Los Angeles
The Real McCoys/ABC/CBS/1957-63 San Fernando Valley
Remington Steele/NBC/1982-86 Los Angeles
The Renegades/ABC/1983 Los Angeles
Report to Murphy/CBS/1982 Los Angeles
Rescue 8/SYN/1958-60 Los Angeles
Rescue 77/WB/1999 Los Angeles
Richard Diamond, Private Detective/CBS/ABC/1957-60 Hollywood
Richie Brockelman, Private Eye/NBC/1978 Los Angeles
Riker/CBS/1981 Los Angeles
Riptide/NBC/1984-86 King's Harbor
Robbery Homicide Division/CBS/2002-2003 LAPD, Los Angeles
The Rockford Files/NBC/1974-80 Malibu
The Rookies/ABC/1972-76 Southern California
Room For One More/ABC/1962 Los Angeles
Room 222/ABC/1969-74 Los Angeles
The Ropers/ABC/1979-80 Cheviot Hills
Rosetti and Ryan/NBC/1977 Los Angeles
The Rousters/NBC/1983-84 Los Angeles-Based Traveling Carnival
The Roy Rogers Show/NBC/1951-57 Mineral City
The Ruggles/ABC/1949-52 Hollywood
Run, Buddy, Run/CBS/1966-67 Los Angeles
The Runaways/NBC/1979. Los Angeles
Ryan's Four/ABC/1983. Los Angeles

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