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New York City  See also  - "New York State"

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Program Location
The Adventures of Ellery Queen/DUM/ABC/NBC/SYN/1950-54 New York City
A.E.S. Hudson Street/ABC/1978 New York City
All in the Family/CBS/1971-79 Queens
The Amazing Spiderman/CBS/1978-79 New York City
Amos N' Andy Show/CBS/1951-53 Harlem
The Andros Targets/CBS/1977 New York City
The Ann Sothern Show/CBS/1958-61 New York City
Apt. 2F/MTV/1997 New York City
Archie Bunkers Place/CBS/1979-83 .Astoria, Queens
Ask Harriet/FOX/1998 Manhattan
The Asphalt Jungle/ABC/1961 New York City
The Associates/ABC/1979-80 Manhattan
The Atom Squad/NBC/1953-54 New York City
Babes/FOX/1990-91 Manhattan
Baby Talk/ABC/1991-92 Manhattan & Brooklyn Heights
Bare Essence/NBC/1983 Manhattan
Barefoot in the Park/ABC/1970-71 Manhattan
Barney Blake, Police Reporter/NBC/1948 New York City
Barney Miller/ABC/1975-82 12th Precinct, Greenwich Village, New York City
Battery Park/NBC/2000. Battery Park
Beauty and the Beast/CBS/1987-90 Caverns Beneath New York City
Becker/CBS/1998-2004 Bronx
The Best Of Everything/ABC/1970 New York City
Better Days/CBS/1986 Brooklyn
Beulah/ABC/1950-53 New York City
The Betty Hutton Show/CBS/1959-60 New York City 
Big Apple/CBS/2001 New York City
Big Brother Jake/FAM/1990-94 Brooklyn
Big Eddie/CBS/1975 New York City
The Bill Dana Show/NBC/1963-65 New York City
Bless This House/CBS/1995-96 New York City
Bonino/NBC/1953. New York City
Bosom Buddies/ABC/1980-82 New York City
The Boys/SHO/1989 New York Men's Club
Bram & Alice/CBS/2002 New York City
Brenner/CBS/1959-64 New York City
Bridget Loves Bernie/CBS/1972-73 New York City
The Bronx Zoo/NBC/1987-88 Bronx
Brooklyn Bridge/CBS/1991-93 Brooklyn
Brooklyn South/CBS/1997-98 Brooklyn, 74th Precinct
Bustin' Loose/CBS/1977 Manhattan
Cagney & Lacey/CBS/1982-87 Manhattan South/Queens
Calucci's Department/CBS/1973 New York City
Can't Hurry Love/CBS/1995-96 New York City
Car 54, Where are You?/NBC/1961-63 Bronx
Caroline In The City/NBC/1995-99 New York City
The Cases of Eddie Drake/DUM/1951 New York City
Central Park West/CBS/1996 New York City
Charlie Wild, Private Detective/CBS/ABC/DUM/1950-52 New York City
Checking In/CBS/1981 Manhattan
Chicken Soup/ABC/1989 New York City
The Chronicle/SCI/2001-02 The World Chronicle, New York City
City Detective/SYN/1953-55 New York City
City Guys/NBC/1997-2001 Manhattan
City Hospital/ABC/CBS/1951-53 New York City
Civil Wars/ABC/1991-93 .Manhattan
Claudia: The Story of a Marriage/NBC/1952 New York City
Cleghorne!/WB/1995 New York City
Concerning Miss Marlowe/CBS/1954-55 New York City
Conrad Bloom/NBC/1998 New York City
The Corner Bar/ABC/1972-73 Manhattan
Coronet Blue/CBS/1967 New York City
Cosby/CBS/1996-2000 Astoria, Queens
The Cosby Show/NBC/1984-92 Brooklyn Heights
The Cosby Mysteries/NBC/1994-95 New York City
Craig Kennedy, Criminologist/SYN/1952 New York City
Crime Photographer/CBS/1951-52 New York City
Crime With Father/ABC/1951-52 New York City
The DA's Man/NBC/1959 New York City
Daddy Dearest/FOX/1993 Manhattan
Daddy's Girls/CBS/1994 New York City
The Danny Thomas Show/ABC/CBS/1953-64 New York City
The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd/NBC/LIF/1987-91 New York City
DEA/FOX/1990-91 .New York City
Dear John/NBC/1988-92 Queens
Decoy/SYN/1957-58 New York City
The Defenders/CBS/1961-65 New York City
Dellaventura/CBS/1997-98 New York City
The Detectives/ABC/NBC/1959-62 New York City
The Detective's Wife/CBS/1950 New York City
Diagnosis: Unknown/CBS/1960 New York City
Diana/NBC/1973-74 New York City
The Dick Van Dyke Show/CBS/1961-66 New York City
Dick Tracy/ABC/1950-51 New York City
Different Strokes/NBC/ABC/1978-86 New York City
DiResta/UPN/1998 New York City
Doc/CBS/1975-76 New York City 
Doc/PAX/2001-2004 Westbury Clinic, New York City
The Doctors & the Nurses/CBS/1964-65 New York City
The Don Rickles Show/CBS/1972 Long Island
Double Rush/CBS/1995 Manhattan
Double Trouble/NBC/1984-85 New York City
Dream On/HBO/FOX/1990-96 Manhattan
Dudley/CBS/1993 New York City
Duffy's Tavern/NBC/1954 New York City
The Duke/NBC/1954 New York City
The Dumplings/NBC/1976 Manhattan

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