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"Hi, My name is Larry. This is my brother, Darryl, and this is my other brother, Darryl" - On the sitcom NEWHART/CBS/1982-90, three backwoods brothers who lived in the rural town of Norwich, Vermont would often visit the Stratford Inn, owned by how-to-writer Dick Loudon (Bob Newhart) and his wife, Joanna (Mary Frann).

Brothers Larry, Darryl and Darryl- NEWHART
Darryl, Larry & Darryl

Every time the brothers visited (and even long after everybody in town knew who they were), Larry (William Sanderson), the older brother of the three would still greet anyone they met with this wordy introduction.

Darryl I (Tony Papenfuss) and Darryl II (John Volstad) never spoke for the run of the series except on the last episode. However, they both screamed "Quiet"! to their new wives who were arguing.

When Dick Loudon inquired "Why didn't they say anything up to now," their brother Larry responded "They've never been this P.O.' ed (pissed off) before."

TRIVIA NOTE:  The hillbilly Darling family that lived outside the town of Mayberry on the sitcom THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW/CBS/1960-68 were prototypes for the silent Darryl characters. The Darling family consisted of a talkative patriarch, Mr. Brisco Darling (Denver Pyle) whose four grown sons never spoke (but played a dandy tune on the guitar, bass and banjo).

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