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Greeting Catchphrases

"WA-Z-Z UP?!!!"  - Boisterous greeting to listeners of Detroit radio station WZUP on the situation comedy MARTIN/FOX/1992-96.

Martin Lawrence as Martin Payne, WZUP radio shock jock - MARTIN

"WA-Z-Z UP?!!!" was the signature catchphrase of Martin Payne (Martin Lawrence) a talk show host at WZUP radio On his shock radio show, Martin is sexist, wise-cracking and very loud. 

Martin: Cole, do me a favor.
Cole: What's up?
Martin: Remind me to give you an ass-whoopin' later.
Cole: What time is good for you?
Martin: Ummm... how 'bout 6:43?
Cole: I'm busy at 6:43...but I'm free at 6:44 though.
Martin: Oh, alright. Then at 6:44, I'ma be waitin' on that ass-whoopin'.

Martin later took a job as a TV talk show associate producer/host on Channel 51‘s “Speak Out“ (retitled “Word on the Street.”). See also "Martin Payne" and AD MASCOTS - "The Whass- up! Guys"

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