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'The three of spades is the sword of justice. Its rapier marks the end!'Sword of Justice Calling Card - Trademark message of Jack Cole (Dack Rambo), a millionaire ex-con who avenged white collar crime on the adventure series SWORD OF JUSTICE/NBC/1978-79. A three of spades playing card was left at the scene of each encounter. Written on the card was the message: "The three of spades is the sword of justice. Its rapier marks the end!" The number three represented the amount of years Jack was wrongfully imprisoned.

Opening Narration

Judge: This court finds Jack Martin Cole guilty of 25 counts of embezzlement.
Jack Cole: That is an absolute lie! Those criminals framed me for something I didn't do. I'll pay them back for every single day of those three long years. They say this place (Prison) is like a college, well I want to go to school.
Convict 1: So you want to know about burglar alarms hmmm?
Convict 2: You never know when precision acrobatics well come in handy.
Convict 3: Any lock can be picked, if you have the right tools and the right touch.
Hector: You mean we're gonna bug the federal building?
Jack Cole: There's a whole level of crime operating above the law, we're going to help put an end to it.

TRIVIA NOTE: During the opening scene of each episode of the western adventure ANNIE OAKLEY/SYN/1954-57 frontier sharpshooter, Annie Oakley (Gail Davis) shot a hole in the center of the nine of spades.

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