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Dirk Benedict and Jim McMullan - Helicopter Pilots on CHOPPER ONEChopper One - Radio code name of helicopter used by the Western California Police Department (WCPD) on the police drama CHOPPER ONE/ABC/1974. Amidst the noise of whining propeller blades, officers Don Burdick (Jim McMullan) and Gil Foley (Dirk Benedict) soared over the concrete canyons of a fictitious California city chasing down speeding automobiles, rooftop snipers, renegade cyclists and muggers in the park. Lou Frizzel played Mitch, their ground mechanic. Chopper One's registry numbers were N2098 (on its bottom) and N40MC (on its side). The series ran 13 episodes.

TRIVIA NOTE: Chopper One is also the name of a pop-rock group founded by Jason Cropper in Hollywood in the Spring of '95. The band consists of his wife, Amy on bass; drummer Tyrone Rio and late comer Steve Garvy as second guitarist. According to the website Artist, "Their live shows combine the edgy pop perfection of vintage Cheap Trick or the lush harmonies of The Beach Boys with the simple, supercharged power of The Who or even Nirvana."

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