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Whirlybirds TV Show - Dell Comic Edition - November 1960 - Cover blurb reads: Forest fire and jungle fury block the Whirlybirds as they search for an escaped convictWhirlybirds, Inc. - Helicopter company featured on the adventure WHIRLYBIRDS/SYN/1957-60. Based at Longwood Field in Southern California, Whirlybirds, Inc. is co-owned by Chuck Martin (Kenneth Tobey) and Pete "P.T." Moore (Craig Hill). Piloting their main helicopter, a Bell 47G helicopter (N975B), Chuck & Pete take on all sorts of jobs from transporting business clients, spraying crops, putting out fires, helping the police locate escaped prisoners or rescuing a stranded hiker from a dangerous situation.

The Whirlybird's Inc. office was run by secretary Janet Culver (Sandra Spence) and later Helen Carter (Nancy Hale). Chuck and Pete both served in the Korean War. Chuck spent eight months in a P.O.W. camp, and while he was missing in action his fiancée married someone else. Chuck is also the older of the pilots and Pete occasionally calls his partner "Dad" or "Pappy." Chuck, in turn, calls Pete "Sonny."

The series debuted in 1957 and ran through 1959 for a total of 111 half-hour episodes, of which 106 eventually aired. Thirty-nine episodes were quickly re-syndicated by CBS as COPTER PATROL.

TRIVIA NOTE: In the opening credits, the shot of the helicopter is reversed, look at the logo and call sign.

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