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Rockford's Mobile Trailer Home - Mobile trailer home seen on the detective drama THE ROCKFORD FILES/NBC/1974-80. Jim Rockford (James Garner) was an ex-con (falsely sentenced) who sold his services as a private investigator for $200.00 a day plus expenses.

Rockford Trailer Home - THE ROCKFORD FILES

His green and white 50-foot long mobile home located at 2354 Pacific Coast Highway in the Paradise Cove Trailer Colony (later given as 29 Cove Road in Malibu) was his base of operations. Costing $7,000, Jim once described his home/office as "cheap, tax-deductible, earthquake-proof and when I get a case out of town, I take it with me." His refrigerator was always stocked with beer and TV dinners.

On episode No. 108, Jim's friend Angel (Stuart Margolin) and Rockford discover a cache of gold bullion (stolen from a US military vault) buried beneath his trailer.

TRIVIA NOTE: Paradise Cove is actually a private beach north of Malibu with a gate to regulate pedestrians and drivers. Rockford's trailer was placed in the parking lot of the Sand Castle Restaurant, a real eatery on the beach at 28128 Pacific Coast Highway. William Conrad's house on JAKE AND THE FATMAN/CBS/1987-92 was the first house to the right of the restaurant.

Paradise Cove in North of Malibu, California

Paradise Cove was also featured on the Beach Boys' "Surfin' Safari" album cover and was used in filming the teenage comedy GIDGET/ABC/1965-66.

Surfin' Safari Album - BEACH BOYS

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