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Professor Cerberus - Sinister gray-haired scientist with a walking cane who hosted The Museum of Horror show on KXAS-TV Channel 5 in Dallas-Ft. Worth on Saturday night at 10:30 PM from 1973-1975.

Greg Bransom as Professor Cerberus - MUSEUM OF HORROR

Each program began with eerie music and the quote "Like one who on a lonely road doth walk in fear and dread" (taken from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner") followed by Professor Cerberus (Greg Bransom) introducing such movies as The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942), and King Kong Vs. Godzilla (1963).

During movie breaks the Professor performed diabolical experiments assisted by Ygor the hunchback (played by comic-book artist Kerry Gammill), the Frankenstein Monster (Jess Sherman/Jody Dean), and a dim-witted mute known as Uncle Creepy (Mike Davis).

When SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE appeared on NBC in the fall of 1975, the Museum of Horror was pushed back to a midnight time slot. Soon after the show left the air.

TRIVIA NOTE: Cerberus was the three-headed Hell hound who protected the entrance to the underworld in Greek mythology. See also - "Gorgon the Gruesome

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