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Chilly Billy - Saturday late night horror show personality who hosted Chiller Theater in Pittsburgh from 1963 through 1983 on WIIC-TV (later WPXI-TV) Channel 11.

Bill Cardille as Chilly Billy

From week to week, Chilly Billy (a.k.a. "Bill Cardille") dressed conservatively in a dark suit and tie (later a tuxedo) and introduced the people of Pittsburgh to such classic horror fare as It Came From Outer Space (1953), Last Man on Earth, (1964), The Wolf Man (1941) and The Mummy (1932).

During the movie breaks Chilly Billy transformed into a number of zany characters including Captain Bad, Maurice the Matchmaker, and the Little Old Monster Maker.

Other cast members roaming the show's laboratory set (later a castle) were Georgette the Fudgemaker, Norman the Castle Keeper, Stephen the Castle Prankster, and Terminal Stare (an attractive woman who never spoke).

The program also featured an annual Halloween extravaganza and a yearly parody of the Miss America contest called "Mess America," a tribute to homely women.

In 1968, Bill Cardille made a cameo appearance as a TV news reporter in the cult classic Night of the Living Dead (1968) directed by George Romero. In the film, Cardille interviewed a local police chief about reported sightings of flesh-eating zombies rampaging through the countryside.

"Chiller Theater" quit production on December 31, 1983 at 1:00 A.M. For a sample of Chilly Billy's comic talents listen to his sixties album "Chilly Billy Goes on Record" (Gateway Recordings/GSL-9019).

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