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Big Chuck & Lil' John - Following the success of Ghoulardi, a popular early 1960s horror show host in Cleveland, Charles "Big Chuck" Schodowski (a former TV engineer-turned producer who wrote comedy skits for the Ghoulardi program) and "Little" John Rinaldi (a four-feet three-inch balding jewelry store owner with a mustache) co-hosted horror movies at noon and 11:30 PM on Saturdays on "The Big Chuck and Little John Show" (formerly "Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show") on WJKW-TV (formerly WJW) from 1966 through 2007.

Big Chuck and Little John

In between movie segments, the hosts and regulars on the program performed take-offs of popular TV programs like FANTASY ISLAND (with Little John as Cuckoo and Big Chuck as Mr. Roarke who lived on "Fallacy Island.")

Other skits included "That Certain Ethnic" (about a naive polish immigrant played by Big Chuck); Soulman (a black superhero played by Herb Thomas), Ben Crazy (a parody of the popular medical program BEN CASEY with Nurse Goodbody played by Julie Ann Cashel) and Bridget the Midget (originated by Little John Rinaldi in 1972).

Big Chuck & Lil' John

The "Big Chuck and Little John" show was also featured on "25 Years of Friday Night," a 1988 anniversary special that honored early local TV celebrities including Ernie Anderson (a.k.a. "Ghoulardi") and former cohost Bob Wells (a.k.a. "Hoolihan" who left the show in 1979).

In October of 2006, Big Chuck and Lil' John were inducted into the "Living Legends" wing of the Radio and Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame. See also "Frank & Drac" and "Ghoulardi"

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