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Crypt Keeper - The cackling, rotting corpse with a morbid sense of humor who hosted the ghoulish goings-on of the occult anthology series TALES FROM THE CRYPT/HBO/FOX/1988-95.


The Crypt Keeper character was the master of ceremonies for tales of suspense and horror (half-hour episodes) that were guaranteed to make you squirm.

The Crypt Keeper was designed by creature-maker Kevin Yagher and operated with the assistance of six puppeteers among them Van Snowden (C.K.'s Head and Torso) and Brock Winkless, (C.K.'s mouth). The creepy voice of the Crypt Keeper was provided by actor John Kassir.

Our gruesome host also made "live" appearances on THE TONIGHT SHOW, the HORROR HALL OF FAME AWARDS, as well as the Saturday morning animated TALES FROM THE CRYPT KEEPER/ABC/1993; and SECRETS OF THE CRYPT KEEPER'S HAUNTED HOUSE, a children's game show produced by Goldwyn Entertainment Company that featured bleeding graphics, virtual reality sets and a rambunctious skeleton named Digger.

Two feature films Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight (1994) and Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood (1996) were also produced.

TRIVIA NOTE: The Crypt Keeper character can be traced to the January 1950 issue of EC Comics Crime Patrol No.15.

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