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Bob the Demon -  A stringy-haired demon (played by Frank Silva) dressed in blue jeans who possessed Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) and Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle Maclachlan) on the bizarre prime time drama TWIN PEAKS/ABC/1990-91.

Frank Silva as Bob the Demon
Bob the Demon

Bob the Demon entered Leland Palmer and forced him to kill both his daughter Laura (Sheryl Lee), a young homecoming queen from the Northwest town of Twin Peaks as well as Madeleine Ferguson, Laura's look-alike cousin.

In the book "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer" written by Jennifer Lynch (Pocket Books, 1990), we are given insights to who or what BOB was and why Laura was killed. We discovered that BOB:

  • Had been coming to Laura since her 12th birthday (July 22, 1984)
  • That she considered him as "Satan"
  • That she feared she would become "bad" like BOB and lose her specialness of being "Laura, good and true and pure"
  • And that the letters in Bob's name were a warning in itself "Beware Of Bob."
In Laura's 12/14/86 diary entry she wrote "BOB, I forbid you to come to me again...I hate you." Without permission on 11/13/87, BOB wrote "your life is worthless...You owe me everything...See you in the dark...Laura Palmer."

The last two entries in her diary were undated but they told of the fear and her impending doom. She wrote "BOB was getting close" and "I know who he is. I know exactly what BOB is, and I have to tell everyone...I'm so afraid of death" Laura's was found dead soon after writing this in her diary. (Note: On the TV series, her last diary entry read: "Feb. 23, 1990. Asparagus for dinner again, I hate asparagus.")

In the final scene of the 1991 finale, federal agent Dale Cooper who had come to investigate the death of Laura Palmer, looked into a bathroom mirror (that contained the reflection of BOB the Demon) and then Dale violently smashed his head into the glass. With blood dripping down his face Agent Cooper began to laugh and say repeatedly "How's Annie?...How's Annie?...How's Annie?" Man, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the bathroom.

For those interested in the storyline building up to the TV series see the motion picture prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992). Frank Silva who played Bob the Demon died of a heart attack in 1996. See also - NICKNAMES: "Muffin"

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