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Count Gore De Vol - Transylvanian vampire with mustache (born 1800/died 1847) who hosted the Saturday night horror show Creature Feature on WDCA Channel 20 in Washington, DC from 1973-79 and then again from 1984-87.

Dick Dyszel as Count Gore De Vol

Dressed in a black tuxedo with cape and talking like Bela Lugosi, Count Gore De Vol began each program rising from his graveyard coffin and saying "Good evening. I am Count Gore DeVol, and I bid you welcome to 'Cre-e-e-ture Feature'."

The program format was loose and changed week to week. Sometimes there was a contest like "Name your favorite bad movie" and another time The Count inserted himself into a movie, video or in between a commercial (he loved doing TV commercial parodies) or maybe he just interviewed a celebrity.

Once Count Gore decided to investigate all the hub-bub about satanic messages in rock and roll songs. When he played backwards any song that featured the word "devil" in its lyrics, he heard church music...Eeeew! that's scary stuff, kids!

At the conclusion of each show, The Count looked into the camera and bid his viewers Good-bye with the sanguine statement "May all your blood be warm."

Dick Dyszel (a.k.a. "Count Gore DeVol") originated his vampire character when he first hosted Night of Terror on WDXR-TV in Paducah, Kentucky in 1971.

In 1979, Dick Dyszel appeared in the sci-fi film The Alien Factor in the role of a small town mayor who gets killed by marauding aliens form outer space.

Count Gore De Vol became the first horror host with a weekly web program on the Internet. Debuting July 11, 1998, the web program featured streaming video of movies and shorts, and interviews with celebrities. 

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