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Count Floyd - Comedian Joe Flaherty of SECOND CITY TV/SYN/1976-84 portrayed the zany horror show personality Count Floyd, the host of Monster Chiller Horror Theatre, a recurring show-within-a-show parody of TV horror programs.

Count Floyd Howls at the Moon - AHOOO!

Wearing a black cape and white turtle neck sweater, Count Floyd began each program by stepping from an upright coffin and howling like a wolf.

In a phony Transylvanian accent, Count Floyd introduced such classic horror movie parodies like Dr. Tongue's, 3-D House of Slave Chics in SMELL-A-RAMA and Tip O'Neal's 3-D House of Representatives. As the Count often said, "EEEW!, That's scary stuff!"

The Dr. Tongue movies featured the plump comedian John Candy as the weird scientist Dr. Tongue whose main concern in life was getting women. Eugene Levy played his gnarled, hunchback companion, Bruno.

1982 Count Floyd Album Cover (RCA)
1982 Count Floyd Album Cover

In 1982, RCA released an album (MFL1-8501) entitled "Count Floyd." It featured such tales as "The Gory Story of Duane and Debbie" (and what happened when they parked their car on a date) and "Reggae Christmas Eve in Transylvania."

Joe Flaherty reprised his goofy but harmless Count Floyd character within the Saturday morning children's program THE COMPLETELY MENTAL MISADVENTURES OF ED GRIMLEY/NBC/1988-89 when he introduced a "really scarrry" story each week" as part of "Count Floyd's Scary Stories."

In 1990, Count Floyd starred in a VHS entitled "Making Really Funny Home Videos (starring the hilarious Count Floyd)".

How to Make a Really Funny Movie with the Hilarious Count Floyd - VHS How to Make a Really Funny Movie with the Hilarious Count Floyd - VHS

TRIVIA NOTE: Speculation has it that Count Floyd was actually SCTV news anchor Floyd Robertson who reluctantly did the Count Floyd gig at the SCTV station under pressure from the station management.

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