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Eleanor 'Elly' Lockett - The ghost of a 15-year-old girl (Rebecca Smart) who haunted a rural house where she died violently in the 19th century on the Australian produced series ELLY & JOOLS/SYN/1988.

Stars of ELLY & JOOLS
Eleanor 'Elly' Lockett and Julian 'Jools' Travaller

The series follows the story of Anna and David Travaller (Anne Tenney/Peter Fisher) who leave the grime and danger of the city in search of a new life in the country at Waterloo Creek as the new owners of a run-down inn called "The Help Me Through the World." (aka "The Help").

Along for the journey is Julian "Jools" Travaller (Clayton Williamson), their 13-year-old son who soon discovers the inn's guest house is haunted by the ghost of a teenage girl named Elly, who was killed mysteriously in the 19th century.

Letting only Jools see her, Elly joins forces with her new friend to discover the secret behind her death and a way to be released to the afterlife.

Intruding upon their endeavors is the O'Farrell Family, a group of kooky neighbors that included Ferel O'Farrell (Dennis Miller), Liam O'Farrell (Damon Herriman) and Bridget O'Farrell (Vanessa Collier).

Rebecca Smart as Eleanor 'Elly' Lockett - ELLY & JOOLS

The 12 episode series was produced by Southern Star Sullivan Productions.

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