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Funky Phantom - Cowardly ghost from the Revolutionary War who befriended a group of teenagers and their dog on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series FUNKY PHANTOM/ABC/1971-72.

The Funky Phantom

The Funky Phantom was, in reality, the ghost of a man named Jonathan Wellington Muddlemore who sought refuge in a mansion inside an old grandfather clock to hide from approaching British soldiers back in 1776. Apparently, he died inside the clock along with his pet cat, Boo.

Two hundred years later three teens (April Stewart, Skip, Augie) and Elmo, their pet bulldog sought shelter in an old, abandoned mansion during a storm and reset the arms of that grandfather clock to midnight. This action magically reanimated Muddlemore in the form of the Funky Phantom.

Making friends with "Mudsy" (what the teens called him), the Funky Phantom and his ghostly cat, Boo joined forces and traveled about the country fighting crime and debunking stories of monsters and ghosts. But whenever Mudsy became frightened, he turned invisible.

The group traveled in an open-topped dune buggy vehicle called The Looney Duney.

In 1973, the show’s episodes were incorporated into THE GODZILLA/DYNOMUTT HOUR WITH THE FUNKY PHANTOM. The cartoon show also inspired a series of Gold Key comic books (13 issues).

The Funky Phantom Theme Lyrics

We were cold and soaking wet, and lost out in a storm
We went inside a spooky house, just hoping to get warm
A funky clock said half past six, we knew that it was wrong
But when we set the hands to twelve, the clock began to ..


"It's a Funky Phantom!"

"The spirit of 1776 even. At your service"

We found a friend, friend, friend, in Funky Phantom
He'll pop right in just when you need him most
And Boo will too, and you can't do without them
That cat and that funky phantom ghost.

"It's Funky Phantom Time!"

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