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Mr. Bumpy - Friendly, small green monster with large bulging eyes and gapping mouth who lives under the bed of a 10-year old boy (voice of Scott McAffe) on the half hour Saturday morning stop-motion animated program BUMP IN THE NIGHT/ABC/1994-96.

Mr. Bumpy and Squishington

Mr. Bumpy (voice of Jim Cummings) and his other assorted monsters and toys come to life at night to cause all sorts of trouble. Mr. Bumpy loves to eat sweat socks. He fears the Closet Monster and Mr. Destructo, the boy's remote-controlled toy robot.

Mr. Bumpy's acquaintances are his pal, Squishington (voice of Rob Paulsen), a bluish neat-freak bathroom monster who likes to live inside the toilet tank; Bumpy's favorite gal, a comfort doll named Molly Coddle  (voice of Gail Metthius) who is always sewing her limbs back on; a group of "Cute Dolls" who shun Molly; Phil Silverfish, a bug; space aliens Sleemoth and Gloog; and Germ Girl.

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