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The Monster Squad - The children's program THE MONSTER SQUAD/NBC/1976-77 told the story of wax museum monsters who were brought to life by Walter (Fred Grandy), a young criminology student while tinkering with his crime computer in the museum's dungeon-like basement. Under Walter's guidance, the legendary monsters joined forces as "The Monster Squad" to battle crime and solve mysteries.

Fred Grandy as Walter

Walter and members of "The Monster Squad"

Frank N. Stein Bruce W. Wolf Dracula
Frank N. Stein Bruce W. Wolf Dracula

The Monster Squad consisted of the tuxedo-wearing Dracula (Henry Polic, II), the fur-faced Werewolf, a.k.a. Bruce W. Wolf (Buck Kartalian), and the hulking Frank N. Stein (Michael Lane).

Opening Narration

"My name is Walt. I work as night watchman here at Fred's Wax Museum to put myself through criminology college. It used to be very lonely until recently when I plugged in my crime computer, suddenly oscillating vibrations brought to life three legendary monsters...Dracula, The Werewolf and Frankenstein. Creatures hated and feared for centuries, now determined to make up for their past misbehavings by fighting crime wherever they find it. Together, we're THE MONSTER SQUAD"

The Monster Squad
Members of The Monster Squad

TRIVIA NOTE: In 1977, Milton Bradley Company produced a board game based on the TV series.

Fred Grandy who played Walter, the night watchman later appeared on the romantic comedy THE LOVE BOAT/ABC/1977-86 as Yeoman-Purser Burl "Gopher" Smith. From 1987 to 1995, he held office as a US Congressman for the state of Iowa.

In 1987, a movie entitled The Monster Squad featured legendary monsters Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Gillman who sought an amulet that would give them the power to rule the world. Their plans, of course, were thwarted by a group of kids called "The Monster Squad."

Monster Squad Movie Posters

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