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Moona Lisa - Beautiful, outspace alien who hosted SCIENCE FICTON THEATRE on KOGO-TV in San Diego from 1963-1970s.

Lisa Clark as Moona Lisa

Played by Lisa Clark, a KOGO Channel 10 newscaster, Moona Lisa broadcast from the surface of the moon amidst a mound of boulders and billowing smoke. Sporting long black hair, tight jeans and a blouse that accented her busom, Moona Lisa welcomed viewers to the show with a seductively inviting "Hello earthlings" and concluded each show saying, "Happy Hallucinations, Honeys."

When the show first hit the air, the program's host was named "Cosmosina" (played by Lisa Clark), but within a few weeks, Cosmosina's cousin, Moona Lisa took over the reigns of the show that aired lived on Saturday afternoons.

"Enough of this moon mash, mish mash...Join me now in a stupendous salutation as we greet and meet that superlative of all beasts, the superior and very substantial GIANT BEHEMOTH."

Others on the program included her pet snakes (such as a python) that often wrapped around her curvacious figure as she made her comments about the program and the film on that evening, and a rock and roll group called "The Roaches" (a parody of "The Beatles") that performed during the film breaks. They had muliple arms and wore oversized sunglasses. The group appeared shortly during the 1965 season.

To travel from place to place, Moona Lisa used a magic carpet that could propel her among the stars.

Lisa Clark's Moona Lisa character aired her last episode on June 1971. Then in 1972, Clark packed her bags and rocketed over to KHJ-TV Channel 9 in Los Angeles as the host of FRIGHT NIGHT to replace Seymour (Larry Vincent) who moved to KTLA Channel 5. Moona Lisa's new tag line read "She's out of this world"). When Larry Vincent returned to KHJ-TV in mid 1973, she returned to San Diego to appear shortly on KFMB, Channel 8 on MOONA LISA'S CREATURE FEATURES. Finally, she moved to MOON LISA'S MIDNIGHT MADNESS on KMOX, Channel 4 in St. Louis, MO, which lasted about a year. Lisa Clark would fly out once a week from the west coast to do the show.

After leaving KMOX, Moona Lisa co-hosted a Halloween show at Knott's Berry Farm in Anaheim with Larry Vincent (aka "Seymour") who was fighting cancer at the time (and later died in 1975).

Before landing the role of Moona Lisa, Lisa Clark's acting career included a role as one of the Doublemint Twins (with her twin sister Laura Elliot); an appearance on the first live Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis TV show; the San Diego co-host of NEWS AND PREVIEWS on KOGO-TV Channel 10 in 1958 with her husband, Jeff, as well as a stint as a Sunday talk show host, and an assortment of commercials.

TRIVIA NOTE: Lisa Clark chose the name "Moona Lisa" after John F. Kennedy's inspiring May 25, 1961 speech that challenged American's to go to the moon: "...before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the will not be one man going to the moon ... it will be an entire nation." When the astronauts actually reached the moon in 1969, Moona Lisa was there to greeted the astronauts (with the help of chroma key magic) as they exited their lunar module.

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