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Blade - Half human/vampire hunter (a.k.a. "The Daywalker") featured on the sci-fi/fantasy series BLADE: THE SERIES/SPK/2006.

Cast of Blade: The Series

Blade's mother was bitten by a vampire while she was pregnant. When Blade was born, he had all of the strengths and powers of a vampire, and none of their weaknesses (sunlight, silver, garlic) except one, a craving for human blood. He keeps his cravings for blood in check by injecting a special serum.

Blade joined forces with a woman named Krista Starr, a veteran of the Irag War, who sought to find the killer of her brother, Zack. Unfortunately, Krista is turned into a vampire against her will when she gets injected with the blood of a vampire (belonging to Marcus Van Sciver). Blade rescues Krista from Van Sciver and gives her a serum which she must take twice a day to keep her thirst for blood under control.

Meanwhile Blade reveals, that Krista's brother, Zack was actually working for him. Blade then recruits Krista to secretly work with Sciver's organization to provide him with information. So reluctantly teaming with Blade, the determined duo scour the streets of Detroit seeking to vanquish vampires and their agents who have infiltrated every level of human society, in particular an organization knows as the House of Cththon.

Blades arsenal of weapons to fight vampires comes from Shen, a fellow vampire fighter and techno-wizard. Shen's weaponry includes a UV Boomerang that emits a blast of ultraviolet light to destroy vampires. Blade's weapon of choice is a silver-plated knife or sword which causes a vampire to turn to fiery embers and ash when impaled.


Kirk "Sticky" Jones (Fingaz) as Blade
Jill Wagner as Krista Starr
Jessica Gower as Chase
Neil Jackson as Marcus Van Sciver
Nelson Lee as Shen
Larry Poindexter as Agent Ray Collins
P. Lynn Johnson as Lisa Starr
Emily Hirst as Charlotte
Sahar Biniaz as Sabine
John DeSantis as Thorne
Don Thompson as Uncle Pat McCallum
Bill Mondy as Boone

TRIVIA NOTE: When Blade smells the scent of blood, his fangs protrude. The TV series is based on the Marvel Comic character which inspired the movie Blade (1998) and its sequels Blade II (2002) and Blade: Trinity (2004) starring Wesley Snipes as Eric Brooks, "The Daywalker."

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