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Little Dracula - A young vampire with green skin who appeared on the animated cartoon LITTLE DRACULA/FOX/1991.

Little Dracula - based on the children's books by Martin Waddell

Nicknamed "Little D", Little Dracula shared adventures with his friend and sidekick, "Werebunny" (a rabbit). A second season of cartoons aired on the Fox Family channel in October of 1999.

The cartoon is based on the children's books by Martin Waddell and Illustrated by Joseph Wright. The titles are:

  • Little Dracula's First Bite (1986). Follows Little Dracula's humorous attempts to follow in his father's footsteps and get his first bite.
  • Little Dracula's Christmas (1986). The members of a vampire family fail to catch Santa as he makes a delivery of unusual presents.
  • Little Dracula Goes to School (1987). Although he his apprehensive about starting school, Little Dracula finds he likes it once he gets there.
  • Little Dracula at the Seashore (1987).The inhabitants of Castle Dracula enjoy a variety of activities when they spend a day at the seashore.

Characters / Voice Credits

Edan Gross as Little Dracula
Joe Flaherty as Big Dracula
Joey Camen as Werebunny
Brian Cummings as Garlic Man
Melvyn Hayes as Deadwood
Danny Mann as No Eyes/Twin-Beaks
Neil Ross as Maggot
Fran Ryan as Hannah the Barbarian
Kath Soucie as Mrs. Dracula/Millicent
Jonathan Winters as Igor/Granny

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