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Fangface - Cartoon werewolf featured on the Saturday morning animated fantasy series FANGFACE/ABC/1978-79.


Sherman "Fangs" Fangsworth is a cowardly teenager who turns into a amiable werewolf ("Fangface") when the moon is full (or even if he just sees a picture of the moon). To change back into a human form, Fangface must see the sun, a picture of the sun or something that resembles the sun. Sherman can never remember what he does as Fangface, and dismisses those activities as weird dreams.

With the help of this three teenage friends (Biff, Kim & Puggsy), Sherman investigates mysteries and handles the day-to-day troubles that confront him in high school. Sherman and his friends drive an orange convertible called the "Wolf Buggy."

The Fangface character later appeared in FANGFACE & FANGPUSS/ABC/1981. (Sherman's baby cousin, Baby Fangs changes into a werewolf named Fangpuss).

Fangs & Baby Fangs

Fanface & Fangpuss

Fangs and Baby Fangs

Fangface & Fangpuss

Fangface and Friends

Biff, Kim Fangface & Puggsy

Opening Narration

Narrator: Fangface! Every 400 years, a baby werewolf is born into the Fangsworth family. And so when the moon shined on little Sherman Fangsworth, he changed into Fangface, a werewolf. Only the sun can change him back to normal. And so little Fangs grew up and teamed up with three daring teenagers: Kim, Biff, and Pugsy. And together they find danger, excitement, and adventure. Who can save the day? Who can wrong the rights, and right the wrongs? None other than Fangface!


Voice Credits

Frank Welker as Sherman Fangsworth
Susan Blu as Kim
Bart Braverman as Puggsy
Jerry Dexter as Biff


Voice Credits
Frank Welker as Fangface/Fangpuss
Henry Corden as Additional Voices

The Fangface series was produced by Ruby-Spears Enterprises (owned by former Hanna-Barbera employees, Joe Ruby and Ken Spears).

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