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Belfry Witches - Two apprentice teenage witches dubbed "the naughtiest witches in the world" featured on the children's fantasy comedy THE BELFRY WITCHES/BBC/1999-2000.

Belfry Witches

The Beflry witches consisted of Old Noshie (Lucy Davis) and Skirty Marm (Laura Sadler) both of whom were always getting into trouble

It was their mischievous manner that had them banished to earth for 100 years from their magical home on Witch Island. What was their crime? Well, they pulled a practical joke (which backfired) and sang a rude song about Mrs. Abercrombie (Jan Harvey), the Queen of the Witches at the annual Hallowe'en Ball.

Heading down to earth, Old Noshie and Skirty Marm decide to settle into a church belfry in the sleepy little village of Tranter's End. The first thing the girls do is explore the village, and borrow a couple of broomsticks from the local store. Now, let's hope the towns folk at Tranter's End are patient lot because with these two witches around, you can be sure more of their misadventures will soon abound.

The program's 13 episodes are based on the Belfry Witches book series written by Kate Saunders. The series theme song was performed by Atomic Kitten.

TRIVIA NOTE: Born on Christmas Day, 1980 in Ascot, Berkshire, actress Laura Sadler was seriously injured after falling 40ft fall from a balcony during a party on June 15, 2003, at the Holland Park in West London, home of her boyfriend George Calil. Laura landed on a staircase and was unconscious for four days before her family decided to remove her from the life-support machine. She died on June 19, 2003, at the age of 22. She was cremated at Amersham Crematorium, Buckinghamshire, England. Before her death, she played the role of 'Sandy Harper' on "Holby City" from 1999 to 2003.

Belfry Witches Logo


Cast Credits

Lucy Davis as Old Noshie
Laura Sadler as Skirty Marm
Ian Brimble as Ted Blenkinsop
Frankie Carson as Jimmy Bloater
Scott Charles as Chris Tucker
Jan Harvey as Mrs Abercrombie
Polly Irvin as Mrs Tucker
Paula Jacobs as Mrs Bagg-Meanly
Gyuri Sorossy as Ben Babbercorn

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